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With YouTube you can take your music career to the next level

YouTube is a huge promotional tool for millions of artists and if you’re not using it, you’re definitely missing out. YouTube is the third largest website in the world (after Google and Facebook) and has become the most popular way to listen, discover and share music.

The idea that consumers “own” music is disappearing, replaced by streaming services such as Spiffy, Pandora, and especially YouTube.

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Convenience and price are big factors in this change,

 But “share ability” is also a big factor. When we only consumed music through terrestrial radio, television, and physical media like CDs, sharing that music was very difficult. Now you can share it with literally millions of people with the click of a button. What does this mean to you as an artist? Go to YouTube!

A few tips:

1. Don’t wait until you have an expensive music video to release. Of course, you want everything you publish to be of high quality, but not at the expense of not publishing at all. You can use tools like Tunes To Tube to add a picture to an MP3 file and send it without knowing anything about video editing. You can record clips on your phone from your studio while working, acting or just hanging out. Sometimes it’s better if something is unpolished because it’s real.

2. Post your YouTube videos to social networks and forums like Twitter and Facebook. What also makes YouTube useful is that people can stream these videos directly from the websites they own instead of going to YouTube.com.

3. be stubborn.

Because there is a lot of competing content, your video may take longer. Keep doing what you do.

4. Continuous publication of new material. Your audience is focused on you and your music. Leave them hanging or they will go elsewhere for entertainment. Following a weekly plan is a good idea

5. Respond to comments. It may not be realistic to respond to everyone at once, but people want to feel that your relationship with them is two-way and that the communication is back and forth.

But…never mind the haters.

Youtube to MP3 comments are notoriously funny and obnoxious. Try to get a sense of humor out of it.

6. Use notes and maps. These are the boxes that contain the text shown in the video. You can use it to encourage people to subscribe to your channel, visit your website, and watch more videos.


Wondering where to find great free meditation videos to watch in the comfort of your own home? Have you ever been so stressed at work that you could really benefit from at least 5 minutes of breathing meditation at your desk? Well, that’s exactly why I’m writing this article.

 I am a lawyer in my law firm. There are many days running my business where I could really use a 5 minute break… without leaving the office or making an appointment!

This is how I found meditation videos on YouTube.

 Since then I have watched many of these videos and learned a lot. YouTube meditation videos can be a perfect savior when you’re having a stressful day at home or at the office. Many are short and offer guided meditations that you can follow.

Benefits of meditation

Millions of people have discovered the benefits that meditation can bring to their lives. But they do not know how to set meditation for themselves. Even if they want to start meditating on their own, they can’t because they don’t know where to start. In such cases YouTube meditation videos are very helpful. You can find a lot of information online and YouTube meditation videos on beginner meditation, chakra meditation, Buddhist meditation, proper posture, and more. You can even find meditation videos on YouTube showing free guided meditation! I got so much out of it that I’ve compiled a huge list of free guided meditation videos to share with others.

Although the Apple iPod Touch (16 GB) is primarily a multimedia player, it can perform many functions. With 16 GB memory, it can store more than 3000 songs and up to 20 hours of videos. With this player, you can play 6 hours of video and almost 40 hours of audio on a single charge. It also supports multiple file formats like AAC, MP3 VBR, JPEG, GIF, MP3, AIFF and WAV to name a few.

The second generation Apple iPod Touch has a slimmer and sleeker design.

 It now has a sexy curved back and a polished stainless steel case that looks great. It is 2.4 inches of silk, 4.1 inches long and 0.3 inches thick. It weighs only 8 grams, so you can easily carry it anywhere.

The Apple iPod touch (16GB) is one of the few (if not the only) media players on the market that can surf the web. Safari is pre-installed so you can surf the web anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s also optimized for watching your favorite YouTube videos.

So far, I’ve only covered about a third of what Apple’s iPod Touch is capable of. Other great features found here include a built-in accelerator, Nike training feature, route navigation and access to Amazon Kindle book library. If you’re looking for a new media player, you can’t go wrong with the iPod Touch.

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