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Why You Should Opt For Full Arch Restoration

Full arch restoration Sweetwater TN is a permanent procedure for replacing missing teeth. The procedure can be done on most patients who are healthy enough to have their natural teeth removed. Most patients are able to complete the process in one surgery, so they can walk in with their current smile and walk out with their new one. The process can be completed quickly, so patients can get back to eating, talking, and smiling right away.

Full-arch restoration is a form of tooth replacement

A full-arch restoration involves placing four or more dental implants into the jaw. The prosthesis is then screwed into place. The healing time is about 10 weeks. Patients can then return to their dentist for follow-up appointments, which will ensure that their new teeth are comfortable. During the initial consultation, the experts will discuss their options with you.

A full-arch restoration procedure is a great option for many patients. It can restore confidence and a smile, and can drastically improve a person’s quality of life. Unlike partial-arch replacement, full-arch restoration is permanent and requires four or more dental implants. Because the procedure involves multiple implants, it takes less time and will result in a more natural-looking smile.

It is a permanent solution

A full arch restoration Sweetwater TN is a permanent solution to missing or damaged teeth. With this procedure, the entire arch of teeth is replaced with an implant-supported prosthesis. This procedure uses dental implants that are secured in the jaw to prevent bone loss. This method is ideal for replacing a large number of missing or damaged teeth. Ultimately, a full arch restoration can restore your smile for a lifetime.

Unlike traditional dentures, which are prone to shifting and can be uncomfortable, full arch restorations can be more comfortable and have a faster recovery time. This procedure involves placing four or six dental implants in each jaw. This reduces the need for bone grafting and allows for a faster recovery time.

It restores aesthetics

Full arch restoration involves replacing an entire arch of teeth at once, without the need for multiple implant surgeries. This permanent tooth replacement procedure can restore aesthetics, chewing ability, and even speech. The procedure uses micro screws and prosthetic teeth to create a stable full set of teeth. It is ideal for people with severe tooth loss.

Full arch restorations are designed to last a lifetime. They will not fall out or slip, so patients can eat, speak, and smile confidently. Patients can even smile with full arch restorations immediately after the procedure. They are placed using four implants to provide maximum stability. A high-strength ceramic material such as Zirconia is used to create the implants.

It restores chewing

Full arch restoration is a procedure that can restore the health and function of your chewing muscles and teeth. The procedure involves placing a fixed prosthesis that is supported by four or more dental implants. This procedure minimizes the need for bone graft surgery. This treatment is suitable for patients who have suffered severe tooth loss and are unable to wear traditional dentures.

Full arch restoration is an option for individuals who have lost most of their teeth or have a complete arch of missing teeth. This procedure is similar to dental implants, and is an excellent way to restore chewing and speaking functionality. With proper oral care, full arch restorations are durable and long-lasting. This makes them an excellent choice over temporary dental solutions.

Full arch restoration Sweetwater TN prevents bone atrophy

Full arch restoration is a great way to prevent jaw bone atrophy, especially in patients who are missing many teeth. The weight of the prosthetic teeth and implants helps keep the jaw bone from atrophying. This also helps maintain overall facial structure. For this reason, certain patients may need to have bone grafting procedures before receiving dental implants, but this is usually only needed if a patient has been missing teeth for an extended period of time.

This type of dental procedure can restore your smile without damaging the jawbone. It is more secure than single implants, and can even prevent bone atrophy. Full arch restoration also requires less surgery than individual implants, and the procedure is generally faster. However, patients should expect to undergo a few dental procedures, including several adjustments.

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