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Which One Is the Best Refrigerator to Buy: Single Door or Double Door?

Today refrigerators have become an indispensable part of everyone’s family. From refreshing cool drinks to storing food items, refrigerators are used daily.
With the development of technology, refrigerators are also developing continuously. Hence, in the market, there are a wide variety of refrigerators with multiple functions available for the customers to buy. To change your old refrigerator to a new one with the latest features, you must consider certain key factors before finalising a single-door or double-door refrigerator.

Factors like your lifestyle, requirements, and budget. Dive into this blog to know more about which refrigerator would be more suitable for your needs..

Knowing More About Single-Door Refrigerator

For an ideal small family of three to four members, a single-door refrigerator of around 190L capacity is sufficient. As the name suggests, you will get a single door for both fridge and freezer sections in a single-door refrigerator.

You will get a direct cooling feature in refrigerators that consumes less power and reduces electricity expenses. In single-door refrigerators, there will be a small freezer,smaller shelves, a basket at the bottom, and a few small sections on the door side.

Such refrigerators have a special feature to automatically de-ice the freezer for regular spans. In case of a power cut, these refrigerators retain freshness for up to 6-7 hours.

If you belong to a smaller family, you should buy a single door refrigerator online. A single-door 190L fridge price ranges within affordable limits.

Benefits of a Single-Door Refrigerator

● These refrigerators are the most energy-efficient.

● Single-door refrigerators consume 30-40% less power than double-door refrigerators.

● They are economically affordable for a small family.

● Such refrigerators use direct cooling technology with natural convection.

● They occupy less area and volume compared to double-door refrigerators.

Disadvantages of a Single-Door Refrigerator

● Due to limited space, storing a lot of food items can congest the refrigerator.

● If you have to use the freezer only, you need to open the whole fridge due to the single-door refrigerator.

● It is not suitable for a larger or middle-sized family.

● Because these are based on direct cool technology, you must manually clean the ice.

Knowing More About Double-Door Refrigerator

Such refrigerators are suitable for medium size families, i.e., for a family of 5-6 members, these are ideal refrigerators. A double-door refrigerator has a capacity of approximately 260L. As per its name, this refrigerator comprises two doors; one is for the fridge section and another for the freezer.

They are designed on frost-free technology, consuming more power supply, and resulting in 30%-40% increased electricity expenses. The fridge section contains larger shelves and a vegetable basket compared to the single-door. In contrast, the freezer section consists of ice trays and a separating fixed sheet containing a box to store frozen items.

Because the temperature of the fridge and freezer is controlled automatically, you can retain food items in double-door refrigerators for longer. This refrigerator requires no manual cleaning.

Benefits of a Double-Door Refrigerator

● Because of its larger capacity, it is best for a large family.

● It comes with frost-free technology. So, no need to clean ice manually.

● A larger refrigerator capacity helps in storing more edibles much more easily.

● You can store remaining edible food in these refrigerators for a long time compared to the single-door refrigerator.

● It has bigger shelves. It makes it easy for big vessels or beverage bottles to place in these refrigerators.

Disadvantages of a Double-Door Refrigerator

● They are high-priced and not affordable for every family.

● Because of its larger size, it is unsuitable for a small family.

● It consumes high power. So, it increases the electricity expense by 20-30%.

● Its frost-free technology increases its electricity usage by 30-40% compared to a direct cool technology.

● More space is required to place these refrigerators in your house..


It depends on the user which refrigerator they find suitable to use. One is more suitable technology-wise, and another is requirement-wise. If you have a small family, double-door refrigerators are unsuitable. You can go with the single door fridge. They will burden you with extra expense. While if you have a middle size or large family, buying a single-door refrigerator is not a wise idea.

Think carefully before buying a refrigerator. You can also buy from online platforms to get more benefits!

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