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What You Need To Know Before Becoming A Delivery Driver

The sharing economy has many well-paying delivery driver jobs. What do delivery drivers make? Many of these jobs pay $15 to $20 per hour. Peak-time delivery fees and bonuses can raise that amount. Tipping delivery Waitr Driver Tips And Tricks increase your payout for each completed delivery. Being an app-based, on-demand delivery driver is one of the best ways to make extra money.

Waitr Money-Saving Tips

  • Waitr drivers get free delivery on orders of $15 or more. Each driver receives a unique coupon code.
  • Asap Waitr Promo Code occasionally offers promo codes for free shipping. The coupon usually requires a $12 minimum purchase.
  • Follow Waitr on social media for sale updates. Instagram posts free delivery coupons.
  • Check their blog for deals. Their blog posts sometimes include coupons.
  • Compare restaurants to save money. Find a restaurant that sells your favorite meal for less. Waitr’s website and app list prices.
  • Waitr Driver Tips And Tricks charges a flat delivery fee for all orders, regardless of size.
  • Driver orders have no minimum purchase amount, so you don’t have to spend extra.

Delivery Driver Tips

We have tips for increasing tips. These work for Postmates, Door dash, Ship, and Instacart deliveries of takeout food, groceries, and household goods. Here’s how delivery Waitr Driver Tips And Tricks get paid. As most delivery companies follow Postmates’s model, we’ll use it as an example.

Postmates’ delivery fee is $8. Postmates keeps 20% of this fee, giving you 80%. So, $6 per delivery is guaranteed. NOT YOUR TIP The delivery fee includes tips. Postmates now suggests a 20% tip for every completed order. Say you deliver $100 to a customer. If they follow Postmates’ advice, you’ll get a $20 tip on top of your $6 delivery fee. If you do ten $100 Postmates orders in a day and the customer tips 20%, you could earn $200 in tips on top of $60 in delivery fees. Really?

How To Get Tips

Customers can ignore the suggested gratuity and leave a larger, smaller, or no tip Many customers think the delivery fee Is a tip, but it’s not.

We recommend giving your customers the best service possible. If you fulfill customers’ orders perfectly or make their lives easier, they may tip you. Cash or the company’s smartphone app can be used to give tips. On-demand delivery companies let you keep tips.

Let’s divide getting tips into two categories: takeout and groceries/household goods.

  • Restaurant Partner must review each item with the ASAP Waitr Driver Tips And Tricks, fulfill the order, and verify accuracy before transferring possession and control to ASAP. Want to perfect your order? Guide to best practices.
  • To keep food at the proper temperature, ASAP requires insulated packages and/or containers (e.g., “hot bags”). Restaurant Partner allows delivery staff to carry such containers into its establishment to complete the order delivery.
  • Restaurant Partner agrees to prioritize ASAP orders at the same level as all other orders and to estimate and enter the anticipated preparation time on the console.
  • All ASAP sales and disbursement reports must run in a web browser. We recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. When running restaurant reports, disable pop-up blockers and use a strong internet connection.

Postmates And Door dash Delivery Drivers Earn More Tips.

These Waitr Driver Tips And Tricks are great for Postmates or Door dash food delivery drivers. Postmates and door dash deliver food to customers’ homes or office lobbies. You could meet the customer in their office’s parking lot. Postmates and door dash apps notify customers when you’re coming. Here are tips from successful Postmates and door dash drivers to increase tips:

An Instacart Waitr Driver Tips And Tricks shared this pro tip. What would you want a driver to bring you? Imagine being a hungry customer. Bring the customer a few small containers of salad dressings from the market salad bar if it doesn’t cost anything. Mexican food? Perhaps they didn’t list their favorite salsas or sauces. Even if it’s not on the app, fill the containers and give them to the customer.

Extra Effort May Be Rewarded With A Tip.

Addressing a customer’s needs before they add them to an in-progress delivery gives them a positive delivery experience. You may get a good review and tip.

Before leaving the restaurant with a customer’s order, double-check the takeout bags. Grab extra condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, hot sauce), napkins, and plastic utensils.

Point out extra items when delivering. Extra effort may be rewarded with a tip.

What You Need To Know Before You Deliver Order

Text the customer through the app to let them know you’re on your way. They’ll be ready for you then. Waitr Driver Tips And Tricks this will help you faster so you don’t have to wait for them to answer. The more deliveries you make in an hour, the more fees and tips you’ll earn. If the customer lives in a security building, check for gate codes or parking instructions.

Customers will appreciate not being asked to open a gate or park when they’ve already provided this information on the delivery order. They want fast, easy food. This service will likely be tipped.

How To Start A Conversation

When you arrive at the customer’s location, smile and call them by name like a good friend. Read them the order so they know what they ordered.

If you’ve eaten at the customer’s restaurant, start a conversation. “I love Pita Palace’s chicken kabobs!” Their gyros? You can impress the customer by showing them you’re not just interested in delivering Waitr Tips For Success the order and leaving.

Tips For Becoming A Successful Delivery Driver?

Text or call the customer if they don’t answer when you arrive. Orders include contact info. Doorbell and knock. 10-minute wait. Contact Postmates Fleet Support or door dash Waitr Tips For Success support through their apps and say you tried everything. You’ll receive detailed instructions.

Accept lots of delivery orders when the weather is bad or during the Super Bowl. In bad weather or when they don’t want to miss the game, people don’t like getting food. You’re doing the customer a favor by doing this, so you’ll probably get a tip.

Take as many $100-plus takeout orders as possible. Bigger orders get bigger tips.

Ship And Instacart Grocery Deliveries Earn More Tips

We’ve covered how to earn more tips for delivering takeout. How about as a Ship Shopper or Instacart Full-Service Shopper? Customer service is crucial. Ship and Instacart drivers gave us some great suggestions:

Dress Well. If Provided, Wear The Company T-Shirt. First Impressions Matter.

Since you’ll be shopping and delivering for the customer, follow their instructions exactly. Check the app for special instructions. Give the customer exactly what they want. That’s tip-worthy customer service.

Offer to bring in delivery bags even if the customer doesn’t ask. Elderly or busy customers may appreciate your help.

Complete the order as quickly as possible. If the customer wasn’t home when you arrived, they may appreciate your patience. After 10 minutes, contact Waitr Tips For Success support for instructions.


Even if you’re a great delivery Waitr Driver Tips And Tricks, some customers won’t tip you. That’s it. Following our suggestions can “tip” the odds in your favor. Summary? Deliver five-star service to your customers. Even $1 per delivery adds up to $15 after 15 deliveries. Valuable!


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