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What is Worth Knowing About Installing Air Curtains?

Everyone who has ever visited a mall has at least once walked through the curtains. These are essential for any retail store, service business, or chain. An air curtain can be used to reduce airflow and depending on the season, heat or cooling loss from exterior doors.

Here are some tips on how air curtains work and the solutions available.

The difference in temperature between the sides of the entrance doors causes the heated or cooled air to irreversibly escape to the outside. This results in large energy losses that must be compensated for by heating or cooling. An air door may be able to solve this problem. However, due to the small rooms and limited space, this is not always possible. 

By applicable law and good practice, industrial air curtain can be used as an alternative to corridors. They create strong airflows that are directed at doorways in parallel or tangential planes. This prevents drafts and heat loss in winter and allows warm air to infiltrate into cooled, air-conditioned rooms during summer.

Air Curtains: Operating Principle

Air curtain manufacturers offer compact designs that can be installed above the outside door. An air curtain is composed of an exhaust air grille and a supply grille. This device can also be used to heat water or electric heaters. The slotted outlet grille creates strong airflow through the air curtain. Airflow flows diagonally between the slats. It is heated and drawn by fans usually found in the housing of the air curtain. This creates a planar airflow, which creates an air barrier to prevent outside air from entering through the open door. Because they don’t require heating, heated air curtains can be used in small shops or commercial establishments.

Air Curtains: What’s the Market Offering?

There are many curtain options available that can be tailored to architectural requirements. The temperature of the air curtain can be divided into two groups: warm and cold. Warm curtains are best for doorways and passageways people use. Cool curtains are used in driveway gates and other places off the beaten track. We can distinguish between single-flow and double-flow curtains structurally. Use horizontal air jets in industrial applications for curtains that are used to cover car doors in plants.

Most house curtains are made from galvanized steel, and then powder coated. There are many length options for air curtains. The most common lengths are 1500, 2000, and 2500mm. The length of an air curtain can vary from 2.5 to 4.2m depending on which model is chosen and the situation. Air curtains that create a dynamic airflow through the opening should be chosen. This will effectively block any cold or hot air from entering the building’s interior. An air curtain system can be used to reduce heat loss by up to 80%.

Cafes and restaurants can use air curtains

In winter, most people don’t feel comfortable sitting next to a cafe’s front door. Customers feel cold breezes when they enter or leave the cafeteria. A properly installed heated passage air curtain can solve this problem. It will greatly increase guest comfort.

Commercial air curtains can be used in bloodless shops to eliminate the possibility of door freezing. It is worth considering the installation of an air curtain wherever the door is left open, whether it is completely or frequently. To distinguish between smoking and non-smoking areas, air curtains can also be used in restaurants. These units can also be used to reduce heating and air conditioning costs depending on the season. They also provide remedies for the people who live in the building.

Manufacturers and suppliers of air curtains at an affordable price. They also offer the best quality air curtains that will reduce your electricity bill by 50% and keep your environment dust-free.

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