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Best Facebook Pages: Discover the 3 Steps a Travel Guide Company

Best Facebook Pages: Discover the 3 Steps a Travel Guide Company

This post is essential for a week after(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) week series by Ravi Shukle called “Best Facebook Pages.”

Where we will be inspecting the best performing Facebook Pages to give you simple prescribed procedures.

That will assist you with further developing your Facebook content methodology.

This week we’re breaking down Guias Viajar.

A 163,000+ fan page by a French travel guide organization that shares the top attractions to visit all over the planet.

They reliably keep a high commission rate on their Facebook page.

We will reveal the three stages they carry out to make this progress.

1) Share pictures of key attractions to go from around the world

As a movement organization, Guias Viajar comprehends that its fans.

Clients come to its Facebook page to track down the ideal getaway destinations. Accordingly, they share regular updates from a portion of the top attractions all over the planet.

Share Facebook pictures

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This technique for sharing key attractions is perfect for Guias Viajar. It fits impeccably with their critical crowd of individuals who appreciate venturing out to numerous objections all over the planet. As we can see from the model over.

This post has been enjoyed more than multiple times with north of 475 offers!

2) Share updates to help voyagers on their excursion

Guias Viajar comprehends that picking an objective is just a portion of a voyaging excursion. So to help their Facebook fans.

They frequently present noteworthy exhortations to assist voyagers with the many issues related to movement.

Facebook updates assist with building entrust with your Facebook fans.

Guarantee your substance gives helpful answers to their concerns ~ Click To Tweet.

Talking straightforwardly to the client, understanding their issues.

Giving them an answer has shown to be an excellent method for drawing in fans and constructing trust inside the local area.

3) Share data on recent developments voyagers can join in

Guias Viajar helps guide their Facebook fans on their movements by sharing recent developments in a highlighted city or town.

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This has permitted fans heading out to the objective to all the more likely arrangement their excursions.

Educate others regarding the events. facebook-data

To assist with keeping your fans drawn in, share applicable substance because of ongoing occasions ~ Click To Tweet.

Given recent developments.

Sharing substances has been an excellent method for taking ordinary Facebook fans back to the page to figure out more data and impart it to companions.

Guias Viajar frequently shares this data using their blog, which additionally assists them with carrying traffic to their site.

How would they analyze against the “large folks?”

When evaluating a Facebook page’s presentation.

We generally contrast its head with the head against the enormous brands contending in their space. Which for this situation is the movement business:

Guias-Viajar-contender investigation instrument

The fascinating focus points from this correlation are:


Albeit not the most significant page, It has the largest number of connections averaging (1,374 for each post!)


On a post premise.

It has been found posting on regular 7.3 times each day to be the supernatural number to assist with helping commitment.


Stays the main page among their rivals in a commitment by sharing incredibly visual substance and clarifying some pressing issues

This is amazing as it shows their page can, in any case, accomplish incredible outcomes while expanding their post recurrence. However long the substance is loyal, fans are even glad to cooperate.

How might they move along?

Guias Viajar is working effectively to share travel-related tips and pictures with their fans – – be that as it may.

The following are a couple of changes they could make to give them the edge.


Make advancements for clients visiting the regions they notice.


Offer travel guides as a select-in to assist with catching leads.


Work together with other travel organizations to advance critical attractions.


Request additional input from fans as questions

Key focus points for you

Now that we’ve separated the key ways Guias Viajar accomplishes a steady commitment rate.

The following are a couple of key activities you can take today to assist you with completing something similar for your business.


Share pictures of critical perspectives that encompass your business – These pictures can feature an assortment of things.

For example, how your business works, in the background, essential item pictures, or your workplaces and colleagues. These are incredible ways of including your fans and constructing their trust.


Share refreshes that assist your fans with tackling an issue.

Find out what your client’s trouble spots are and give them arrangements in your substance using your blog, Q&A meetings, interviews with specialists, etc.


Share data on recent developments – If your business is area-based.

You can share data on significant occasions nearby,

Urge guests to visit your store by sharing any ongoing offers (e.g., limited time bargains, Facebook vouchers, etc.)


Drive traffic back to your site – It is perfect to Provide esteem! Notwithstanding, you need to ensure your fans know your business is helping them. Making and sharing substance through your organization’s blog is an extraordinary method for building.

That affiliation and incrementing traffic back to your webpage.

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