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Top Adventure Activities In Goa That You Must Try In Your Next Goa Holidays

If you want to do more in Goa, like make a new chapter of your life then Goa is waiting for you. If you are not a beach lover then also Goa offers you something more. Having the sereneness of virgin beaches under the shades of coconut and palm trees or chilling with beers and  at the beach shacks are truly overrated in Goa. If you are an adventure freak then you are most welcome for doing such adventure activities in Goa. So, let’s talk more on this. 

Goa Water Sports Activity: The water sports activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Banana Boat Ride, River Rafting are famous in Goa.The first concern of doing any water sports activity is nothing but swimming. But sometimes it is not needed. Yes, you are listening right, my friend! It is not an issue if you don’t know swimming or you are not a pro in it, there are so many ways you can get over your stress from water. 

Scuba Diving: Among all water sports activities in Goa, Scuba is such a marvelous sports activity introduced a few years back and now people are getting more kick to do this. There are so many beaches for Scuba Diving. Water sports in Candolim Goa, Anjuna, Malvan, Colva, Calangute Beach are quite famous and the best Scuba Diving you will get from Grenade Island.

  The instructors from such institutes are non-trained and sometimes it is shown that they are local fishermen in the past. PADI, an authorized scuba diving center offers you the best Scuba diving experience in Goa adventure. Wherever you go for Scuba Diving, you must put on the oxygen mask, oxygen cylinder, glasses for clear underwater visibility and a proper swimsuit. Sea Water Sports is helping you a lot in this phase. They really make your dream come true within your budget too.

Snorkeling: Don’t you think how excited you are when you feel that a shoal of colorful fishes are passing through by your eyesight? Sea horses, JellyFish, Octopus and so many unknown species are also there that you can’t  imagine. Snorkeling is one of the deadly adventure sports in Goa that you can’t deny. But in this case you have to learn to swim a little bit. Yes, there are also professionals to help you along with your adventure. If you feel anything wrong while snorkeling then you have such an emergency button you can call them. Otherwise all the protection like Snorkel, the pipe is attached with your mouth and nose to the oxygen cylinder, underwater glass and the proper swimsuit are given to you. So, wait for what? Go and grab the deal by Sea Water Sports

If you enjoy the drastic waves of the Arabian Sea, then you should try jet skiing, boat riding and to romanticise you can go for River Rafting in such a hilly river, Kayaking in such backwaters and also go for Banana Ride  and so on. A wholesome Goa adventure is waiting for you, my friend! 

Also Sea Water Sports offer you the most exciting 5 in 1 Goa adventure packages that are truly affordable and also get so many variety altogether. Mainly North Goa is truly known for water sports but south goa water sports are also amazing, you can try it once! 

Best Time To Explore Adventure Activities In Goa

For any kind of water sports activities in Goa and any adventure activity you should come to Goa in the middle of October to May for the clear sky, calm and safe water. Actually, in this time span, there is no chance for rain. And in the monsoon it might be the worst situation as you can not imagine the devastating waves of the ocean and the weather is not good for your health though. So, it is better to avoid it during the monsoon. But if there is no option to choose then Sea Water Sports also provides you with the monsoon special water sports activities in Goa in an affordable manner within Goa adventure packages. 

Other Best Adventure Activities:

Except for the best watersports in Goa, you can do a little more ! Let’s check this out!  Adventure places in Goa are also there.

Bungee Jumping: Sea Water Sports is the place where you can achieve your dream for bungee jumping. The height of the bungee jumpings are not more that 70meters. Bungee Jumping centers are open from 9 am to 6pm. You can go there with your family and friends. Children above 12 years are allowed . Sea Water Sports also provides you with breakfast or lunch meals. 

Parasailing: For parasailing, you connect one stop of a rope about 350 ft lengthy in your speedboat and the opposite stop in your parasailing harness. Paragliders are hoisted into the air as speedboats dive into the sea. The parachute is so tightly connected to the rope that the sailor has no control over it. But the sight of clean blue skies and breathtaking water under is captivating. Parasailing Goa is very loved properly after the monsoon. The sky is blue and clean, and the water is calm and safe. 

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Hot Air Balloon: Get the bird eye view and enjoy watching Goa from top, it’s a full mind blowing scenario. You can get this view by riding upon the Hot Air Balloon. You can stay here for one hour. Some snacks, tea and coffee are also provided while floating on the sky. So, wait for what? book your next Goa trip with Sea Water Sports

All these games may be practiced on diverse seashores in Goa consisting of Anjuna Beach, Calangute Beach, Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Majorda Beach and Dona Paula Beach.

Other Adventurous Things to Do in Goa

There are so many adventure activities there like you can enjoy your dine-in in a Flying Restaurant in Goa. You can go for Jungle Safari in Goa at Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. All Terrain Vehicles or Atv rides in Goa is one of the most adventurous things to do in Goa. Madoor is the best place for Paragliding in Goa. Dolphin Safari is also such a fun activity. So, don’t wait too much. The perfect season is roaming around you. Start your planning for Goa and make it memorable and  more happy with Sea Water Sports. To know more about Goa adventure packages and another sport activities in Goa, Call on +918291917770

Or visit our website www.seawatersports.com 

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