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There are 6 things to look for before purchasing a second-hand (Used) mobile phone

A lot of smartphone-savvy users might say that the thrill of buying second-hand phones is nothing in comparison to the thrill of opening an all new smartphone which is pack with the latest technologies and features, and is amazing with its scratch-free and sparkling body, all neatly wrapped in a chic box!

But, purchasing a brand new smartphone might be not a feasible alternative every time, especially if you’re an admitted gadget enthusiast who is always looking for the most recent models that are making waves on the market for mobile phones.

In reality, there are occasions where purchasing a second-hand smartphone or an older model is a lot cheaper than purchasing a brand new model especially if you don’t plan to invest in expensive mobile phones. It could be because you’re financially strap or you are aware that it’s just the matter of time until you purchase another technologically advanced device that has a big impact on the market.

You must also be aware of when it’s time to upgrade to a brand new model. Whatever your reason to choose a second-hand smartphone it is important to remember that buying a second-hand or second-hand device could be a challenge due to the fact that the market is fill with faulty and counterfeit phones.

When you consider that second-hand mobile phones also come with some wear and tear, and frequently have no warranty coverage and due diligence on second-hand handsets is not a must in the event that you don’t want to purchase a product that is nothing more than a rip-off.

So What Do You Need to Check prior to purchasing second-hand mobile phones?

How can you make sure you’re getting a bargain that will give you the best value for your price? Here are some effective suggestions that will result in an enjoyable buying experience and the least chance of buying an unintentional second-hand or refurbished purchase that goes badly wrong.

1. Keep clear of Stolen Phones

Even if you’re attract by the offer of an incredible bargain, purchasing an unrecoverable phone is not recommend. In the end, why would you not get in trouble with the authorities in the future for spending your cash on a device that was report stolen or lost, or purchasing a second-hand phone that has been use in the past to carry out illegal acts?

To protect yourself from inconvenient issues, ensure that the seller provide the buyer with either a paper or hard duplicate of the original bill that includes the seller’s name as the person who purchased the product, as well as other details like the dates and times of the initial purchase, the name of the retailer from which it was purchase as well as warranty details.

After that, search the battery compartment for the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) sticker. Or, enter #06# (universal IMEI code that is compatible with all GSM mobile phones) to find the unique IMEI number. Then, match the serial number to the one listed on the bill as well as on the box that contains it. This code is compatible with both iPhones as well as Android phones. Be aware of the fact that dual SIM mobiles have two IMEI numbers , rather than one IMEI number for single SIM mobile. If the data match and you are able to be confident that the device isn’t stolen by the hands of someone.

2. Beware of fake phones

It’s true that the market is today thriving with counterfeit Chinese as well as Korean handsets that appear to be merely copies of their real models and are very difficult to spot with the naked eye. Being aware that phones’ stickers inside contain important information , such as models, IMEI numbers, etc. at times fraudsters will change these stickers using fake ones that depict fake models with no connection to the real ones.

To ensure that the person selling your phone isn’t swindling you You can conduct the below tests. Verify that the phone being offer to you is genuine through the phone’s “Settings menu, which will reveal the model number as well as other specifications for the hardware. The model number is compare to the one print on the sticker that is locate behind the phone’s back or on its battery. It is also possible to use the specifications for the hardware to see whether they are in line with the specifications that was outline for the particular device by the maker.

However, if you’re still doubting then contact your local Authorized Service Center to decipher the legitimacy of the phone in a matter of minutes.

3. Perform a thorough physical examination of the phone

After you’ve establish that the device you’re using isn’t stolen nor counterfeit, you’re ready to gain access to your spying abilities and look deeper into the tablet or smartphone’s physical well being. Have we raised a few eyebrows when we mentioned something that is too simple?

As simple as it sounds but the fact is that often, consumers do not take the time to take a look at their phone from every angle.

It’s not as if every second-hand phone being sold is defective or in need of repair. But, there are tons of them in a variety of brick and mortar stores , and physical inspection is among the most efficient and simple methods to keep these phones at bay. Even if you purchase the second-hand phone asking for a tangible demonstration by the seller is an absolute must.

Examine the phone from all angles to look for dents, broken or damaged edges. If the phone has keys, check for damaged keys, if they have any. Check if the keys are functioning by pressing a handful of them at random to determine whether they work and let you navigate and type effortlessly. For phones that have touchscreens, test the responsiveness and functionality of the phone’s touch feature by using your fingers to swipe across the screen, and then pressing a few menus or applications to gauge the feel of the speed at which it responds and the accessibility of navigation.

In many cases, small scratches aren’t as obvious when you look at them from a distance. But, they will become more apparent when the display of the phone is illuminate. So, ensure that you use a second-hand phone to be able to spot these subtle cracks that can be seen as glowing lines against the bright display or may manifest as bleeding of the backlight.

Be aware that numerous cracks and scratches may indicate that your phone was subject to frequent falls, which could cause anxiety for you because it could signal internal damage to the phone because of multiple falls.

Other than water damage from falls, it is an everyday occurrence often associate with mobile phones. To ensure that the phone is not subject for water-related damage, perform an examination of the charger ports and battery. If you’re buying an unremovable battery, look for the indicator of water damage on the SIM slot, as this is where you will find the indicator in the majority of handsets with unibody bodies.

If your phone has an unremovable battery, switch off the device and then remove the flap at the back to remove the battery to allow a quick inspection of its bulges and evident indications of damage. Check the colors that the ports for charging, as well as the label that’s place on at the rear of the device, or place on or beneath the battery. Any discoloration in the ports or changes in the color of the sticker , from white to red/pink may indicate internal damage caused by liquid leakages that may be causing or could result in an insidious degradation of the phone’s inner parts.

An outbound call or text message can assist you in verifying that the microphone and speaker function perfectly. Don’t forget to take time to snap a few pictures and selfies to check if the camera’s front or rear are both in tip and span or if the lenses are losing their sharpness.

4. Conduct the Service Code Test

Nowadays the majority of GSM as well as CDMA phones come with service codes that permit users to gain access to their own menus which are typically accessible through the phone’s dialler. These codes can be found on the internet and utilize to perform self-tests to check if the various elements of the phone, such as it’s receiver, vibrating sensor and touch. They also test dimming, RGB, LED RGB cameras, battery, speaker, and so on. are functioning and in good and working order.

5. Test the Usability of ports and Accessories

If you’re buying an older phone as well as the accessories, then you should also examine the accessories carefully. To begin, you must determine whether the charger is working through charging your phone over a couple of minutes and keeping track of the duration of charging the phone.

Be aware of any abnormalities in batteries e.g. is it being heate excessively and frequently? You should also check whether the battery is running quickly. After that, check whether the earphones work by plugging them into your device and listening to an audio file as you examine the audio for clearness and loudness. Then, you can evaluate the second-hand phone’s USB port by running an instant data transfer test to ensure it is in state.


6. Find the Best Price

As you perform all the rigors of the checks described above, remember the primary reason that prompted you to select an old phone at all the price!

As time passes, the cost of a specific model could decrease dramatically as upgrades are introduce to the market. In these situations you’re better off purchasing a brand new handset rather than one that was sold. It is also important to know how to pick and purchase a new smartphone if you plan to purchase the latest model.

If an old phone proves to be a less expensive bargain with a smart approach, taking the current state of the device in mind and concluding the deal only if it’s well-place and offers significant savings. It is also advisable to find a reasonably price use handset that’s been checked and fixed by an experience technician. The phone also is cover by a warranty to ensure that you do not be force to search for a new smartphone within the next few months! Get Second Hand Iphone in Qatar Visit Qatar Buy And Sell.

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