The uninsured car broke down

Are you one of the twenty regular drivers who drive without insurance? You have to be careful – your car could be on its way to scrapping and sent to the world’s largest scrap yard in China!

Thanks to the new forces, police can now impound, impound and destroy any vehicle found on the road without insurance. A pilot project was launched in Durham last spring. Since then, police have impounded more than 1,200 vehicles. About half are broken into cubes and packed to melt.

Mentioned the transfer service, as a pilot project,

It was so successful that police forces all over Britain wanted to clean up their tow truck. The initiative is now supported by a new state police website backed by insurance companies. This allows officers to check any car insurance status in the UK from the comfort of their observation vehicle.

Now, if you get caught by  skrotning af bil and you don’t have car insurance, you have to send the key to the police down the road. Be no different: this applies to everyone; It doesn’t have to be just forgetful mistakes or deliberate uninsured driving.

Then you need to get your roller skates on!

You have only 14 days to show the police the appropriate insurance and take your vehicle. And other costs increase. Before you can take your car, you have to pay for the road through a maintenance fee (up to £105) and a safe storage fee, which can easily add £15 a day. So if your car is delivered by the 14th it could cost £ 315.

And if you don’t take your car, it will go to the scrap yard!

During the trial, the phone company jointly found the cost of destroying the car. It is estimated that carpooling services prevent about 2,000 accidents. And many vehicles seized by police do not qualify.

A police spokesman said: “Drivers are often not guilty of many other offences, such as not having a SIM or maternal certificate. We do everything we can to save this dangerous and illegal driver.” get out of our way.”

Of course, the uninsured driver is a bigger problem than we expected.

The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water recently reported that 1 in 20 motorists regularly drive without insurance. In addition, a survey by the Association of British Insurers found that unauthorized drivers are among the most dangerous people on the road. They cause an average of one accident every six months and are three times more likely to be penalized for driving without due care and attention.

And who pays for an unresolved disaster? We do this! The average car insurance premium is taken as £ 30 to cover the cost of an insured driver. In the UK, there is a further £500 million paid by motorists each year!

But this is not the end of our economic woes.

 If your car is struck by an uninsured vehicle, it will still be listed as a “fault claim” on your policy. This means that you have to pay which can be reduced when the car is repaired, and unless you have protection on your coverage, payments that don’t include the claim will be hit. Over two years, a no-complaints deduction can easily save you £275 in higher rates.

Owning and maintaining a car is very expensive.

There will always be situations where your car needs maintenance or replacement. Consumers have a choice. They can also go to a dealer and pay a higher fee for repairs and factory new parts. They can also go to a local repair shop and pay for the labor and cost of new parts. Another option is to go to an auto parts store, buy the necessary parts and repair the vehicle yourself. If a consumer wants to save money and is mechanically inclined, visiting a landfill may be the best option. Lifeboats have many serviceable parts and are often of the same quality and condition as new parts at a fraction of the cost.

A consumer may need something very small,

 Like a door handle or they might need a full front kit. In any case, they get the necessary information from the insurance company. Some surviving cars only have structural damage, but most parts are still in very good working order. The car is beyond repair, but there are still very good parts for sale and used. Lifeboats offer many reusable parts for less than buying new. They can also be a solution to finding parts that are not available from dealers or are very expensive. Visiting a salvage company can be fun and often rewarding for people who want to keep their old cars looking good.

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