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The ultimate Bhrighu Lake travel guide for trekkers and backpackers


Bhrigu Lake trek is a major attraction among trekkers and backpackers. Located in Himachal Pradesh in the beautiful valley of mountains and mesmerizing natural beauty, the trek to this Lake is considered to be sacred as well. Having its origin in mythology where Sage Bhrigu was said to be meditating and gaining God’s blessings, this trek has a spiritual side to it as well. 

 Hinduism’s about seven sages:

One of Hinduism’s seven sages, Maharishi Bhrigu, was sitting near this lake in a state of intense meditation. The locals believe that the lake never freezes because it has this vital spiritual side to it. According to legend, the local deities of the Kullu region come to this lake to bathe in its holy waters. Guru Vashisth travels to the lake every couple of years- this is said through a medium. Devotees also make elaborate plans to join him on his twice-yearly tour of the lake while he is in town.

Steeped deep in Hinduism as early as the beginning of life, the lake holds an ardent place in the hearts of believers. The beautiful scenery and the lake being surrounded by mountains add to the charm of the place. The serenity of the meadows also adds more to the journey. There is a high adrenaline rush and I dream of climbing high mountains while conquering off-beat heights. This trek is attractive to beginners and also appears fascinating to the experienced. It also ensures safety for beginners. The lake comes as a true surprise after going through the mountains and deep valleys.

This is usually a 3-4 day trek to reach the high alpine glacial lake at an ambitious height of 14,000 ft. It lies at the junction of the Pir Panjal range and the Dhauladhar range. The views are spectacular enough to engage your eyes and keep you engrossed for the entire duration of your travel.

Marvelous peaks

Marvelous peaks such as Deo Tibba and Seven sisters can be seen from the trail of this trek. The trek ends at a village called Vashisth which is very popular for its hot sulfur spring. When you head to the hot water springs all your pain would go away.

Starting of the trek –

The trek will begin from Gulaba, Manali, which is approximately 8 km away from Rohtang. Manali is 20 km away and very well connected by road. If you are planning to come here by air then Chandigarh would be the best option and you may reach Manali by road. The same thing applies to training as well. 

 After reaching Manali

 After reaching Manali, ensure you have your camping gear, guide, and food sorted. After reaching Gulaba you are finally starting the trek so make sure you have enough drinking water and some dry snacks. During the day trek, you would reach approximately 12,556 ft altitude alternating between walking in deep forests to strolling through beautiful meadows. After an hour of the trek, you would reach Jonkar Thatch. You might camp the first night here. But it would be better if you keep going. The destination for the first day should be the campsite of Rola Kholi. After this, the trail would be steep and through deep forests. It would be a 6 km trail on the first day.

Khuli to Bhrighu Lake to Pandu Ropa

The second day would be a trek from Rola Khuli to Bhrighu Lake to Pandu Ropa. It would be a 10kms trail. For reaching the 14,009 feet it is important to be mentally charged. It would be a tougher trek than the first day. But once you reach it would be worth it. Don’t forget to carry your woolen clothes and blankets. Once you reach Pandu Ropa it would provide you with insane views of the Kullu valley.The lake has a special place in the hearts of believers since it has been deeply ingrained in Hinduism since the beginning of time. The picturesque surroundings and the fact that the lake is encircled by mountains contribute to the beauty of the location.

On the last day of the trek head to Vashisth. It will take 4 hours to reach. You may spend a day here before reaching Manali.

Conclusion –

The Bhirgur Lake trek is a wonderful trek for beginners and it would give all the chills and good times to them.

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