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The Top American Packaging Companies

These are the top 10 packaging companies in the USA, and they all offer a range of services. The list includes Crown Holdings, Amcor, Stora Enso, Case, and Stora Enso. But who are these companies? Where can you find information about their products? Read on to find out. Here are some tips on choosing the best packaging company for your needs. We’ve also included links to their websites for further reference.

Crown Holdings

The company is a global player in the packaging industry, with five key operating segments and 33,264 employees worldwide. It claims to manufacture one out of every three food and beverage cans in the United States. The company’s largest segment, Americas Beverage, caters to customers in the U.S., Brazil, the Caribbean, and Columbia. This segment is also responsible for the company’s specialty packaging business.

The company’s business is increasingly international. In 2005, it sold off its plastics business to a European private equity firm for $690 million, refocusing on metal cans and containers. In 2006, it opened a new plant in Tunisia. In July, it announced plans to build new plants in Cambodia and Kazakhstan. In the same year, Crown closed its remaining European plastics operations, generating a loss of $150 million annually.


Amcor is a leading package maker with an impressive history that dates back to the 1860s. The company now has branches in more than 40 countries, and employs over 47,000 people. From humble beginnings, Amcor has grown to become one of the largest independent package makers in the United States, providing packaging solutions for big-name manufacturers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

The packaging industry is a lucrative industry. Investing in the packaging industry is a smart choice, as it has an impressive growth rate and a high percentage of profits. Companies such as Amcor, Bryce Company, and Sealed Air are among the world’s biggest players in the industry. These companies provide innovative packaging solutions to a variety of industries and sectors. They employ more than 58,000 people and employ a diverse workforce throughout the United States.

Stora Enso

According to the Stora Enso’s website, it is one of the top 10 packaging companies in North America. The company is divide into six divisions: Materials, Packaging Solutions, Energy & Environment, and Construction. The Materials division focuses on eco-friendly and premium packaging materials, while the Environment and Energy division specializes in renewable and sustainable packaging solutions. The Stora Enso Packaging Solutions division also offers a variety of design services and automation solutions for packaging.

The packaging company’s strategic transformation from paper to other renewable products has helped it become a global leader in packaging. The company now sells biochemically extracted paper and board to a diverse customer base, including retailers, brand owners, and converters. Its paperboard is used for packaging liquid and dry products. The company has over 6,000 employees and is among the largest in the world.


The Top 10 packaging companies in the USA include the companies that specialize in different packaging solutions. One such company is Plastipak, which is based in Plymouth, Michigan and has more than 6500 employees. However, it has 60 facilities on five continents, and had $2.7 billion in annual sales in 2017. Another one of the top 10 is Constantia Flexibles, which is one of the largest manufacturers of flexible packaging. Its diversified product lines include films, laminates, gel packs, and tubing. Its products are use by a variety of industries, including the food and beverage, automotive, medical, and e-commerce sectors.

Another top-rated packaging company is Amcor, a worldwide leader in thoughtful bundling. The company works closely with driving organizations worldwide to ensure the best packaging for their products. The company’s innovative packaging strategies help brands get the best value for their products, which is why they’ve been rate as one of the Top 10 packaging companies in the USA. The company was founded in 1880 by Edmund Ball and Frank Clayton Ball. Its headquarters are located in Broomfield, Colorado, and it has several major subsidiaries, including Rexam and Ball Aerospace & Technologies.

Kaufman Container

Founded in 1910, Kaufman Container is a distributor and wholesale packaging supplier in the USA. They specialize in glass containers, dispensing closures, and other packaging components. They also provide design services and warehousing. Their customer service team is back by a strong quality control program. They offer a variety of products, including glass jars, PET bottles, and plastic clamshell containers.

Aside from their manufacturing capabilities, Kaufman Engineered Systems also provides a comprehensive line of automated stretch wrappers. These machines provide the highest level of protection for products and packaging materials. Additionally, their automated stretch wrappers have a variety of customization options that reduce product loss and increase productivity. These machines are among the best in the industry and are custom-design to suit a variety of needs and requirements.

Marijuana packaging

If you are looking for a quality cannabis packaging company, Marijuanapackaging.com is one of the best options. They provide a range of packages that meet regulatory requirements, including childproof packaging. You can also customize your packaging by including your company’s logo or branding. They also offer affordable packaging for bulk purchases and offer childproof packaging for medical marijuana.

This packaging company provides a wide variety of options for cannabis products and is fully compliant in every state. They also offer free graphic design services and custom printing. They have quick turnaround times and free shipping on orders over $400. You can also order free samples to test out the products. Marijuanapackaging.com is one of the top 10 marijuana packaging companies in USA

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