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The complete description of Dudhsagar waterfalls

About Dudhsagar Waterfall

If you’re looking for an opportunity to spend the weekend away, Dudhsagar Falls should be your first option.

Dudhsagar Falls can be described as a stunning waterfall located near the boundary between Karnataka as well as Goa in the Western region of India. Dudhsagar Falls is comprised of five waterfalls that are popular with tourists in South Asia for their imposing size and height. They are large that the majority of people haven’t taken the time to measure their width or height. The one thing we are certain of with certainty is that it is an amazing sight for everyone who can spare the time and desire to be able to witness it.

The falls are of the most sought-after tourist spots in South India. They are awe-inspiring in lush vegetation. many birds in the vicinity of their ponds, waiting for food.


Dudhsagar Falls is a waterfall that is located at an altitude of 679m (2,230 feet) from sea level. It is about 30 km far from Udupi within Karnataka and 55 km from Sirsi.

The waterfall measures around 20km long and 60ft high and has an average flow of 1.498 cubic meters every second. Dudhsagar falls has three sections that are Upper Dudhsagar Falls, Middle Dudhsagar Falls, and Lower Dudhsagar Falls.

It is believed that the Dudhsagar waterfalls are situated in a town called Kolithanahalli on the outskirts of Madikeri town, Karnataka which houses three hydroelectric facilities that provide electricity for the southern regions of India. The waterfall is comprised of two main streams namely the upper Dudhagaga as well as lower Dudhagaga.

Guided Tour

Once you exit the bus, you’re welcomed by a stunning view. This Dudhsagar waterfall trek is situated in the Western Ghats, in the state of Maharashtra. The trail is a well-maintained trail that takes you toward the falls. The trail is made out of granite and runs roughly 2.5 kilometers long. The hike begins at the parking lot, and it reaches the waterfall in about one hour and a half. The trail is covered with gravel, and the steps are extremely comfortable to stroll through. You won’t feel exhausted or demotivated while you are walking the trail.

It is recommended to carry sunblock, a hat, and sunglasses along with water bottles. It is also recommended to pack some snacks and cash in case you need to purchase snacks along the journey. The trip isn’t expensive, and the people who sell food along the route are extremely welcoming.

The trek also provides an excellent opportunity to observe some of the threatened wildlife that inhabits the western Ghats. Lions, elephants and monkeys, and tigers are frequent sights during the trek. It is also possible to spot deer, crocodiles as well as birds.

This Dudhsagar Falls trek is a must for anyone traveling to this region of the Western Ghats. The trail is easy to walk along, the scenery is stunning and the wildlife is scarce and endangered. The hike is a natural beauty and has stunning scenery. 

Things to do in this area:

Take a stroll through The Aromatic spice gardens – Once I walked into the Sahyadri ranch, I was overwhelmed by large zones of the strength of traditional flavors. It was a great way to recall where I was from.. and the fatigue of visiting my family after voyaging was wiped out shortly after arriving. Natural tea and delicious snacks were served on a platter that invited me to the ranch for a taste.

This thought was the catalyst for the cultivation of land that extends over 130 square miles of land. I walked around the estates, examining the names that they had put up on various plants. A whole day could be spent here trying to discover the diverse flavors and resources of the nation. The fresh squashed flavor combinations with authentic cooking will surprise you.

Jeep Safari Tour Guide

Jeep Safari Tour Guide Through The Rich Forest Lines – Bhagwan Mahavir Public Park, earlier called Mollem Game Safe-Haven. Mollem game safe-haven is an area of life that is surrounded by the Eastern Ghats. The area of Karnataka is misled by its south which was a part of Savannah fields. With numerous outlandish and indigenous varieties, Bhagwan Mahavir was proclaimed as a public park in the final portion of the 1970s.

Wilderness Safari is the principal attraction at the park. Individual vehicles are also allowed to roam the area of recreation. Starting with the typical Tiger, Elephants, and Indian Buffalo to the variety of magnificent orioles, pit snakes with bump noses, and pixie bluebirds. Tamba Surla sanctuary, Demon’s Gorge, Nightfall Point, and Tambadi Cascades are among the many attractions in the park.

 Mountain to the Devil’s Canyon – Devcharacho Kond 

Take a hike all the way the mountain to the Devil’s Canyon – Devcharacho Kond also called Satan’s Gorge is an interesting piece of nature. It’s a stream gorge that’s more than a kilometer away from the waterfalls. The climb here was an unforgettable experience for me and I was fortunate enough to spot the rare jaguar in dark brown here while I was at the top.

With a dangerous shape with major zones of strength and propensities for rocks and its deepness, it is sure to fulfill its title as Satan’s ravine. Swimming is not allowed because of the strength with which waters here flow, it was extremely frightening to me.


Is Dudhsagar waterfall tour takes you through various types of natural ecosystems, and offers the visitor an experience that no other tour could offer. When you are at the falls it feels as if you’ve won a prize and you are exhilarated!

“Dudhsagar” is the name that was given to it “Dudhsagar” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Dudh” which means milk. There is a belief that the area was built due to Sage Parashurama’s ax Mount Kailash when he was thirsty.

The ideal moment to go to Dudhsagar Falls is during monsoon season when there is intense rain and the flow of the water is increased. With the aid of twisting roads and streams, the terrain can be difficult at times, but it’s worth it.

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