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Summer Jeans to Wear and Shop Now

A single pair of jeans can step up your clothing game instantly and transform your outfits if it fits you well and is of good quality. It won’t be wrong to say that fashion trends change rapidly nowadays. Similarly, the people of Pakistan also adapt to these fast-changing fashion styles abruptly. This brings our focus to the ever-expanding clothing brands and the new ones as well. These clothing brands have designed western clothes for women and men in a manner that has allowed them to keep up with the latest global fashion trends. However, one piece of garment that will probably never go out of style is jeans for women and men. 

At the beginning of the era when Pakistanis started to adopt the fashion of wearing jeans, only men used to wear them. Later on, when women started working and the concept of women empowerment unfolded, more and more women could be witnessed wearing ladies’ jeans pant modestly. Clothing brands also did not produce many styles of western jeans for women in the beginning. But now, countless Pakistani brands have vast styles of jeans. This has led to a rise in demand for jeans for women and as a result, these brands have produced various styles and colours of jeans. 

In this article, we have listed down some of the jeans styles that are great for this summer season for a cool and edgy look. 

Skinny jeans for a defined body shape


Every body type has a set of clothes that fits well if they are of a certain cut, shape or colour. Skinny jeans are a type of denim jeans for women in a similar fashion that are great for a triangular body shape.  With such a body structure, women usually have a slimmer upper body and a slightly wider lower body. To hide your curves or rather make them more prominent, skinny jeans are your best bet for sure. In this scenario, high-rise jeans for women or mid-rise jeans are also a good option if you want a lean body appearance. On the other hand, if you want to grab all the attention in the room, and show off your voluminous hips visually, meanwhile taking away all the attention from your upper wider body part, skinny jeans in light shades are ideal. 

If you want to buy a pair that is stylish, comfortable and breathable (especially in the summer season) then these skinny denim jeans for women are the best option. You can shop for a good pair of skinny jeans from many local brands such as Breakout, Outfitters, and online shops like Negative Apparel, Parien House etc. All of these brands have a variety of skinny jeans, including cropped skinny jeans, stonewashed, ripped, and even grey jeans women

Balloon jeans


Balloon jeans are a must-have this summer season. You must be wondering what are balloon jeans. Balloon jeans are a fresh take on the 1980’s jeans style, and are a mix of high-rise and lose comfy legs. This jean has a rounded silhouette that tapers at the ankles. This pair of jeans style is designed to look good on every body structure. It’s a comfy pair of jeans for tall women, women with curves, petite bodies, and plus size as well.  You can style balloon jeans just the way you pair up your outfits with mom jeans or boyfriend jeans. For a tomboy look, you can wear these stylish jeans for women with a sweatshirt and rugged sandals. In Pakistan, not many brands have this style, but Outfitters has this particular style in its jeans collection. So hurry up and rush to the nearest store to grab one for yourself. 

Straight cut pants


Women, who have a petite or lean body structure, can wear women’s straight-leg jeans anytime to make their outfits pop. This kind of jeans-style is ideal for ladies who believe that curves are not their strongest feature. Straight-fit jeans women add the right amount of shape and curvature to your look meanwhile maintaining your comfort. 

You can pair up any loose tee, a cropped t-shirt, loose button-down shirt, with these straight pants to slay the look anytime. The best part about straight-cut jeans is that they can be dressed up or down according to the setting. Be it an office meeting, or a birthday party, you’re good to go in straight-cut jeans.  To achieve a slightly chic look, simply roll up your jeans right above the ankles to create a cropped wide-leg jeans women look. 

Wide legged jeans


Wide-legged jeans are perhaps a blessing in disguise for tall women. We’re saying so because tall women have a hard time finding the right fit according to their height. The silhouette of wide-leg jeans women is such that it compensates for the body structure meanwhile giving it a perfect curvature. You can pair your jeans with a plain top or t-shirt for a comfy and chic look any day. Add a belt or some accessories to accentuate the whole look. There are so many different ways to style these pants to create a super-stylish look. You can opt for puff sleeves, off-shoulders, or any other top. The current trend is to wear flared blue jeans women, or any colour in stone washed or sun washed look is preferred. 

High-waist jeans anytime


This category of jeans is specially meant for tall ladies. Short heightened ladies don’t need to feel sad as balloon jeans, mom jeans, and boyfriend jeans are all meant for them to flaunt their style. High-waist jeans work like magic.  No wonder, high-rise jeans for women are in fashion these days as they hide love handles, belly bulges and front flaps. The key is to properly tuck in your shirt and you’re good to go.  You can pair up high-rise waist jeans or skinnies with crop tops, tucked-in button-down shirts, or cover up with long jackets for a sleek look. 

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