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Save Money by Buying a Low-End Smartphone…Here’s Why

So, it is the Smartphone battle, right?

Not again…

This time, the rivals are low-end smartphones vs high-end smartphones.

Now there is a way to make sure this battle is over.

And I will choose the low-end Smartphone not because I am using one but because I am getting a good monetary backup from it.

I am using this Android phone and an iPhone. I can tell you that I purchased them both in the budget range, and I have found them to give me a good return for the money I invested in them.

See, I have not written this post to open your mind or to teach you a lesson. I know that somehow a low-end phone can genuinely make more sense with savings and that it can help you get almost all of the benefits a Smartphone is meant to do.

For example, a device in the lower end (as it is called) can perform not just basic tasks but also many processing works. A flagship Smartphone is also the same thing, just in a bigger and better form (no offence!). 

I am just going to share my experiences with you, which I bet you will find quite useful in the long run. 

Low-end phones are still phones that a lot of people use. To tell you the truth, many use them as their primary devices. It is not that they are using it as a backup device and that it is treated as a work tool as you have already got a flagship phone in your pockets as your primary device, but because people understand the real value of these phones and that is: “They do pretty much everything of what a flagship phone does…with some compromises, but of course in a lower price.”

Why Low-End Phones Make Sense for Your Pockets 

With that being said, I would like to touch on a few points that can tell you more about the financial benefits of these phones. 

I can tell you that a phone of this kind is somewhat useful in almost all kinds of scenarios.

Let me tell you something.

In my low-end phone made by Samsung, I played PUBG Mobile pretty decently, and I even played in a tournament.

Yes, I lost in the first match playing for only 10 minutes. But I realised that wasn’t for the phone. I am just a newbie in the world of mobile gamers or professional battle royale players. 

That is why I lost.

But my phone managed the game well, and I had a decent gaming time.

So, if you think that a low-end phone is not worth the money, then I would ask you smartly to think again.

You can definitely do that with the points mentioned below:

You Can Fix It at a Lower Cost

Your Smartphone can be fixed at a lower cost, and that is one of the GREATEST ADVANTAGES of a device that come in few specs.

Think about it. These Smartphones are made in bulk because a lot of people buy them. On the other hand, flagship phones or the limited edition phones (such as Samsung’s BTS Phone) are costly to repair.

I don’t know about other brands, but the possibility of higher-end models not being repaired can be an issue after a few days as well. 

A low-end Smartphone can be repaired easily, and that too at a lower cost. Plus, the chances of missing parts or components are less likely o happen.  

This means there is a chance to save even more money.

You Can Save More Money from the Purchase of Value 

What you can do here is you can save more money with a low-end Smartphone because it costs less.

Many people cannot afford a high-end Smartphone and often buy it at instalment rates. In that way, they actually pay more for the phone, and they are always stressed as long as the full payment is not made.

A low-end Smartphone can be purchased at a lower price point because these phones are surprisingly cheaper to buy. 

Even if you don’t have the money at the moment or there is a limited period offer going on that might offer you more savings, you can make a smart decision by taking out a short-term loan for bad credit in Ireland and pay the money off within one month after your payday or take about 3 to 4 months to get over with the loan terms. 

I found that loan repayment is still better for saving money than using the same instalment procedure to buy the device. 

A Low-End Phone Gives You Almost the Same ROI as the Higher-End Models 

Well, this fact has been mentioned at the beginning of this post. 

The real power of low-end smartphones is that they can do pretty much your flagship phone does.

You can snap photos; video record an event, ensure all your emails and messages are answered; run AI-powered tools such as Siri or Google Assistant; enable voice commands; get lost in social media for hours (not recommended); play games and a lot.

A higher-end Smartphone certainly has some special features to it, and the hardware you get with it is, in some ways, more powerful than what you get in a low-end phone.

But eventually, what’s high-end is going t be low-end a few years later. 

Software and, along with it, the hardware are constantly being upgraded. A high-end phone is basically higher-end at a particular time.

Sticking to the low-end phone thus gives you the chance to use it for the long term, and changing the phone or going for a new one becomes financially easier for you..

To Conclude

I would like to repeat the fact, for a personal cause, that I am not trying to convince you to buy a low-end phone.

But if you do, then you are going to feel that owning these phones is going to bring you the right value for money.

This is where you can make a difference in saving money and making a statement in your financial life.

After all, we all want to save money.

Let’s do that with a low-end phone. 

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