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Record Phone Calls with OgyMogy and Protect Your Kids from Online Predators

record phone calls help parents and employees to keep eye on the activities of their kids and employees and monitor their online activities. The online world is full of harassers, abusers, and predators. Incoming and outbound calls can be recorded for the sake of safety and security. You can listen to live calls of your kids and employees to see what they are doing in their spare hours. Parents can be informed about every single call they are making with anyone and employers can keep strict eyes on their employees who are wasting time at the workplace. Let’s dive straight into the awesome features of the best app OgyMogy and see how it is adding value to the parent’s life.

Listen to the Live Calls

Choosing an app to listen to live calls is tough these days. You have to be conscious while using such software because app glitch is a real thing. But this amazing app runs so smoothly and removes all your worries regarding kids. Now you can listen to their live calls with friends, strangers, or anyone. So, next time there is a suspicious caller or someone is annoying your kid, then you can take notice immediately.

Listen to the Voice Calls Audio/Video

This amazing record phone calls software enables you to listen to all the voice calls that your kid is making and receiving. This way you will be able to sort unnecessary and malicious callers to whom your kid is might talking. You can also block multiple callers who are blackmailing or harassing your kid in a certain way. There is an option of recording unlimited calls and you can also store them on your device for a longer period.

Record All the Conversations

Nowadays kids are in regular contact with strangers and this habit has made parents more worried. It means stranger danger is always there to hunt you and make you scared about what your kid is doing online. are they having some stranger friends? Are they secretly talking to them? Whatever the circumstances are you have to take care of them. On average, a teen spends 10.6 minutes in total on incoming calls. Now, what are they discussing at this time should be your concern and you can hear it all with the amazing OgyMogy app.

Get to Know Who Your Child is Talking to

Through call tracking, you can generate the backup of all the calls your child is receiving and listen to it whenever you want. The highly recommended solution is to use this app and get to know whom your kid is talking to. And if they are talking to the wrong person, you can strictly take action against them. Apart from recording it can also track messages, group conversations, live location, and social media detailed activities of your child.

Listen to their Surroundings

Listen to all the voices that are occurring and happening in their surroundings. For example, your kid is sitting with some new friends in a cafeteria without informing you and you are worried that it’s late night. Then don’t worry because this app will not only record their calls but also their surroundings.

Block Inappropriate Calls

Besides the main purpose that is described in the above paragraphs, it can also block inappropriate calls. So, next time your child gets annoying calls, you can block them immediately and can report them also to the departments dealing with cybercrime.

Limit Screen Time

Excessive screen usage is one of the greatest problems faced by parents. Because their kids use excessive screening while ignoring their study time till late at night. It bothers a lot when parents see their kids not flourishing to an appropriate standard. This amazing app serves this purpose too.

Monitor Social Media Activities

It not only records phone calls but also the calls made and received on social media by your kid. A huge percentage of cybercrime occurs on social media and you need to keep eye on it too because the online safety of your kid is your first preference. The amazing app does it very smoothly.

So, if you want to record phone calls of your kid secretly, the OgyMogy spy app is the best option.


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