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Pillow Block Bearings maintenance free type, relubrication type

External spherical bearing maintenance-free type

    Maintenance-free Pillow Block Bearings unit, using high-quality lithium-based grease, long service life, suitable for the application of sealed type bearings. The sealing design of the bearing is excellent. Which can effectively prevent the leakage of grease and the entry of external dust and moisture into the bearing.

The rotating shaft circulates the grease in the bearing seal cavity, effectively providing maximum lubrication. The lubricating effect can be stable for a long time, so there is no need to renew the grease.

Summarize the advantages of maintenance-free Pillow Block Bearings as follows:

    1) At the manufacturing stage. The bearing is already fill with enough high-quality grease, so there is no need for relubrication. This will save users time and maintenance costs.

    2) Since there is no need to re-lubricate equipment such as pipes, it enables a more compact design.

    3) The sealed design eliminates the possibility of grease.

Ball bearing relubrication type

Relubricate the Pillow Block Bearings and still relubricate normally when tilted up to 2° to the left or right. Grease-filled oil holes usually reduce the firmness of the housing structure. However, after extensive testing, Pillow Block Bearings’ oil hole location minimizes this negative effect. The design of the relubrication groove also reduces the impact on the bearing. The impact of seat strength is minimize.

    In normal indoor operation, maintenance-free Pillow Block Bearings are quite satisfactory. While relubrication Pillow Block Bearings are require in the following cases:

    1) The bearing temperature rise exceeds 100℃.

    2) The working environment is dusty, but space constraints do not allow the use of bearing units with covers.

    3) Pillow Block Bearings are often expose to splashes of water or other liquids. But space constraints do not allow the use of bearing units with covers

    4) When the humidity is very high, and the machine using the bearing unit can only perform intermittent motion.

    5) Under heavy loads with a Cr/Pr value of about 10 or less, When the rotational speed is 10 rpm or less, or when the motion is vibratory.

    6) The speed is relatively high and the influence of noise needs to be consider,

The unique sealing performance of the outer spherical bearing

Combined sealing of rubber sealing ring and dust cover. The dust cover is fix on the inner ring and rotates together with the inner ring. The rubber sealing ring is fix on the outer ring, and the sealing lip and the inner ring form a standard torque contact seal, which can effectively Prevent foreign matter such as external dirt. Dust, water vapor from entering the inside of the bearing, and at the same time prevent the leakage of grease inside the bearing. So that the bearing can maintain perfect working performance in harsh working environments.

Three-lip seal form: strict seal with triple slender sealing rubber lips on the metal dust cover. With a large touch sealing torque. It is suitable for agricultural machinery with particularly harsh environment.

Covered Bearing Unit: Covered male spherical bearing unit. Consisting of a standard Pillow Block Bearings and an external cover for dust protection. Special consideration is give to dust-proof measures in the design.

    Both the bearing and the bearing seat are design with a sealing mechanism. So even in the occasions where there is a lot of dust and liquids such as flour mills, steel mills, foundries, galvanizing plants, and chemical plants, they can still be use satisfactorily. They are suitable for outdoor conditions where dust and rain are unavoidable. Such as heavy machinery such as construction and transportation.

Safe cooperation

    Tighten the set screw on the inner ring to fix the bearing on the shaft. Pillow Block Bearings have excellent anti-loosening properties and will not loosen even when subjected to strong vibration and shock.


    Pillow Block Bearings, the outer surface of the bearing and the inner surface of the housing are spherical. Can be self-aligning. Any axial tilt due to improper operation or misfit can be properly adjust.

    High Load Capacity: Pillow Block Bearings have. The same internal structure as 62 and 63 series bearings and can withstand radial and axial loads.

Easy to install

    Pillow Block Bearings are integrat units of bearings and housings. Bearings are filled with appropriate lithium-based grease at the manufacturing stage and are ready for installation. After installation, do a short run check.

Precise fit of the housing

    In order to facilitate the assembly of the seat and flanged Pillow Block Bearings. The bearing seat is designed with a dowel pin for spare.


     All Pillow Block Bearings are manufactur with grease filled and do not require relubrication prior to use. When used correctly, bearing life can be significantly improved. BEM recommends the following: NOTE: Overlubrication is a major cause of bearing failure. If you are not sure about the bearing requirements, please re-lubricate carefully. grease.

solid lubricant

     For applications where relubrication is inconvenient. The surrounding environment is contaminat or may cause bearing failure, several types of bearings with solid lubricants are available. Filling the entire bearing space with a chemical polymer makes the bearing maintenance-free or lubrication-free. Good examples of applications for solid lubricants are food processing machinery. Where relubrication can lead to contamination due to accumulation, or in complex industrial applications where grease lubrication can be difficult. Use solid lubricants also for ambient temperature.

Selection of bearings

    Standard outer spherical bearing: GCr15 bearing steel with vacuum degassing is used for the inner and outer rings and steel balls of the bearing. GCr15 bearing steel has high carbon content and chromium content, which can effectively resist deformation and fatigue, thus ensuring extremely long service life of the bearing.

SUC-Stainless Steel

    High-performance stainless steel bearings also provide high precision and wear resistance comparable to high carbon chromium steel on the basis of clean corrosion resistance. The material of ring and rolling body adopts AISI440C (9Cr18Mo or 9Cr18), and AISI304 or AISI316 (0Cr18Ni9) can also be use for special applications. The cage and sealing ring skeleton material adopts AISI304 or AISI316. above.

SUC3R-Stainless Steel

    Different from the SUC series in size, the SUC3R ferrule is made of special stainless steel, which is suitable for occasions where the chemical environment is so harsh that 9Cr18 stainless steel cannot be used, because its material is different in use characteristics from 9Cr18, please contact for application analysis.

Selection of grey cast iron for shaft and bearing seat

    Standard cast iron housings are manufactur from high strength cast iron and have the highest stiffness design in the industry, which enables the housing to withstand high vibration and shock loads.

Ductile Iron

    In particularly harsh application conditions, ductile iron is widely use due to its particularly good mechanical properties. The tensile strength (ductility) of ductile iron is 2.5 times that of gray cast iron, which can reduce the effects of bending fatigue damage.

Stainless steel

    Stainless steel housings are often the most effective way to solve corrosion problems. Stainless steel bearing housings do not have the problems of peeling, cracking, deformation and fading that other anti-corrosion materials are prone to, and they will not be affect by scratches, and can withstand quite high radial loads.

Heat-resistant plastic series

    Heat-resistant plastic housings are both corrosion-resistant and economical. Can be use with any of the radial inserts in this catalog. The heat-resistant plastic bearing seat is white and adopts glass fiber reinforced PBT resin material. Which has extremely high chemical corrosion resistance and pressure resistance up to 115MPa.

It has excellent performance in mechanical, thermal and electrical aspects.

    The bearings of the bearing unit are replaceable. If the bearing fails, the new bearing can be install on the current bearing housing.

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