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Pest control will save your home and garden from insects

Insects can cause damage to houses, buildings and the garden. Many species cause structural damage to wooden furniture. Some species, such as termites, consume wood directly as a diet. Thus, they can create havoc in your house. From mildew to dampness, moisture in the wrong place can ruin your home. Insects also suck the juice from the crop, thereby killing them, and they eat up the plants and leaves, causing poor growth in plants. Pest control will save not only your home but also your garden from insects. 

Following are some of the measures to protect the garden-

1. Good sanitation

Good sanitation is one of the top ways to keep your garden pest-free. If you clean up the debris from the plants and do not give the liberty to the pests to hide anywhere, you give your garden an extra layer of protection. 

2. Spraying pesticides

The chemicals designed to kill or harm pests are called pesticides. They also include insecticides for insect control, fungicides for fungi control, and herbicides for weed control. The household insects include insects such as flies, mosquitoes and rodents. 

One can hire a professional pest control service, or they can even purchase household pesticides that can be bought from hardware stores. 

One should determine the most effective pesticide for your pest problem, and you should make sure that the pesticide you choose is designed perfectly for the pest you want to use it on. One should not mix pesticides. If one tries to combine the pesticides, one can experience a potentially dangerous chemical reaction.

3. Handpick the big bugs

There are specific bugs in your garden that you can see easily. Some bugs like slugs, squash bugs and cabbage worms are the bugs that you will be able to see easily. You can pick them off and remove them from your garden when you come across them.

4. Use barriers

One should create a physical barrier to stop the pests from getting to your fruits and vegetables. There are several ways to do this. The easiest way is to use a fine net. You should position the netting over your plants. One should also leave enough space for the plants to grow and ensure their growth is not stunted. It would be really best if you also tried adding a cardboard collar around the stem of a plant. It will prevent the cutworms and other burrowing insects from getting to your plants.

5. Row covers

After using a pest control service, you can cover your plants using row covers. After you are done availing of a pest control service, you should try covering the plants with row covers. It will keep the bugs from jumping back and forth between the rows in your garden. This is a straightforward method that could be very useful.

6. Plant collars

Insecticides and pesticides leave a long-lasting effect on the plant. It will prevent the insects from hovering anywhere near the plants. You can use plant collars to retain this effect for a prolonged time. You should cut circular pieces of cardboard and place them around the base of your plant. The carton prevents the cutworms from being able to make it to the bottom of your plant for feeding.

Many people avail of the services of Pest Control Geelong as it provides pest inspection for mosquitoes, termites, and other pests at affordable prices. 

7. Spacing matters

When planning a garden, spacing is highly essential. You will not get enough airflow between the plants if you don’t put enough space between them. You should make sure that your plants have room to breathe.

Protecting your home from pests is as important as preserving the garden. Following are some pest control tricks to protect your home from pests-

Keep the kitchen clean 

One should see to it that they keep their kitchen clean. Pests love to thrive in dirty and damp spaces. To avoid pest infestation, keep the kitchen counters and drawers clean. It is essential to wipe them regularly with a disinfectant. If food particles lie out in the open, they will likely attract more insects. After availing of the pest control service, you should clean your house.

Seal all gaps

You must watch out for the small gaps in the crevices, unsealed gaps where the electrical lines and piper enter your home. Mice, bugs and other pests love these gaps, and it is essential to seal them on time.

Alternative food sources

You can also use a trick to keep the pests away from your home. If you set up bird feeders at a corner of your house, you are likely to attract several animals to that side and make sure that this is where they head in search of food, leaving all the plants alone. This method works very effectively. 

Make use of white vinegar

If you are searching for home remedies that help keep the insects off your home, you should use white vinegar. We all are no strangers to the fact that ants leave a trail which makes it easier for other ants to find their way to food. For washing away this trail, you should use a natural solution that is made from ¼ cup of white vinegar, two cups of water and also ten drops of eucalyptus oil which help eliminate the house pests.

Make use of onions

Spiders do not like onions and keep spiders away from your home. To keep the spiders away, you should slice up some onions and toss them in a bowl of water and place the bowl where the spiders enter your home. 

Remove the fruit flies naturally

If you come across fruit flies invading your kitchen you should grab a small bowl and pour apple cider vinegar into it. It is very important to cover the bowl with plastic wrap and punch a couple of holes in the plastic. 

Do not let the pests enter the dryer vent

It is your responsibility to examine the dryer vents for ensuring that the damper is not stuck open or broken off. It is also very crucial to make sure that the seal between the vent and the wall is intact and tight to keep the house pests out.

Get rid of the dust mites

You can make your own dust mite repellant spray with several essential oils. One can mix lavender oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil with water and keep it in a bottle. You can use it to mist the furniture and linens.

Thus, pest control is important as it eliminates pests by finding the source of the problem. Professional pest control services first find the source of the infestation and eliminate it. Thus, one can effectively get rid of the pests and safeguard their home. Many professional pest control services make use of integrated pest management approaches which involve pest identification, monitoring and prevention.

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