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Parcel Lockers – Increase Your Customers Satisfaction

The demand for online shopping grows as do expectations of customers. Customers expect to receive their purchase on the date they anticipate it, which makes delivery an integral part of the overall experience.

However, delivering on this promise can be a challenge. Especially when the recipient is in an apartment complex condo, university housing, or condominium. A lot of customers aren’t home at all times and their packages are put in the lobby to pickup. Moreover, to avoid this some recipients are able to have delivery of their parcels to the workplaces which can cause problems for their employers.

Parcel lockers provide a secure and reliable solution for condominium and apartment managers. Also universities, corporate and retail stores that face these issues.

What are Parcel Lockers?

Parcel lockers an electronically controlled “click and pick up” system stores packages to make it easy for consumers to retrieve them. They can elevate the experience for customers to the next level. While simultaneously decreasing the risk of theft, lost packages, and attempt delivery.

Automated parcel lockers make it the easiest, three-step method to retrieve packages:

1. The package handed over and placed in the locker for delivery. The recipient receives notification of delivery via text message or email.

2. The recipient enters a single PIN number at the station where they can lock their locker.

3. Door opens to let packages in for retrieval.

Also returning a package is as simple:

1. The recipient puts the return label on the package.

2. The label read by the locker’s station.

3. The door to the lock opens, and the customer inserts the box inside.

The advantages of parcel lockers

Automated parcel lockers have many advantages, including:

  • Convenient and 24/7 access to pick up parcels.
  • Complete protection for delivery of packages and a reduced risk of losing packages.
  • Also complete track and traceability for all shippers by keeping a log of every delivery and pickup 100 percent chains of custody.
  • Electronic log records eliminate the requirement for signatures
  • Consumers have the option of choosing either text or email notification to receive their locker’s password.
  • Costs of labor reduced due to the use of fewer internal resources. To manage parcels distribution, pick-up and distribution. Savings on labor can be a good argument for the expense for the program.

A Win-Win for Building Management and Consumers

According to recent research online retail sales expected to rise. To $334 billion by 2015 to close to $500 billion by 2019. Consider the implications of the amount of parcels have to be deliver, shipping labels, and pick up by the consumer. Consider the effect that this will be having on the building management, companies and even retailers.

Customers prefer shopping online, many condominium associations and managers of apartments are having trouble. With the rising quantity of packages deliver to their doorsteps. Packages need to sign and then handed over to the person who lives there. Or the resident needs to inform that the package is available for pick up. The building owners will also require more space for sorting the packages. And storage of them until they can be picked up. All this takes the time and costs, particularly in terms of labor costs.

Housing managers at universities face the similar issues. But usually do not have the capacity to ship packages to every student’s apartment. Students go to an office or mail room to pick up their packages. When there is a rush for delivery, like move-in and exams, students have to in line for a long time to collect their mail from their homes.

Options and Configuration

Parcel lockers can set up for every installation, with various sizes of lockers offered. They range from 3.5 24 inches to smaller lockers to 29 X 24 inches to get the extra-large size.

Other features include an industrial touchscreen, camera with uninterruptible power supply barcode. Also reader badge reader, and Tamper detection includes alarm system and notification. Additional technology can include surveillance and monitoring of video areas and a receipt printer. siren printing printer, payment module.


Since increasing numbers of consumers prefer to send their items to their places where they work. Businesses have to deal with the increased volume of mail. Mailrooms often send packages to an employee’s workplace or desk. The higher volume of mail means longer time and cost for sorting. Also delivering packages don’t have any connection to the business in any way.

One of the greatest advantages of using lockers for parcels is the overall customer experience. Customers can access their packages at any time that is suitable for them. Without having to worry about the possibility of theft. The service provider are offering an invaluable service greatly appreciated by their clients and staff.

In short Automated parcel lockers improve customer satisfaction by offering an efficient and secure solution for parcel deliveries.

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