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Optimize Your E-commerce Product Packaging with Box Manufacturers

Question: What does your branding really say about your e-commerce business? Does it excite customers and make them want to reorder? Are you intrigued about how box manufacturers add to the packaging equation?

If you are indecisive, then we recommend you use branding to maximize sales – because you can and should!

How box makers contribute to empowering your brand image?

It’s simple – through the packaging of course!

If your packaging and branding aren’t working to uplift your brand image then you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity. The good news is that you can fix it. The better news is that you don’t have to ponder over it by yourself.

The fact is that modern customers demand and expect their online orders to provide more than just the products. Custom e-commerce packaging provides customers with a valid reason to be satisfied with their purchases and indulge in repeat orders.

How can you give them more worth for money? By thinking about the overall shopping experience they get when they order from your e-brand. Your boxes must spark excitement as soon as they arrive at customers’ doorsteps. Having thoughtful beautiful boxes is one way to do this.

This is where box makers come in. New and inexperienced e-sellers may not know how to form the best mix of custom box components that works for their brand image. These and many more box making facets are creatively taken care of by box engineers.

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Below are some interesting ways box specialists add gravitas to your branding. Read along:

Care for customers

Encouraging your customers to keep coming back is no mean task. Box engineers know what works with customers currently and design boxes accordingly.

A leading survey reveals that about 48% of customers said that their first contact with the brand decides their loyalty. Additionally, the raving unboxing trend has further made the box designs even more crucial.

Box designers are well-experienced in the field. They devise strategies that improve the box structures, designs, and appeal. Customers attach a higher value to branded boxes. Giving them something extra with their orders is surely going to impress them at the first instance and prompt them to be brand loyal.

Put branding that matters

Your branding decides what customers think of your brand. It goes beyond just making your boxes look regal. It dually works to beautify your boxes and spread brand recognition at the same time. As e-commerce boxes travel through several customer touchpoints, they have the potential to be seen by a large number of target customers.

Anything that has your brand name and logo on it is an extension of your brand image. Box manufacturers ensure that they print these in the most powerful way. They use modern printing methods coupled with efficient designs to make an impact.

The more buyers see your unique brand identity, the more they would remember it. Familiar brands create trust amongst buyers and they are highly probable to pick them for shopping.

Durable boxes

All the branding and planning work when the boxes are supportive enough. Pro box engineers measure your products and cater to their specifications in crafting workable boxes. You can pick from a range of bio-degradable stock paper and a host of box shapes. Customers prefer brands that send orders in strong boxes that don’t deter along the way.

Moreover, the extensive branding content needs protection from excessive handling. Box designers prevent weather adversities and scratches from affecting the boxes using laminations and coatings. They also advise printing the boxes with relevant storage instructions. Unharmed products are the most vital element in generating future orders.

Consistent with the latest industry trends

One way of ensuring customer satisfaction is by aligning the box appeal with their expectations. But how can you be sure of this?

Market surveys help to find out about rivals’ packaging. It tips off what currently works with buyers. Box designers are well-versed with changing customer preferences. For instance, today most e-commerce brands design personalized boxes catering to their exact customer demographic. Be it the color codes, graphics, adding the customers’ names, etc., every detail can be added to the boxes to make them look contemporary and appealing.

Doing these by yourself may result in missing out on certain important features. Customers won’t spend much time switching their orders to competitors if your custom packaging doesn’t instantly connect with them.

Save resources

Imagine the amount of time, effort, and finances invested in creating the perfect e-commerce packaging. Small and new e-brands cannot possibly afford to drain their limited resources.

Hiring professionals is a good way to get the ideal packaging boxes without spending too much. They not only create boxes within your means but also prevent losses related to incompetent packaging. The best part is that they offer box designs on soft copies. It makes it convenient for you to create samples before finalizing the most appropriate box look.

Modern printing methods allow sellers to make last-minute changes to their box designs too. It helps to offer varied box designs to customers, one that goes with the seasonal fluctuations.

How to pick box designers?

Once you get convinced of hiring box professionals, how do you make a choice between the many options available?

Take our word for the following significant factors to be directly proportional to your packaging’s success.

  • Portfolio of work. Assess in which area the box makers work best through their previous work. Look for box specialists who have a history of providing durable box structures and functional designs.
  • The range of design options. Ensure that your branded boxes look regal yet distinct. A copy-paste of common box appeal isn’t going to impress customers. Ask your box manufacturers to provide a wide range of custom design templates.


Need some expert guidance? We are good at delivering custom designed and printed boxes for many decades. Working with professionals is going to get you enhanced customer loyalty teamed with higher profit margins.

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