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8 Must-Know Onion Oil Benefits For Dry and Frizzy Hair

Onion oil is an effective home remedy to improve the hair growth cycle by providing quality nutrition. It also addresses major hair issues, including hair fall, premature graying, and brittle and lifeless hair by strengthening hair follicles. But hair care experts advise that there are several other onion oil benefits for dry and frizzy hair- and we are exploring them today!

Our hectic lifestyles, unhealthy food-eating patterns, stress, and exposure to pollution have worsened our hair care issues. And when we think of addressing major health woes, the only thing that comes to mind is hair oil. Massaging the scalp with a nourishing hair oil offers multifold benefits for home-based hair care routines. It works best for the hair that has lost its strength and shine. 

Tip: Regularly massaging your scalp with a good hair oil enables hair growth, thereby adding volume to the hair. It also boosts blood circulation, which adds life to dull and damaged hair. 

What are the benefits of using onion oil?

Here are some incredible benefits of massaging your scalp with the goodness of onion. 

  1. Boosts hair growth: Onion improves hair growth. If you have lifeless hair that breaks very easily, you should probably try onion hair oil. Its regular application can reverse hair fall by activating certain inactive enzymes on the scalp, thereby accelerating the production of newer hair cells.

Did you know? Onion oil benefits your hair because it is rich in sulfur and potassium- two essential components for healthy hair. 

  1. Addresses premature graying: Onion oil has essential nutrients to prevent free radical damage on the scalp and thus delay signs of premature gray. It also facilitates the production of glutathione in the skin cells, an antioxidant that reduces catalysis of the hair follicles. 
  1. Maintains hair health: Onion oil also fights fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp. Doing so also prevents dandruff-causing bacteria from growing. Onion shampoo benefits your scalp equally. For this, massage your scalp with onion oil and leave it overnight. Next morning, rinse off with onion shampoo for maximum results. 
  1. Provides natural shine to the hair: Onion oil adds shine to your hair and makes it shiny and voluminous. You can also add onion oil to your hair for deep nourishment to your hair mask before shampooing. This will give you long and healthy tresses for real. 
  1. Treats split-ends: Split ends make your hair dry and prone to breakage. You can address this problem by chopping your hair, but using onion oil benefits could help you eliminate this issue. The presence of sulfur components reduces dry and frizzy ends and makes your hair softer and shinier. 
  1. Boosts blood circulation: Hair massage accelerates blood circulation to the scalp. So, whenever you massage your scalp using onion hair oil, it helps improve blood circulation to the follicles, and doing so also encourages hair growth. It also maintains the pH of the hair roots, which facilitates the growth of new hair follicles.
  1. Maintains scalp’s pH level

For your scalp to grow thicker and longer, your scalp’s pH must be well-balanced. This is where onion oil benefits your scalp and root as it revitalizes hair follicles. 

  1. Works on all hair types: Onion oil is a good match for dry and frizzy hair types. It softens them and maintains their shine. Its regular use would also help combat the effects of seasonal dryness.

The multiple ways to use onion oil

Use of heating tools and chemical-based hair products, exposure to sun rays, harsh weather conditions, and an unhealthy lifestyle could wreak havoc on the health and texture of your hair. And by all that happens, the only thing that can help repair your damaged hair is hair oil. Onion oil benefits can be reaped to a maximum if you know multiple ways to use it. 

Let’s tell you some!

  • As a Pre-Wash Treatment: Everybody knows the process of massaging the scalp with onion hair oil. You should start by gently pouring it and massaging it on your scalp. This will help invigorate blood flow to the follicles and scalp, nourishing your hair. You can thus reap multiple onion shampoo benefits for your hair.
  • Blend it with other ingredients: You can use onion oil as a conditioner before hair wash. Blend it with other oils like castor oil or coconut oil to condition your hair. This hair oil combo has a profound effect on the quality of your hair. It also treats hair fall. 
  • Pre hair styling product: Onion oil benefits also extend to hair styling. You could add 2-3 drops of it to your hair before styling to give them a polished look. It would lock in the moisture so that your hair does not dry out after using heating tools. 

You can also use onion oil on towel-dried hair post hair cleansing. Apply it evenly to your hair using a wide-toothed comb. This treatment gives you lustrous and shiny hair altogether. 

Which is the best onion oil for hair growth?

If you are looking for the best brand to trust for your hair care needs, you need to try Mamaearth. Its onion oil and onion shampoo are backed with the Goodness of Nature to build stronger, smoother, and shinier hair. 

Packed with potent ingredients like Redensyl, Mamaearth Onion Oil benefits you by controlling excessive hair loss and improving hair density. It also contains castor oil to provide proteins and vitamins to your hair. You would also find the following ingredients in this oil:

  • Amla Oil: This traditional ingredient improves hair and scalp and fights signs of premature graying. 
  • Almond Oil: Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, and magnesium to nourish and strengthen your hair. It also works on hair loss and dry hair.
  • Bhringraj Oil: Helpful in stimulating blood circulation, Bhringraj oil also helps prevent hair fall and promote healthy hair growth. It works as a natural conditioner for naturally dry and frizzy hair. 

Summing up!

Slathering your scalp with onion oil benefits can be amazing if you know how to do it right. We hope that this guide by us will help you get healthy hair with the natural goodness of onion oil. We recommend using Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil with Onion Oil and Redensyl for thicker and longer hair and combat hair fall. You may easily incorporate it into your hair care regimen, and it will help you have the best grade of hair care experience at home if you stay regular with it.

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