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MyAssignmenthelp.com or Click2dissertation.co.uk – Which to Choose?

MyAssignmenthelp.com or Click2dissertation – who can you trust with your assignments? Click on the link to keep reading and know more about both the services.

If you are searching for ‘dissertation writing services online’, then 2 names come up- 1st is MyAssignmenthelp.com and 2nd is Click2disseration.co.uk. Primarily know that MyAssignmenthelp.com provides guidance with all kinds of assignments and academic writings. Whereas on the other hand Click2disseration.co.uk provides only help with the dissertation. So, here I have mapped out a comparison mainly on the basis of the dissertation writing service provided by both of them. Have a glance to know better about MyAssignmenthelp.com reviews or Click2dissertation reviews and make a better choice in future.

1. The team of writers


MyAssignmenthelp.com has 5000+ PhD writers from different types of academic backgrounds. The writers are both well qualified and well experienced. You can get to see the qualifications and experience of each writer under the ‘Experts’ tab on the website. This feature helps the student understand the quality of writers before hiring them. Furthermore, it shows that the company intends to keep things transparent between them and the consumers.


In writers team, there is not much information given about the experts on the website of Click2dissertation.co.uk. Hence students have no choice in learning who are supposed to write the assignments and whether or not they have the right qualification to do it.  You can say it is a complete leap of faith you are taking, by availing this particular service.

2. Quality


For students’ reference, MyAssignmenthelp.com has many samples written by their stalwarts and uploaded on their site. The samples available reflect the research and writing skills of their writers. Also, from the samples, you can see that they all comply with the general university guidelines and referencing guidelines. Showcasing their actual samples is a great initiative on the company’s part. This way, they attain the confidence of their present and future consumers.


There is no significant sample uploaded on the site. However, if you check the reviews you will see that students have constantly mentioned about the poor quality of dissertations that they have received. Even at situations students were left with no choice but edit the files themselves to abide by the deadline. Students very particularly mentioned that their dissertation files were full of silly grammatical and spelling mistakes.

3. Punctuality


The exemplary quality of MyAssignmenthelp.com is that their clients have no complaints about the punctuality of their services. One consumer has mentioned that “I am amazed to see the writers’ efficiency. They completed my assignment before the deadline, and the quality was nowhere compromised.”


Again as the reviews say, the writers at Click2dissertation are not very disciplined when it comes to delivering the assignments on time. This is especially true when the deadlines are short and tight. The writers are not at all good to go with short deadlines. Either they do not fail to deliver the dissertation on time, or else they compromise with the quality.

4. Prices and other offers


MyAssignmenthelp.com has the most reasonable service charges as compared to other companies in this industry. They have minimal service charges and offer various additional offers. All year-round, they are up with exclusive offers and discount combo packs. Their only intention is to make the service pocket friendly for students.


The services of Click2dissertation.co.uk are not very pocket-friendly. But when you compare it with MyAssignmenthelp.com, the latter’s prices are cheaper. Students have acknowledged in their review that after a certain point in time, the services of Click2dissertation.co.uk become unaffordable for them.

Check out the review panel of Click2dissertation and find out that you need to log in to their separate portals to place the review. In comparison, you just have to click on a single button called the “Write a review” button, which is available on the official website. Just go to the official homepage of MyAssignmenthelp.com and quite evidently click on the button. Now rest assured that your feedback is taken with utmost sincerity.

You can easily place your requirement for login. From there, you have to submit your feedback directly on the website.

I hope this overview of both the brands helps you choose the better and more reliable option for you.

Author Bio: Ricky hardy is an academic consultant and part-time geography educator, associated with TopAssignmentreviews.com to provide assignment reviews and tutoring sessions to students. Many students to date have pursued his advice by searching “who can make my assignment.”

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