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Motiongate Dubai – Rides and Attractions You Should Try

Dubai has never failed to amaze its visitors as the city is full of marvelous sites. Whether you go with your kids and family or buddies with a taste of thrill, the place will never disappoint you. Talking about the thrill and adrenaline-pumping activities, Motiongate Dubai offers you numerous roller coaster rides and attractions to make your weekend wonderful. These multi-dimensional rides will make you feel like you are falling off a cliff in reality. Do you have a taste for thrill and drama? This place could be your next spot! This post will reveal rides and attractions you should try at Motiongate Dubai. Keep reading to learn more!

Motiongate Dubai Rides and Attractions:

You probably have a craze for roller coaster rides, but have you ever tried one? Certainly not! Motiongate Dubai offers you the chance to live the experience with your buddies and scream your heart out. Nothing can beat the feeling of calmness as you realize you are more than safer during the ride. It sounds adventurous, and why not give it a try? Let us roll through the list of attractions and rides available at Motiongate Dubai!

1. Now you see me: High Roller

You have heard the name but haven’t tried the game, right? Yes! Now you see me is an exciting spin coaster where players need to roll to win the spin coaster. Being a rider, you would be asked to help the horsemen on one of the most daring heists. However, you better watch out for the direction and ways, as a slight mistake in direction can reveal your secrets.

The game is not as simple as it sounds as players often attempt to see closer. However, the closer you see, the less you will see! Before heading towards the action, here are a few ride regulations you must never overlook.

  • Your height must be 120 cm or more.
  • Children must not join the ride without parents/guardians
  • You must reach the ride vehicle seat without any support
  • You must have the ticket with you

2. Madagascar Mad Pursuit:

Do you want to try an action-packed drive with your thrill-seeker buddies? This game is designed for you! It is the fastest madly roller coaster you will ever see and ride in your life, and it can send you to another world. A fast and spinning drive through the circus is all you need to forget about your hectic week.

The ride is no less than a mad pursuit of the zoosters in the dark. Players need to escape the animal control officers, and the process makes them scream. A few ride regulations are enlisted here:

  • You must be 125 cm or taller
  • Kids must be accompanied by parents/guardians
  • Disable players are not encouraged to try

Do you want to try this ride for a memorable experience? Book your Dubai Tickets online to skip the long queue to head straight for the action!

3. Dragon Gliders:

Have you ever watched the animated movie How to train your dragon? If yes, you would have wished to fly with hiccup and toothless to experience the world from the dragon’s back. Dragon gliders is a similar experience, allowing you to fly the forbidden islands and hold on tight to the dragon. Your kids would love the adventure!

Flying high above the beautiful village, rivers and towns will make you feel like you are in a dream. The splendid roller coaster experience is no less than a dragon flight, and no one can deny the fun! Ride regulations for this adventure are:

  • Players must be 105 cm or taller
  • Kids are not allowed without parents/guardians
  • No disabled players are allowed in the game

4. Zombie Land Blast-Off:

Zombies are terrifying to watch, even in a movie. What if you experience hordes of zombies craving minds approaching you? You will certainly scream! The only way to a safe haven in this game is a 58-meter awe-inspiring drop tower! Players always have the least advantage over these zombies, often forgetting about it due to fear and thrill. Hopping into this game can take you to another world, giving you memorable experiences and entertainment!

Players must survive the land full of zombies, and they will approach you as you try to run a rusty and abandoned machine. Your colleague survivors would also help you during the process, but what if you fail? Don’t think about it! Are you ready for this adrenaline-pumping experience? It’s time to book your Dubai Tickets and make your weekend splendid!

Experience the thrill of a motion ride with your buddies!

Motion rides and multi-dimensional roller coasters can test your nerves, and you will surely scream during the adventure. Your kids will insist on these adrenaline-pumping activities, and you should try them. Consider booking your tickets today to add more fun and adventure to your next weekend!

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