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List of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

We will discuss in this article Top 10 Chemical Companies in India based on their turnover. India has quite a diversified and well-developed chemical industry. It has market valuation of USD 180 billon in 2020. Our chemical industry ranks 6 in the world and constitutes 3% of the global chemical industry.

I have experience of 15 years chemical industries in India. Whether it is specialty, industrial or agro chemical I have been associated with their production, storage and supply. After leaving my job in the chemical industry in 2020, I started consulting.

So far I have helped many entrepreneurs to start chemical plants and oxygen plant manufacturers in India. The reason for them is obvious. And you can see for yourself that both the chemical industry and industrial gas plants did well. Now the fizz has gone out from both of them. But always remember the surge prices are temporary. So you must capitalize till you can.

Sharing the List of Best Chemical Companies –

UPL Limited

UPL is premier chemical producing enterprise in India. The company is famous for making chemical intermediates, agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, etc. The company also sows field crops and vegetable seeds for commercial consumption.  

Total Sales: Rs 38,994 Cr

ROE: 14.87 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 15.84 %

Promoter holding: 27.88 %

Debt to equity: 2.12

Price to book value: 3.07

Coromandel International Ltd

Coromandel International is a leading fertilizer maker in India. It is manufacturer of fertilizers, crop protection, and retail and specialty nutrients. The company produces over 4.4 tons of chemicals annually.  With innovating offers, it has established its leadership in the industry.

Promoter holding: 61.70 %

Debt to equity: 0.45

Price to book value: 4.81

Tata Chemicals Ltd

Tata Chemicals Ltd is a global company which is operating in over 40 countries all over the globe. It began its operations in 1939 in Gujarat state, India. It is part of trusted Tata Group with its diversified skills, knowledge, innovation and expertise.

The company offer products and services that have beneficial impact on consumers, farmers and industry. However, it has consolidated its position as a leading manufacturer of chemicals.

Pidilite Industries Ltd

It has introduced many innovations in consumer and specialty chemicals in India. Moreover, it has earned the trust of consumers and has a reputation of customer-centric company. Pidilite Industries is committed to deliver high quality products.

Total Sales: Rs 7,389 Cr

ROE: 24.31 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 9.71 %

Promoter holding: 69.98 %

Debt to equity: 0.03

Price to book value: 18.32

Aarti Industries Ltd

Aarti Industries is one of the well-known chemical companies in India. It manufacturers and supplies wide range of specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It is fifth largest company based on sales.

Revenue: Rs 4,401 Cr

ROE: 23.31 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 16.10 %

Promoter holding: 48.25 %

Debt to equity: 0.64

Price to book value: 5.96

Atul Ltd

It is of the largest chemical companies in India serving huge client base globally across many sectors. The company has also established subsidiary companies in many countries abroad including the US, the UK, China, Brazil, etc.

Revenue: Rs 4,186 Cr

ROE: 17.40 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 18.02 %

Promoter holding: 44.80 %

Debt to equity: 0.03

Price to book value: 5.03

The company started its bulk chemicals and intermediates business in 1960. It is the only company in India making Resorcinol. The business maintains research and developmental facilities at Atul, Gujarat.

PI Industries Ltd

It is a premier India based chemical company making wide range of chemicals and agro-chemicals. The company was established in 1947 under the name Mewar Oil & General Mills Ltd, PI industries being the holding company. It is reputed for manufacturing plant nutrients, specialty fertilizers, etc.

Total Sales: Rs 3,316 Cr

ROE: 19.14 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 10.66 %

Promoter holding: 51.35 %

Debt to equity: 0.00

Price to book value: 8.61

Bayer CropScience Ltd

Bayer CropScience Ltd started its operation in India in the year 1896 as a subsidiary of Bayer in Asia. The company was incorporated in Mumbai and expanded its reach into emerging markets. India has been an important centre for the operations of Bayer. The company has business interests in various sectors including Crop Science, animal health and pharmaceuticals.

Revenue: Rs 3,280 Cr

ROE: 13.03 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): -1.01 %

Promoter holding: 71.43 %

Debt to equity: 0.00

Price to book value: 8.09

Universal ING L A Boschi

Universal ING L A Boschi is one of the top ten chemical companies in India. It is a private limited company with customers in all parts of the globe. The nitrogen plant company manufactures and supplies wide range of air separation plants. And, it uses top-class cryogenic technology in the fabrication of the plant machinery. Mostly air separation oxygen, argon and nitrogen plants are used in chemical and steel industry.

Number of employees: 50-250

Location: Delhi

Industry: Chemical

India Glycols Ltd

It is one of the foremost chemical companies in India. The company manufactures wide range of products including bulk and specialty chemicals, natural gums, industrial gases, etc. The company was established in 1993.

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