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Lazy Ways to Exercise Your Dog

If you’re looking for lazy ways to exercise your dog, start out by giving your pooch a short walk, like a five-minute one or a 10-minute one. Make these walks fun, too! Create a regular exercise schedule. Your dog might be too lazy to exercise if the walking is inconsistent, so make sure to make a consistent schedule. This way, you’ll have more success in motivating your dog to go on walks.

Treat-dispensing toys

Treat-dispensing toys are a great way to keep your dog active and engaged. Using toys to exercise your dog is a great way to build a stronger bond between you and your dog. Exercise is important for your pet’s health and can help prevent many common problems including obesity and mobility problems. Besides toys, you can also try other activities like playing fetch or taking your dog for a walk.

For small and lazy dogs, a treat ball can be a great way to get them moving. All you need is a treat-dispensing toy ball, some low-calorie treats, and an open floor area. If you already have the supplies, they are free. If not, they cost very little. Treat-dispensing toys are excellent options for indoor exercise.


A simple game of tug-of-war is a great way to exercise your dog while bonding with him. Not only is it fun for both of you, but tugging helps burn excess energy and keeps the dog mentally and physically stimulated. Be sure to use only a small amount of pressure while tugging, otherwise you may injure your dog or cause a jaw injury. You can also use a small jigsaw puzzle as a prop when playing tug-of-war with your dog.

A classic game of tug-of-war can be played indoors or outdoors. Make sure to play tug-of-war in a large open space free of clutter and flammable objects. A big space is the ideal location, but if you’d rather play inside, choose a place where your dog has room to move. Also, remember to set the tone for the game by setting the rules beforehand.


Dog biking can be a great way to exercise your dog while still letting him do some of the things that he enjoys. Usually, dogs with a high energy level enjoy this type of exercise. Bikes are ideal for dogs with lots of energy like Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers, and Siberian Huskies. If you don’t have a purebred dog, you can still ride your bike with your dog.

A bicycle is a great way to exercise your dog, but make sure you choose the right surface. Dog biking is most enjoyable when it’s early in the morning or late at night. Be sure to choose a quiet residential area that has a paved surface and avoid congested roads. If your dog doesn’t like the idea of riding a bike, try to pace it at a trot.

Bringing another dog into the mix

Bringing another dog into the mix is an excellent way to get your dog moving and stimulate its appetite. The other dog doesn’t have to be yours. Make sure both dogs get along and are exuberant before you introduce them to each other. The second dog can even motivate your first dog to exercise more. Here are some tips to get your dog moving. You may find that it is more fun for your dog to play with another dog!

Getting your dog off the couch

If your dog likes to sit on your couch, get him up and off the furniture when you call him. When he gets up, give him a treat, then go back to his place on the couch. By following this routine, your dog will learn that sitting on the couch is not fun. To break the habit, place a treat pot near the couch or give him part of his dinner. Try to get him up as often as you can, and then you’ll be rewarded with a well-behaved dog.

If your dog has trouble getting off the couch, use a treat or ringing the doorbell to encourage him to get up. Remember, never push or intimidate him. You need to be patient and kind. Don’t raise your voice or intimidate your dog. He might be sensitive and fearful. Instead, use praise to entice him to get up. Make it as fun as possible for both of you.

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