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Jasha Lottin – A Nudist with a Twisted Smile

She is an aspiring model and nudist. She wears a twisted smile akin to Jack Nicholson’s. And Jasha Lottin does it for the attention! What motivates this model and nudist? You can read about her motives and lifestyle in this article.


A nudist is a person who is completely naked. This nudist lives in Portland, Oregon. She has a similar twisted smile to actor Jack Nicholson. However, she didn’t just go naked for the attention. In fact, she gutted a dead horse and posed naked inside its carcass.

Lottin claimed that she was an aspiring model and a Star Wars fan. However, her actions aren’t very good for the animals. In addition to shooting the animal, she then cut open its chest, posing naked inside. It was a shocking act and resulted in an arrest.


Model is currently getting backlash for her controversial photos where she posed inside a dead horse. The ‘Empire Strikes Back’ actress said she got the idea for the photo shoot from a scene in the movie. She explained that she wanted to feel like the animal. She has inspired by the scene in Star Wars where Han Solo kills a horse with a light saber.

The photographs of the euthanized horse have provoked strong reactions among animal lovers. Lottin said she has “one” with the horse, but the images clearly show that the animal has euthanized. The photographs have now gone viral and have sparked outrage throughout the community.

Animal lover

After a viral video of her posing nude inside a dead horse’s carcass went viral, animal lovers have outraged. According to Jasha, the image has inspired by a scene from the Star Wars movie. She allegedly posed with a piece of the animal’s heart, which she held in her mouth. This shocking video sparked a backlash from animal lovers and caused Lottin to apologize. It’s important to note that animal abuse is often followed by abuse of people.

She is an animal enthusiast from South Carolina. She has accused of animal cruelty and has received death threats. Her photographs have deleted following an investigation. They show Lottin posing nude inside the dead horse’s body and holding the heart of the animal.

Motive for her actions

The motive for her photos is still up for debate; with some saying the photos are a brave act and others questioning her motives. The photographs depict Lottin posing inside a dead horse’s corpse. The photos have taken as a way to create a visual connection between Lottin and nature.

Many people have upset about the images of Lottin inside the dead horse. Some have called for her to charged with animal cruelty. The images have since gone viral on the internet and received widespread coverage. However, there is little evidence to suggest Lottin violated the law.

Her mother’s accusations

There is a lot of controversy surrounding her and her controversial act in which she posed inside a dead horse. The images she posted have sparked a debate and have caused uproar among animal lovers. While many people have defended her actions, others have condemned them. These photos will have you scratching your head and wondering why someone would want to eat a dead horse.

Lottin, a small, 119-pound woman, posed with a piece of dead horse’s heart in her mouth. This photo went viral and prompted an investigation from police. However, police decided not to press charges against Lottin.

Her boyfriend

She has made headlines over her recent photo shoot inside a lifeless horse. Lottin claims she has inspired by a scene in the Star Wars movie. The gruesome photos that have shared online show her holding a piece of the heart of the animal. Her actions have sparked both extreme reactions and fierce debate. Some have defended her, while others have condemned her.

The photos that went viral have led to an investigation into animal cruelty. Lottin and her boyfriend shot the animal 32 years ago. She claimed she was attempting to be ‘at one’ with the animal. She also claimed that her actions were not offensive or religious.

She ate the horse

The shocking images of a woman inside a dead horse have gone viral and have sparked outrage across the country. The pictures show the woman’s naked body, including her heart. The images have received death threats, which her mother confirmed. Despite the widespread outrage, police have decided not to press charges against the woman.

The shocking photos show her posing naked inside a horse carcass and exposing her body to the camera. She then carved up the dead animal and photographed the organs, which she had removed. The photos went viral and led to a police investigation.

Although the images do not evoke the realism of Star Wars, they are highly disturbing and raise questions about the motives of the woman. It’s unclear why she did it, but many viewers expressed outrage and condemned the woman for her actions. The photos have since been removed.

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