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Is Selling Foot Pics a Side-Job?

Taking and selling photos of feet is a great side-job, but it can be dangerous, too. Unless you are an experienced photographer, I don’t recommend trying this as a side-job. You should instead focus on developing skills in taking and editing photographs of feet, such as using a camera with a wide lens. Also, you should learn some basic photography techniques.

Selling feet pics is a great side hustle

If you have a beautiful pair of feet and a flair for taking good pictures, selling feet photos could be an excellent side hustle. Before getting started, you should have the right equipment and props for the photoshoot. In addition, your feet should be clean to make the photograph more appealing. Using the proper foot care products and visiting a podiatrist if necessary will make the photoshoot a much easier process.

If you’re a photographer, there are a lot of Facebook groups dedicated to selling photos of feet. You should sign up for one of these groups and start posting pictures of your feet to get customers. You can use the same photoshoots for different purposes. You can also sell your photos on Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform, and you can post your feet pictures every day. It’s a side hustle that can be very profitable.

However, before selling your pictures online, you need to be careful about your privacy. There are people who may try to steal your picture. To prevent this, you should not disclose your name. Use a pseudonym. Don’t reveal your identity to your clients. Open a separate business account. You can create a separate account for your feet and sell your pictures to various buyers. There are also different platforms for selling your photos.

It can be dangerous

If you’ve ever sold your feet pictures on a site, you’ve probably learned that it can be risky. Not only are you risking your privacy, but the photos you sell can be used by scam artists. That’s why you should always be discreet and never reveal your real name or contact information. That’s not to say that you should stay invisible or hide your face from potential customers, but you should never reveal your real location on an online site.

When selling your feet pictures, always keep your identity private. Avoid giving your name and address to a buyer, as this can lead them right back to you. Many sites will also require that you submit a photo of your ID before selling the pictures. In Canada, there are around 12 cases of identity theft for every 100,000 people, so you don’t want your photos to become part of this statistic. Be aware of these risks and make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself and your money.

Another way to make your foot pics more visible is to use hashtags. If you are looking to sell your feet pictures on Instagram, try searching #feetpics. Other social media sites have groups where people can share their feet pictures. Be careful though, because some content isn’t acceptable and social media sites are quick to remove it if it offends people. Don’t let the fear of someone stealing your feet keep you from making a lot of money.

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