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Introducing 5 New Trends In Makeup Box Packaging:

The use of Makeup boxes is increasing every single day. These are not the days when cosmetics are only considered to be used only by women. Many products in the market are getting used by men.

And the main reason why the use of cosmetics has increased is that everyone wants to take good care of their skin. Scorching the sun can affect our skin, and with climate change, we should take extra precautions.

We know that in the past, kohl was getting used by Egyptians. And many people think it was getting used as a makeup product, but it’s not true. It was getting used to shield their eyes from radiation.

If we were to think about it, we use cosmetics to protect and decorate our skin. But what could we do to protect our cosmetic products? Each year so many products are getting introduced which is only leading to an increase in competition.

And that is why the makeup boxes are not only bound to protect the item. But these boxes are also getting used for promotional purposes.

Each year new methods are adopted to attract and impress their clients. But if we were to start a business, what trends should we follow? What should be our strategy? How can we impress the client and can make them buy our products? If you’re curious, keep reading. We would be discussing five new trends in makeup box packaging.

Customizing Custom Makeup Boxes With Metalized Foils:

Who does not like a purchased product whose packaging could attract the client from afar? But what sort of packaging it would be? We are always get attracted to products having shiny and sleek packaging.

And that is the reason why metalized boxes were introduced. In the beginning, these boxes received the recognition that they deserved. And they are still getting used to luxurious brands.

You can always customize your metalized boxes accordingly. If you do not want to overlap your whole box with foil. Then only overlap some parts of the box. In this way, you could give your case a modern touch.

Other than that, many people are trying to use metalized foils to highlight the engraved design. Recently I watched a video in which the person was using a gold foil to fill in the carved area. Such type of color and shine never fails in attracting customers.

Customize The Packages In A New Shape, Size, And Structure:

If the structure of the box is impressive enough, it could attract the client instantly. These are the days when we only get attracted to unique products. And once we observe some different packaging boxes, we cannot stop ourselves from buying the item.

The structure of the box is not only critical for attracting the client. But the precise dimension of the boxes can protect the product. Other than that, after studying the case, we could decide where we should imprint our brand’s vital info. For example, we can not just imprint our brand logo wherever we want. We must find the most visible side and imprint it accordingly.

Customizing Packaging Boxes With Various Techniques:

Customizing packaging boxes with engraving and embossing always gives a luxurious look to our cases. Both methods provide a different effect on our packages, but never fail at delivering them elegantly.

In engraving, we carve some surface of the box with a graver. After the design has been carved in, we fill it with foil or pigments. This method is mostly getting used to highlight the brand logo and slogan.

Meanwhile, in embossing, we use a heat tool to puff out a particular design. And we customize it with dry pigments or metalized foils. For embossing, a heat gun is supposed to be the necessary equipment. 

Customize makeup boxes wholesale elegantly with less design. These days a box filled with many patterns never attracts customers. Have you noticed that many luxurious brands only print their logo on the front side? That side is the most visible, and hence it appears elegant and unique.

Recently I was observing a perfume which was looking attractive. Now, although I didn’t need that product, I still couldn’t turn in that commodity. And I ended up buying it. That’s the power of elegant packaging.

To customize our packaging boxes with printing methods, we should always study the technique. Here are some of the methods:

  • LED UV,
  • flexography,
  • gravure,
  • digital printing,
  • screen printing,
  • lithography,
  • etc.3D printing,

Manufacturing Organic Makeup Boxes:

These days, it is better to use an organic box. We do not wish to disappoint our clients, if we do, we know that they won’t be using our products any longer. If we were to examine today’s situation deeply, we could see how much of a role organic packaging is playing.

Now, no one uses products having non-organic boxes. And most people have started a trend in which they dare themselves to use products having eco-friendly boxes.


Lamination is getting sued by almost every brand to protect the box and represent it elegantly. Matte lamination is preferred to be used for luxurious and expensive products. These types of lamination do not reflect the light but still give an elegant look.

And gloss lamination is almost getting used for every ordinary product that we see on an aisle. These types of lamination reflect the light and hence attract clients.

Now, use these trends and give a stunning look to your makeup boxes in the UK and boost your sales.

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