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How to stop Instagram scam accounts from stealing your clients

Stop Instagram scam accounts from stealing your clients

Scammers will continue to be more prolific as Instagram becomes more popular. Scammers can hack into accounts belonging to successful businesses and gain control. This makes them more vulnerable. The scammers can infiltrate and take control of these accounts through phishing to target companies’ clients for either their money or personal information. In either case, the businesses could lose their clients and possibly a lot of cash. Your clients’ Instagram accounts could also be at risk, as scammers might try to steal their data or spread malware.

The good news is that there are ways to minimise the damage caused by the hacking of business accounts on Instagram. If you have an Instagram business account, you can learn how to stop fake accounts on Instagram pretending to be your business.

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1. Report the fake account

It is best to report the fake Instagram account to Instagram immediately. You should also reach out to clients via other social media platforms and inform them of the situation. Ask them to report it to Instagram. Instagram usually takes very little time to stop fake accounts if multiple Instagram accounts say them.

Yes, there might have been some damage already. You can rest assured that Instagram will not attempt to steal clients from the account again. This doesn’t guarantee that your future Instagram accounts for your business are safe.

2. Create unique and challenging passwords

It can be challenging to remember multiple passwords. This is why people set similar passwords across their social media accounts. However, having the same passwords across all your social media accounts comes with a price. It is essential to create unique passwords for each account.

You can save the hassle by writing down all passwords in a notebook to eliminate the inconvenience.

3. Check that your credit and debit cards are not blocked

If Instagram scammers steal your credit or debit card information, you could lose all your money. Most scammers using the platform don’t take out funds in one transaction. They tend to make smaller purchases most of the time. Keep an eye on the financial statements of your bank to keep tabs on suspicious transactions or purchases made with your credit or debit card information.

It would help if you were on the lookout for suspicious transactions that involve large sums of money. Be on the lookout also for small transactions that seem unusual. If you notice anything unusual on your financial statements, contact your bank immediately to request that they block your credit or debit card.

4. Examine your credit scores

Scammers can access your personal information on Instagram and use it to open multiple bank accounts. The scammers can create a lot of debt in a matter of minutes. If you have any suspicions that fraudsters may have infiltrated or stolen your personal information, you must immediately check your credit score.

If you are a US resident, it is good to check your credit scores at all three major institutions: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You should also look for information about the institutions in your home country if you are a resident of another country. Also, you can freeze your credit to stop scammers from buying more in your name.

5. Use ID theft checker software

Software that detects ID theft allows users to track and monitor suspicious activity by scammers using bank information or personal information.

This software should be used as soon as you can. It can be used to track ID thefts live, making it possible to act quickly without causing too much damage.

6. All devices should have security software

No matter how many devices you use to access your Instagram account, security software should be installed on all of them. Software that offers paid services is recommended as it will include multiple security features.

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Scammers continue to find new ways to hack into accounts using various attacks. You can keep your devices safe from cybercriminal attacks by installing the latest updates.

7. Make sure you have a backup copy of all your essential data

All important data, including bank account details and personal information, should be backed up on an external hard drive. The backup data must not be connected to the network at work or home.

Keep a backup of all your data on your phone. If scammers compromise your office or home network, you can always access the backup data.

8. Enable multi-factor authentication

Instagram and many other popular social media sites offer multi-factor authentication. These apps and websites provide multi-factor authentication, a great way to verify your identity. After entering your login credentials, you will receive a text message or email. Either a letter or an email will contain a unique password or a link to verify that you are the one logging into your account.

Biometric authentication, which relies on retinal, fingerprint, or facial scans to verify an individual’s identity trying to log in, is a multi-factor authentication option.

Scammers use either Ninja or Owning mode to control Instagram accounts.

Scammers can take over an Instagram account using the “own mode” method. It can be tough to recover your account if you have the details changed or deleted. The scammer may try to sell you, followers, for a small fortune. The scammer can also hack into your followers’ accounts. It is easy to target account followers and extract more information.

Ninja mode does not involve changing passwords or stealing accounts. The scammer tracks the activity of accounts daily and goes completely unnoticed. The scammer can impersonate an individual or company and target accounts’ followers after observing their Instagram activity for a while. Instagram users can delete messages and send them back. These features can be handy if used correctly. However, hackers and scammers have the advantage of stealing users’ data.

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