How to Make Instagram Follower’s Export Possible [100% Works]

If you run an Instagram account, followers on instagram you must first understand and analyze your followers’ behavior before adjusting your operational strategy. Making a follower list in this manner is beneficial, whether the goal is to learn follower behavior to improve interactions with your followers or to hack Instagram followers from others. However, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, Instagram itself does not allow bloggers to export their follower lists, which makes it more difficult for them to understand and analyze their followers. Therefore, is there any other way to possibly export Instagram followers? If it is possible to export, what are the Instagram follower’s export tools? superviral is the best site to buy instagram followers and likes.

Export Instagram Followers

In the following section, we will introduce you to four tools. Three of them are Instagram follower export tools. Each one is free and easy to use. Therefore, with them, exporting IG followers will no longer be a problem for you; another tool will help you promote your Instagram account and get free followers and likes. What are you waiting for? Come scroll down to learn more! how can i export my instagram followers into excel template


  • Why Should You Try Instagram Followers Export
  • Best Tool to Hack Instagram Followers
  • 3 Tools to Export Followers from Instagram
  • export – Export Instagram Followers

IG Followers Export Tool

“Why should I try Instagram followers export?” You may be curious. “I am just running an Instagram account, so do I need to go through all of this trouble?” Believe in me, once you’ve read the 3 benefits of exporting followers and comprehended the potential benefits, you’ll see no excuse to do so.

  • Track Instagram followers. Having a list allows you to examine and research your followers based on statistics. Intuitive data conclusions can be a valuable assistance in tracking changes in the quantity and quality of followers, allowing us to make decisions that will benefit the account’s functioning.
  • Know your account. You can better understand the follower attributes of your own or others’ accounts after studying the list in several dimensions, allowing you to develop more targeted content in the future.
  • Hack Instagram followers. You didn’t anticipate that, did you? You can even “hack” or “steal” someone else’s followers if you export follower data from their account!

Best Tool to Hack Instagram Followers

Of course, if you just want to hack more Instagram followers, you don’t have to try Instagram followers export. Here’s a better tool that can help you attract more truly engaged followers faster and more efficiently: GetInsita. how can i export my instagram followers into excel document.

Free Download

It’s an app to increase Instagram followers for Android, iOS, and PC users that can be used to obtain real Instagram followers for their accounts. This free app is completely secure and provides a platform and simple mechanism for active Instagram users to like and follow others to earn infinite coin rewards, allowing them to trade coins for new followers. The key features of this tool are depicted below.

  • 100% Free. Since this is a platform where real people come together to follow and like others, you can earn unlimited coins every day through a variety of simple tasks and trade them for unlimited followers and likes. how can i export my instagram followers into excel worksheet.
  • Real Engaged Followers. The people who follow you are the ones with real profiles. They are interested in your posts and engage by liking and sharing them. This also achieves a logical rejection of bot followers on Instagram. Make the “real” real!
  • Security. You can get Instagram followers and likes using only your Instagram username. GetInsita leaves no stone unturned to protect its users from any kind of damage.
  • Easy-to-use. GetInsita is simple to use and quick to get started, making it great for novices.

3 Tools to Export Followers from Instagram

Downloading and exporting follower data isn’t difficult, we’ve put together 3 All-in-One Export tools for Instagram to help you out!

Two of them, export and IG Followers Export Tool, are Google plugins that you can add directly to your browser in the chrome web store and you don’t have to pay to use them. The other tool is Combin, which is more versatile than the previous two plugins. In addition to having the follower export function, it is an Instagram growth tool. The features and applications of the three tools are briefly described below.

  • export is a Chrome plugin designed for users who want to Instagram followers export into a CSV file.
  • Tools to Export Instagram Followers – IGExport


  1. A useful Instagram tool that allows you to export Instagram followers to CSV and Instagram following list to CSV with a single click.
  2. All data is handled on your local computer, never on our web server, and no one knows what you exported.

How does IGExport work?

  1. Enter an Instagram login.
  2. Choose an export type (followers or following list), and then check the Include followers / follows count box.
  • Press the export button.
  • IG Followers Export Tool
  • IG Followers Export Tool is a simple tool for Instagram followers to export.

Tools to Export Instagram Followers – IG Follower Export Tool


  • Because this extension does not require your Instagram login, your account and data are safe.
  • Instagram followers list to CSV export
  • Extract user profiles, including follower and following counts, biographies, public email addresses, and so on.

How does IG Followers Export Tool work?

  • Log in to Instagram and launch the plugin
  • Choose or enter the IG user you wish to export, then select the export type and click ‘GO.’
  • Select ‘Profile’ if you wish to extract profiles; keep in mind that profile extraction takes a long time.
  • When the data download is finished, click to save the CSV.

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Combin is a robust Instagram marketing solution with capabilities for audience targeting, analysis, management, and engagement. Attract new followers and cultivate a devoted following for your account and help Instagram followers export.

Tools to Export Instagram Followers – Combin


  • we can detect who doesn’t follow you back
  • I can check your Instagram audience quality
  • they can find the target audience on Instagram
  • If can find Instagram influencers for your account
  • how can monitor audience activity and growth
    how can i export my instagram followers into excel sheet

How does Combin work?

  • Launch Combin, click Add New Search, pick Posts Search, and type in the hashtags.
  • Specify the preferable search results number and the date of posting, then click Find.
  • Sort the received search results by date or number of likes and comments to interact with the newest and hottest posts first.


To summarize, if you simply need to export Instagram followers to excel, then export and IG Followers Export Tool are two Google plugins that will help Instagram followers export. you want a solution for audience targeting, analysis, management, and engagement in addition to exporting followers from Instagram, then Combin is the best choice for you. than you want direct access to free and secure IG likes and followers, then GetInsita assists in obtaining completely free Instagram followers and likes from real active users. If these four tools meet your usage needs, then don’t hesitate to download them and try them out!

  • Export The List Of Instagram Followers In An Excel File
  • Posted August 9, 2020
  • Export The List Of Instagram Followers In An Excel File

The world of Instagram is expanding every day. The percentage of adult Instagram users rose from 35% to 37% only last year. This roughly makes Instagram users count 1 billion.

Instagram is an interactive platform, and it is a hub for activity. You will find businesses, bloggers, and models growing in popularity as their number of followers skyrockets. A very high number of followers is undoubtedly a demonstration of power in the Instagram world.

how can i export my instagram followers into excel free.

A great way to keep track of your followers is by converting it into an excel file. This will help you remain protected from blacklisted and fake accounts. We have listed all the possible ways you can export the list of your Instagram followers into a file.

  • Benefits of Exporting the List of Instagram Followers
  • Export The List Of Instagram Followers In An Excel File

Exporting lists has a lot of benefits; that is why it’s a common practice. It is not just to keep track of your followers but much more.

By making a list, you can monitor and manage your followers. You can compare your following and followers list and make decisions. You can see what people you follow, and if they are following you back, otherwise you can unfollow them. This is called a black hat technique that is often very useful.

Very brilliant use of this list can be advertising. You can list down your followers and run specific ads for this audience to promote that content. Another great use can be to run that list by contact management. They can help you find out more about the users. You can find their real names and usernames on other platforms that will help you promote your content. how can i export my instagram followers into excel file

How to Export the list in an Excel File

Several ways can be used to export the follower’s list in an excel file. You can either do this manually by logging into your Instagram profile and opening your follower list. After this use, a scraper program in your browser to get the data. However, the data might load slowly.

Some professional tools in the market cost some money to use. But, they are authentic and work with Instagram. Two of these include Later and Iconosquare. Other than this, there are many black hat tools that you can use to do that if you want. However, they are not very safe to use, so it’s your choice to give them access to your account. how can i export my instagram followers into excel spreadsheet.:


It is undeniable that exporting your Instagram followers list can be very useful for promoting your profile and keeping it safe from any blacklisted accounts. It is a simple process and would be helpful.

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