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How to Host an Elegant Farmhouse Wedding?

Hosting a wedding or any other function in a farmhouse setting is a charming way to include rustic as well as natural elements into your big day. This decision can give you a choice to play up your surroundings or craft a day-of vibe with your favourite colours as well as elements that you want to add to your event. To keep the sophistication while still adding in some natural elements to create an event that doesn’t lack style should be your top priority while curating a farmhouse wedding.

The best part of choosing a farmhouse for your wedding is that it gives you full freedom to deck up the open space as per your choice. There are wedding farmhouses in Delhi that offers lush green spaces that you can choose for your weddings and other celebrations. You can play up with colours as well as florals of the season to make your day memorable.

Here are some creative ways that can help you create the right vibe for your farmhouse wedding…

Include seasonal florals

No wedding décor is complete without lots of colourful florals. When we talk about the wedding décor, it’s a combination of various elements such as drapes, backdrops, and elements being set up with the complementing wedding décor. The best way to do this is by adding some seasonal flowers that are easy to get then. You can create table centrepieces, chandeliers for entrances, floral arches, couple’s stage backdrop and so on with the flowers that will not only add colour to the décor but add a natural element to your décor.

Add a unique touch with Antique items 

As we have said before that a farmhouse will give you the freedom to deck up the space in any way you wantTo make it a little unique you can go for some vintage pieces that will make your décor stand out. You can source vintage mirrors and perfume trays to create elegant signage with custom calligraphy to add a touch of a traditional setting. You can even add a metallic element to welcome signs and menu displays while still incorporating a personal feel to the whole setup.

Give special attention to your venue’s entrance         

We have heard the statement ‘First impression is the last impression’ a million times and we somewhat believe in it too. The first thing your guests will be noticing is the entrance of the venue. This makes it a great place to incorporate your wedding style. You can add tall flower arrangements and beautiful draping to make the farmhouse entrance stand out. There are many options to go for when it comes to decking up the entrance, you can go for something that adds an extra element to your celebration.

Consider a Minimalist Menu  

We know that Indian weddings are all about having a lavish set-up for food and catering. But how about adding a modern touch to it and going for a minimalist menu. We would recommend you honour classic farm design elements like vintage glassware, raw wood, and garden florals while considering a minimalist approach to your cuisine. Keeping up with the ‘less is more’ attitude will make your design choices really pop and bring home the feeling of a farm wedding with a modern twist.

Bring your party outside               

Most wedding farmhouses chattarpur offer a combination of open and closed areas. They offer a lawn + banquet setting which makes them one of the top choices amongst various venue types available for choice. Most closed setups at these kinds of venues are accustomed to brightly lit interiors, to make your celebration more fun you can set up the event space outside for part of your evening. Allowing your guests to eat and dance al fresco will immediately elevate your guest experience.

Reinvent Everyday Items

Again, one more way to add a unique twist to a wedding staple décor. Though adding fancy elements and décor items can always be a go-to thing when it comes to weddings. But certain simple items are easily found around you and can also be used to deck up the wedding décor. You can use fresh foliage and flowers easily found around you in abundance to set up the vibe of your celebrations. Such elements can make all the sense in the world to incorporate and celebrate them in the overall wedding design.

Use draping for a whimsical feel 

When it comes to decking up an open farmhouse for a celebration, you have to make sure that it doesn’t look empty. You need to add so many elements that make it perfect for your wedding as all those decorated corners will be acting as stunning backdrops for your wedding pictures and you can’t afford to make the setup look empty. To enhance the beauty of the décor and existing architecture of the farmhouse where the wedding will take place you can add drapes that will complement your wedding theme as well as the floral setup. This will not only look beautiful but will add a whimsical touch to your setup.

We hope this will help you have a perfect farmhouse wedding.

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