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How to choose an Electric Scooter for heavy Adults

Electric scooters for adults continue to evolve and innovate in urban micro-mobility transportation, making electric scooters more inclusive. Specifically, many brands now offer electric scooters for heavy adults. They are usually heavy duty electric scooters that offer resistance limit and durable material.

However, make sure you know what to look for before buying an electric scooter online. There are many heavy-duty electric scooters on the market, so consider the following factors to find the best one for your riding needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying Heavy Duty Adult Electric Scooters

1. Maximum load capacity;

A heavy person electric scooter should have a heavy maximum load capacity. Medium commuter electric scooters offer up to 100 kg (220 lb) of the weight limit. However, heavy electric scooters provide a maximum load of 150 kg (330 lb).

Considering the maximum load of an e-scooter, get an electric scooter with a pocket of at least 20 kg. Therefore, if you weigh exactly 100 kg, choose an electric scooter with a maximum weight limit of 120 kg or more. Leaving it within the weight limit prevents overloading and gives your e-scooter even more pulling power.

Generally, an e-scooter with a weight limit ensures that the e-scooter does not compromise performance. After all, the electric scooter will work harder and use more energy to move a heavy load forward.

2. Battery;

As mentioned, pulling a heavier load means the electric scooter will consume more energy. Therefore, a large electric scooter battery is essential to ensure that you have enough power to propel the rider and produce a long range.

Heavy electric scooters usually have more than 600Wh of battery, which is enough for heavy riders. High-performance electric scooters have about 1000Wh of battery power. Calculate the battery energy of an e-scooter by multiplying the voltage (measured in V) and the battery capacity (measured in Ah).

Check these values ​​by looking at the battery of the e-scooter to see if the e-scooter has enough water to carry heavy loads and deliver long distances.

3. Engine;

The electric scooter’s battery and motor work hand-in-hand to produce a powerful, long-range electric scooter. A large battery must be coupled with a powerful motor to easily carry heavy loads. Fortunately, heavy duty electric scooters come with big motors. It allows the electric scooter to carry heavy loads and ride on different terrains such as rough roads and steep slopes.

Choose an electric scooter with a motor power of at least 1000 W, as this provides enough traction for heavy trips and various terrains. Also see our quick guide to how much motor power you need to choose the right electric motor for your needs.

4. Tires;

Another factor to consider when choosing an electric scooter for a heavy person is the wheels and tires. Thicker or wider tires are recommended for heavy electric scooters. Larger tires provide better stability, making it easier to drive on different terrains.

Also, using thin tires will prevent riders from balancing on the electric scooter. After all, the e-Scooter has extreme weight distribution. The tires do not support heavy loads.

Fortunately for heavy riders, most electric scooters use 10-inch pneumatic tires because they provide durability and a better ride quality. Air-filled tires provide a cushion as they help absorb shock while riding. Overall, consider the type and size of electric scooter to improve your rides.

Learn more about tires in this ultimate guide to electric scooter tires.

5. Body and material;

The chassis and the materials used form the basis of your e-scooter for transporting heavier loads. Check the body material of the e-scooter and aim for the durable metal aircraft-grade aluminium commonly used in high-end e-scooters. Also try to check the durability of the e-scooter if you see the device in person.

But buying an e-scooter made of durable materials means buying a heavier e-scooter. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find an e-scooter that offers portability when carrying a heavy load. Heavy electric scooters weigh more than 20 kg, which is already heavy for most riders. If you like the move option, keep that in mind.

6. Suspend;

The suspension of an electric scooter is an electric scooter mechanism that provides better performance and ride quality. It helps absorb shock from rough roads, making it more comfortable and convenient for cyclists. Most heavy-duty off-road electric scooters use suspension to improve ride quality when riding over rough terrain.

Heavier drivers may hear more noise, especially on off-road routes. So it helps a lot to improve the suspension. Check if the electric scooter has suspension to ensure better ride quality.

7. Brake;

The best electric scooter for adults offers multiple powerful brakes that make driving safer. Rugged electric scooters move at high speeds, so efficient clutch brakes protect you in an emergency. If you are planning to buy an electric scooter, check the type of brakes used by the electric scooter.

Disc brakes provide the best stability making it the most reliable electric scooter brake for electric scooters. Most off-road and heavy-duty electric scooters use dual-disc brakes to match their power and efficiency.

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults;

There are many electric scooters designed for serious riders. Has developed the GTS series to offer high-performance e-scooters up to 150 kg. This bluetooth e Scooter consists of GTS and GTS MAX. In addition, both electric scooters are the best electric scooters for heavy adults in wheelchairs. If you want to sit while driving the GTS series, you can install a seat.

In addition to the maximum load capacity, the GTS series has a maximum speed of 50-70 km / h and a maximum range of 70-100 km. Designed this electronic kit to ride anywhere and climb grades up to 30.0%. This flagship electric scooter offers one of the best features in the lineup at a lower price than its competitors.

All in all, the best e-scooter for you offers the greatest payload, features, and features that take your load off. Keep in mind that these electric scooters are bigger and heavier, and if you want a portable electric scooter, it’s hard to find one that also offers a weight limit. Carefully consider the above factors to choose the best e-scooter for you.

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