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How Do Digital Signatures Help HR Teams?

What do you get when you put together a group of extremely talented individuals and a group of exceptionally competent managers? Something of a success story. Because of this, a strong human resources department is crucial. 

To what extent can you, as a business owner or manager, influence this? Simple. Starting with HR, where eSignatures are already widely used, helps ensure the success of other parts of the business.

Which difficulties does Human Resources currently face?

Human resources continue to play a crucial role, yet this is one of the few constants in the modern workplace. 

Automation and digitalization are causing a rift in the business world. Remote employment is rapidly expanding. Furthermore, it is simpler than ever to pivot between careers or even transfer industries entirely. 

What does this evolution imply for HR duties?

  • Changed expectations 
  • The fight for talent 
  • Rising costs

1. Changed Expectations

The difficulty of making successful hires has increased. Actually, it’s not for want of qualified people to choose from. What has shifted is their level of expectation. They are far more picky, they need to know that they are appreciated, and they will leave for a better opportunity if presented with one.

2. The Fight for Talent

Job offers are being turned down left and right as a result of the shift in perspective. As reported by the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly all companies are struggling to fill entry-level roles.

3. Rising Costs

The rising cost of doing business is a major issue for most companies today. Human resources departments are not exempt from this. Finding strategies to alter their pricing structure will be one of their primary problems over the next few years.

Those are just the three most significant, but certainly not all of the reasons why HR should be discussing eSignature.

6 HR Benefits of Digital Signatures

The practical gains from using cutting-edge technology are context-specific. And the same holds true for HR digital signatures. Even so, there are benefits you can bank on.

1. Saving Time

In what amount of time can a document be printed, signed, and scanned for approval? What if, however, you are an HR professional? It’s also important to get the paper sent to other signatories. This time frame may appear short. However, for each document that needs to be processed, you’ll end up losing a few minutes of your time. It helps alot to improve employee performance.

In Human Resources, eSignatures are a huge time saver. The program not only distributes the paperwork for you. The other party and yourself can all sign with a single mouse click. Without worrying about printing or scanning, you can go on to other projects.

2. Reducing Expenses

One of the greatest difficulties in human resources today is rising costs, as was discussed before. One of the primary benefits of automating processes is that they can be completed more quickly. As a matter of fact, it might reduce your administrative expenses by 25% to 30%.

Money saved is not a small matter. Even in human resources, time and energy are sometimes wasted waiting for paperwork to be signed off on. You have a lot of printing to do, and the time spent on all the associated manual procedures can quickly add up. E-signatures, however, help automate procedures and significantly reduce paper usage.

3. Eliminating Errors

All of us share a common humanity. That’s a bummer since it means we’re all fallible. Some of them, of course, won’t matter at all. But you shouldn’t take any chances while you’re managing a company. Electronic signatures make this kind of thing possible.

Never forget to forward the signed document to the other signatories when using document signature software. One cannot omit a signature line inadvertently. The software will automatically email the signatories in the sequence you specify. To add to that, the signing process is not finished until every necessary signature has been obtained.

4. Improving Visibility

Documents are a constant companion in human resources. You’ll have a hard time keeping track of them even if you’re the most methodical person who ever lived. The visibility issue is also addressed by the software used to create digital signatures.

That’s not the case, right? Electronic signatures have many advantages over paper ones. The software typically includes features such as dashboards and centralized repositories. 

So now you can check whatever you need to keep track of and check the status of any given document whenever you like. That’s why HR departments can benefit greatly from eSignatures, since they provide a level of oversight and control not possible without them.

5. Enhancing Safety

It is important to take precautions against any dangers to the safety of your business if you are the owner or manager. 

For human resources, this involves doing thorough background checks, including security provisions in all relevant contracts, and verifying the authenticity of all signed paperwork. When it comes to points 1 and 2, eSignatures aren’t much help. When it comes to point 3, however, they’re invaluable.

A digital signature has the potential to be even more secure than a traditional one. Several distinct algorithms are used in its creation to ensure its authenticity and veracity. 

This eliminates the possibility of a fake signature being used. Using a digital signature in human resources also serves as an automatic lock for all signed documents. Once signed, they can’t be changed in any way that might affect their legality.

6. The Importance of a First Impression

The standards that potential employees now hold you to have shifted significantly over time, as we have seen. It’s essential to differentiate yourself from the competition if you want to hire the best people. In addition, tech-savvy businesses have a higher success rate with job candidates.

Indeed, this is to be expected. A forward-thinking company is the one that sends you a contract that you can digitally sign. For this reason, the use of eSignatures in Human resources is a movement that shows no signs of abating.

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