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How did the Electric Cycle Become an Attraction For Everyone?

Sales of electric cycles are reaching an unprecedented level. For the very first time in India, retailers in some parts are looking at the possibility of selling more electric bikes than standard pedal ones. Using electric vehicles has emerged as a practical solution to save money and reduce pollution.

Over the past few years, Bajaj bicycles, Motovolt bikes and other branded electric cycles are gaining popularity due to their numerous advantages.

You can also consider purchasing an electric cycle on EMI to avoid paying the full upfront price. Let’s take a quick look at some crucial factors which are making electric cycles hugely popular in India:

Electric Cycles are More Accessible

The most amazing feature of an electric bicycle is the pedal assistance the user gets from the motor. Most electric bicycles, such as Bajaj bicycles and other branded e-bikes, allow calibrating this level according to personal preference. Hence, you can opt for the boost in uphill terrain for a better riding experience. Whereas on flat terrains, users can rely on the pedal-assist feature to accelerate more efficiently.

Thus, you don’t need a high fitness level to ride such an electric vehicle. Children, the elderly and people with chronic issues can also experience the joy of cycling with an e-bike. 

Start Exercising with an E-Bike

Even with the pedal-assist feature, you can still exercise by riding an e-bike. For individuals with a low level of fitness, electric bicycles are an ideal way to boost their cardiovascular fitness within a short period. An electric bicycle can be a practical way of burning calories for individuals who regularly cycle. Several scientific studies by reputed institutes attest to these advantages.

Faster Riding

Because of the assistance riders get while pedalling, a Bajaj bicycle or any branded e-bike allows you to ride faster. Remember not to expect a ride as fast as you can with a conventional motorcycle. Depending on the e-bicycle model, the maximum speed you can reach can vary from 32 kph to 45 kph. When you get this top speed, the pedal-assist feature of your e-bike stops engaging automatically. As noticed earlier, electric bicycles with a throttle can efficiently reach higher speeds.

You Can Ride For a Long Distance

Due to advancements in the latest technologies, electric bicycles are getting geared up with superior capacities to operate for longer distances. The distance range of an e-bike is the maximum distance it can cover once fully charged. Depending on your Bajaj bicycle or other branded e-bicycle type for the level of pedal assistance it offers, you can expect a maximum range of 50 to 120 kilometres.

There is an e-Bicycle For Everyone

Over the past few years, the rapidly growing demand for electric bicycles has encouraged manufacturers to launch a wide range of specialized e-bikes. Whether you want an electric bike for exercising, leisure, city commuting, or mountain biking, you can definitely find the right model suitable for your needs. You can also check the electric cargo bikes, which are specifically crafted to function as utility vehicles.

Furthermore, the quest for a healthier lifestyle in India is becoming a common trend. But most people find it challenging to hit the Gym or sports centre due to a busy and fast modern life; hence  Bajaj bicycle or branded electric bike is a viable choice to remain physically active. If you are delaying the purchase of your favourite electric bike due to budget constraints or looking to purchase an electric cycle on EMI, then again, we are here to help. Keep reading to find out more.

The Smart Way of purchasing Electric Cycle on EMI

The Bajaj Mall is now the ultimate single-stop online store for all kinds of electronics and non-electronics products. You can also purchase the latest electric bicycles and their accessories from the Bajaj Mall and break down the total cost into small and convenient EMIs, which you can repay in easy monthly instalments, thanks to the No Cost EMI option. 

Bajaj Malls offers various benefits such as Zero down payment, No Cost EMIs, Fast door-step delivery and occasional festive offers, so what are you still waiting for? Rush now and pick the perfect e-bicycle from the Bajaj Mall and start saving your petrol or diesel money.

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