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Hoodoo Psychic Miss Marin Graves

I am gifted with this work, and the last name “Graves” has not only been my “label” but an invitation to follow a path that has taken me below the surface of life. As a child, I “played” with tarot cards, and convinced my parents to gift me an Ouija board. Able to connect with the world on a deeper level, my ability to manifest became second nature.

Psychic Marin Graves

My professional background and education are in law, and Marin Graves currently pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy. I have spent a lifetime exploring metaphysics, psychic phenomena, religion, folk magic, and divination. I am a Certified Paranormal Investigator, have studied with Tarot Masters around the country, am a graduate of Kate Yronwood’s Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, and am an ordained minister. But more important than any fancy title are my morals, which are of the highest quality.

More about Psychic Marin Graves

My lifelong passion and desire to serve led me to my 10-year career profiling law and psychic jury, and when I came to my true calling as a full-time spiritual counselor. Rootworker, I called “The Parlor.” ,” an office of witchcraft and wizardry located in a historic gold mining town in Northern California.

I have worked hard to achieve my personal goals, and with the same perseverance and determination, I will work hard for you!


Court case work is my main specialty. My years in the courtroom have given me the knowledge and strength to help clients in legal situations. It also includes child custody. Also, support, criminal convictions, personal injury cases, bankruptcy settlements, and “keep the law out” issues. . I work with people who have been arrested, are facing jail time, and need spiritual support in legal situations. Psychic Marin also works for friends and family of people who are incarcerated. As a wife and mother, I sincerely perform love drawings, reconciliation, and fertility spells. My other strengths include non-crossing, conservation, safe travel, road openings, career success, real estate, and prosperity work.

Psychic reading

When conducting a psychic reading, I provide direct information that will give you a sense of empowerment. And suggest ways that you can change your situation, either by myself or through my rootwork on your behalf. By maintaining the Services. Also, I am a spirit medium and can contact the dead to help you with unusual ghost activity or haunted houses, to determine why the spirit is there, and to help you deal with the haunting. I can help.

Rootwork and Spellcrafting

Before performing rootwork, I divine with tarot, pendulums, crystal balls, astrologers, or cowrie shells. This process serves as a “second opinion from the spirit” before any spells are cast. My custom rootwork services include mojos, honey pots, candle rituals, condition oils, soaps, and bath salts.

If you’re looking for a job that’s presented with dignity. And perfection without a trace, I’ll help you get what you deserve!

I offer hoodoo psychic readings with these tools and methods:

Card Readings using playing cards, oracle cards, and Tarot, Palmistry, Hand Readings

Pendulum Readings, Psychometry with Objects and Photographs, Consulting with the Dead and with Spirits, Psychic, Clairaudient, Clairsentient. And Clairvoyant Readings, Candle Glass. Candle Wax Divination, Scrying with crystal balls, smoke, or water Spiritual Consultation and Practical Advice. Numerology, Obi Using Four Cowrie Shells, Modern Astrology (horoscopes), Relocation Astrology, Dowsing, Doodlebugging, and Water Witching

I use conjure to help you with these spiritual conditions:

Altar Work and Prayers, Moving Candle Spells, Setting Lights, and Lamp Spells, Bottle, Jar, Box. Tnd Potted Plant Spells, Spiritual Bathing With My Custom Made Soap, Mojo Bags for Fertility, Court, Love, Protection, Job, Money, Doll Babies. And Poppets, Hand-made Spiritual Soaps, Prescribing Magical Supplies, Spell Casting, Fixed, and Prepared Talismans. And Fertility Brooms, Magical Coaching, Working with Ancestors, the Graveyard, and the Crossroads, Working with Spirits, Angels, Saints, and Deities

I perform rootwork using these spell casting techniques:

Love Drawing, Romance, Marriage, Fidelity, Reconciliation, Financial success, real estate. And prosperity, Court Cases, Legal Matters, and Keeping Off the Law, Blessing. Also, Cleansing, Healing. And Tranquility, Career Success, Personal Power, Mastery. And Wisdom, Protection From Enemies, Warding Off Evil, and Safe Travel, Reversing and Road Opening, Spirituality, Psychism, Mental Influence, and Dreaming

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