The Hampta pass trek is situated at the height of of 14’100 ft. It is considered one of the most thrilling treks of Himachal Pradesh with breathtaking views all along the journey. Hampta pass trek will surprise you at every few km of the hike as the diverse landscapes keep on changing and unhide the hidden beauty of Himachal. Hampta pass is a narrow column between Kullu Manali valley and Lahaul of Spiti valley. You will witness panoramic landscapes with infinite beauty, you will just admire the splendid scenery.

About  snowy mountains, the meadows, the waterfall:

The snowy mountains, the meadows, the waterfall, and the vertical rocky cliffs are breathtaking to watch. The mountains sloping down to the narrow valley joining each other make you feel like you are in a giant cup at hampta pass. You will witness the greenery of Kullu Manali valley to the extremely arid and barren landscape of Chandra Tal in Lahaul. It will be a thrilling experience for adventure lovers and amateurs as you have to climb and cross many ledges, also cross the flowing water, and challenging terrains.  You will be seeing Buddhist culture and their lifestyle as you pass through small villages. 

It is an extraordinary trek and should be on the bucket list of wanderlust. 


May to October is the best time to visit hampta pass. The snow melts in May which will lead you to trek easily. The trek is worth the hike. It takes 4-5 days to complete the tour. 

Hampta pass has its gateway from Manali, which is 540 km from Delhi. So if you are planning a tour then you can reach Manali by any means of transport.

  • Bus- you can take an overnight bus which will cost you around ₹1600 and it will take 12-14 hours to reach Manali. So by the afternoon, you will be in Manali
  • Airplane- the Kullu Manali airport is 50km from Manali city. You can get here by air as well.
  • Train- the nearest railway stations are Pathankot and Chandigarh. Whichever suits you. 



after reaching Manali our guide will interact with you and give you details of the trek. Also, you can interact with fellow trekkers. The guide will arrange an SUV and take you to Jobra from Manali, it is an 11-hour drive. Jobra is considered the base camp of the hampta pass trek. From here you have to be on your feet and the walk starts. From Jobra you have to hike till Chika. It is 2 hours of trek elevating you around 1500 ft. You will witness pine trees, and meadows, on the bank of river rani. Spend your evening exploring rocky hills. Set up your camps as you will be staying here for the night. Have a delicious meal and rest.  


Wake up fresh, have breakfast in the most pleasant atmosphere, and get ready to trek from Chika to Balu ka Ghera covering a distance of around 6 km which will take 5 hours to trek. It is overall easy, two hours of trek will lead you to the rock surface which you have to climb. you will witness waterfall, wildflowers in the valley of jwara, and the scenic view of dhauladhar peak. The new mountain ranges will start appearing, as you will elevate to 12000ft when you reach Balu ka Ghera. Explore the place as it is your new campsite for the second day. Have a cup of tea with fellow trekkers and live in the moment. Sleepwell, you need to be fully energetic to reach the topmost destination of the trek. 


waking up in the beautiful stunning landscape starts your day with full energy. Be ready for the trek to hampta pass and sia goru, elevating you to 14,100 ft. Which will take 8 hours of the day. And as you climb you will start witnessing the Lahaul Spiti valley. And the mountains sloping down to the valley which is going down straight is such a mesmerizing view. After exploring, hampta pass goes steeply down to sia ghoru straight at the height of 12,300 ft. You will be meeting locals and seeing their culture and living closely. Have dinner in sia ghoru and rest for the night.


from siagoru trek down to chatru 4-5 hours of trek, stepping down. Fall in elevation of to 10,898 ft. Witnessing all the three passes, Rohtang, hampta, and spiti. Then you will drive to Chandra Tal which takes 4 hours, and if it is not in the plan then you will be heading to Manali via atal tunnel. Chandratal is a moon-shaped lake at a high altitude. 

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