An Overview

What’s so exciting about Goecha la Trek? This is what adventure-seekers like you might be asking about. You will find many unique things about Goecha La. The trek offers a beautiful view of the Mountains.

Its specialties include the misty air and lush greenery. It is a beautiful place to see Kanchenjunga and other summits. Trekkers around the world consider Goecha La to have a variety of significance. Goecha La is one of the many mountain ranges that are located very close to other trekking routes in Nepal.

Goechala is a popular choice

What is the secret to its fame? We need to dive deep into Nepal’s history to understand why it became so famous. Goecha la Trek was so prominently featured in the Civil War of Nepal, which began in 1996 and continued until 2006. The Civil War closed the country to trekkers, so adventure-seeking daredevils began looking for other ways to enter Nepal.

Goecha La was their only consolation. They were able to see the trail and which made it the third highest mountain in the world. From the top of Dzongri, it promises spectacular views of the Singalila Range.

The Route

  • NJP can be reached by train or plane.
  • You will be driving from NJP/Bagdogra to Yuksom on the first day.
  • The trek to Sachen begins from Yuksom.
  • You will then need to visit Bakhim, and you’ll reach Tshoka through Bakhim.
  • The next place to visit from Tshoka is Phedang.
  • You will reach Dzongri from Phedang. Dzongri Top can be reached from Dzongri. It will be possible the next day. You can also see all the mountains from there.
  • You will then reach Kokchurang from Dzongri. You will then need to go to Thansing. You will enjoy a wonderful time at Samiti Lake and Viewpoint -1 from Thansing. You can then return to Thansing.
  • You will then reach Tshoka via Kokchurang or Phedangyou. Bakhim and Sachen will take you to Tshoka. You will need to return to Yuksom from there.
  • This will be a 10-day trip so you’ll need to drive back from Yuksom or NGP on the last day. You can either take a train or a plane from NJP after you arrive.


What makes the Sunrise of Kanchenjunga so special

The sunrise is a highlight of Kanchenjunga and should not be missed. Trekkers cannot go to Goecha La’s actual pass but can see it from the viewpoint of Dzongri.

The Samiti Lake

Samiti Lake is one of the most beautiful things you will find here. The still water flows through it, with reflections of certain mountains. It is mind-blowing.


The environment is usually decorated with rhododendrons in April and May. They come in pink, yellow, and red colors. It is a visual delight for those who visit.


Goecha La is open for visits for two seasons per year. One is in April-May, i.e.

The Spring season, and the other during October–November (i.e. the Autumn season).

Is FITNESS important?

You must be fit to walk between 8-12km per day. Elderly people over the age of 58 should take a treadmill test. They must submit the report. This must be completed within seven days of registration.

Things to Carry

Along with passport-sized photos, you will need to provide identity proofs. Along with the disclaimer form, a medical certificate is also required. This applies to Indians. These documents must be submitted by foreigners along with Inner Line Permit, Passport, Visa Proof, and other documentation noprice 110010.

Since the printing facility isn’t available in the area, you will need to have the original and at least 4-5 copies. Important items such as trekking shoes and a 50-60l backpack are essential. Layers of clothing are also important. It is preferred to wear synthetic fiber clothes. Trek pants, T-shirts, Sunglasses and Sunglasses, Sunglasses and Sunglasses. Since they could see the trail, they could tell that it was the third-highest mountain in the world.

Make sure to pack a rain cover to protect your backpack. Water, a medical kit, and snacks are essentials. You should bring water, snacks, and a medical kit with you. You might also want to include a set of cutlery and plastic covers.

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