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Future of the Cryptocurrency Market in 2022: The Leading Defi Tokens

Time brings about development, opportunities, and, most importantly, transformation. The replacement of DVDs with streaming apps, books by tablets, and now cryptocurrencies with traditional payment methods is nothing new. It is no secret that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is rapidly gaining traction in the financial sector. Consequently, those interested in cryptocurrency have numerous options available to them. They are currently all focused on DeFi or decentralized finance.

It is not surprising that DeFi has emerged now that so many individuals are curious about their financial options. Therefore, decentralization enters a new domain of trustworthy and transparent financial services. If the anticipated decentralization of blockchain technology occurs, it will completely disrupt the current economic system.

Leading DeFi Tokens to Purchase in 2022

Numerous prominent DeFi platforms with native tokens are intend to reward users and facilitate transactions. These leading defi tokens are the most prevalent on the market. Every cryptocurrency enthusiast who wishes to participate in the new market should investigate the best DeFi tokens, prices, and utility. However, new tokens have emerged due to the sudden growth of the DeFi market. At the time of writing, the DeFi industry has a market capitalization of approximately $115 billion. This is a significant number for young technology such as DeFi. Although the decentralized finance marketplace is home to hundreds of projects, we’ve identified the ten best Defi coins below.


The Chainlink is the most well-known DeFi token, with a trading volume of 157,759,510 LINK and a circulating supply of 399,509,556 USD. With a market cap of 5,934,264,766 USD and a price of 14.85 USD, it is the best-performing cryptocurrency on the market.


On Ethereum, decentralized finance (or DeFi) applications such as Uniswap were among the first to gain traction. Despite the recent launch of Curve, Sushiswap, and Balancer, Uniswap remains one of the most prominent decentralized exchanges. In April 2021, the weekly volume of trade at Uniswap exceeded $10 billion. Uniswap allows users anywhere in the world to trade cryptocurrencies directly (but not crypto-to-fiat or vice versa). You can become a liquidity provider by contributing two cryptocurrencies if you want to earn rewards whenever someone uses your liquidity pool.

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The volatility and price fluctuations of cryptocurrency and DeFi markets are identical to traditional asset markets. However, if you are seeking a less volatile token, you may wish to consider DAI. Using Ethereum-based blockchain technology, a dollar-pegged DeFi cryptocurrency has been created.

DAI is among the pioneers in its field. How? It carries significant weight as the first DeFi token backed by a collateral asset. MarkerDAO Protocol is one of the best platforms for developing other decentralized applications and creating defi coins.

The dollar’s value is reflect in the exchange rate between this token and other fiat currencies. In addition to lowering transaction costs, DAI expedites trading on various financial markets.


Uncentralized trade SushiSwap is a well-liked option for users seeking high liquidity.

SushiSwap is a decentralized platform that creates a computerized algorithm to provide liquidity between multiple DeFi tokens. It is an automated market maker (AMM).

SushiSwap enables users to trade ERC-20 tokens via liquidity pools based on the Ethereum blockchain. A liquidity pool in Sushwiswap is where users can become liquidity providers by staking their tokens and reaping the rewards.

The native token of this ecosystem, SUSHI, provides liquidity. You can participate in various liquidity pools and earn interest as a SUSHI token holder. For instance, the Sushi Bar is a pool that pays liquidity providers a return of 0.5% on all transactions within the collection. SushiSwap’s NFT marketplaces and yield farming offer additional opportunities to earn interest.

Yearn.Finance (YFI)

Yearn.finance, a platform that simplifies depositing funds to DeFi projects, is powered by YFI tokens base on Ethereum. DeFi typically requires a high level of technical proficiency. Yearn.finance (or yEarn) has developed a user-friendly portal for non-technical users to access DeFi platforms to address this issue. It is similar to having a “Robo-advisor” available.

Maker (MKR)

The MakerDAO Protocol created DeFi in addition to Maker (MKR). DAI serves as a stabilizer, whereas MKR is a utility token. Maker coins are susceptible to destruction and production based on market price fluctuations.

MKR holders are responsible for revising the DAI guidelines. Those who invest in MakerDAO are granted voting rights within the ecosystem. In exchange for their participation in the governance of the ecosystem, these Defi governance tokens reward investors with low fees and high-interest rates.


Aave is an open DeFi platform that facilitates cryptocurrency lending. There is no way to borrow crypto assets, but you can earn interest on investments you own. When ETHLend was first introduce in 2017, it was refer to by this name. LEND was the defi token of the platform and served as its primary currency. After that, it matched lenders with borrowers.

The Graph

Due to innovation from The Graph, blockchain networks can now “index” data. This statement means blockchains can effectively store and extract data such as transactions and mining logs without overloading the network. Reportedly, over 25 blockchains use The Graph’s technology for this purpose.

Additionally, these blockchains must index their data using the GRT token. Since its launch in late 2022, when the GRT token was valued at $0.21, the digital asset’s price has surpassed $2.20. It represents an increase of over 700%. Beginning in early 2022, GRT tokens will be sold for less than $0.40 per token.


The market capitalization of the Compound DeFi token is USD 739,631,353, with a trading volume of 1,140,295 COMP and a total supply of 4,423,517 COMP.


With 110519345 SNX in circulation, a total supply of 21850838, and a value of USD 12.69, Synthetix tokens are the most valuable DeFi token.

Wrapped Bitcoin

Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC, with a market cap of USD 3,961,374,917 and a trading volume of 4,627 WBTC, is currently runner-up in the Crypto race. The total supply of 115,711WBTC is value at 34,235 USD per WBTC.


This list highlights the top DeFi tokens offering investors significant buyback returns. By providing them with benefits, a reputable Defi token development company will eventually enable any Cryptocurrency Exchange-based business to dominate the decentralization phenomenon.

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