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Digital presence what affects corporate reputation

Before continuing to read this article it is necessary to better define the definition of “Digital Presence” and to do so, let’s use an excerpt from our article ” Digital Presence: what it is and why NOW is the time to improve it ” (which we invite you to read to learn more about the topic):

“By digital presence we mean the company’s ability to be found online, combined with the ability to transmit company information to customers in a clear and coherent manner, through its online channels from both computers and smartphones.”

What are the aspects that affect the digital presence?

Below you will find a list of the 5 elements that have the greatest impact on the company’s digital presence. Each of them has specific characteristics to satisfy in order to be able to talk about an optimal and competitive digital presence:

We will explore each of these aspects to explain how they should be created. Used and integrated with each other to be able to emerge from the chaos of the web. It is obvious that each type of company will then have to analyze the market and needs of its target in order to best set its parameters and strategies.


If until a few years ago it was important to have even just a “showcase” site (basic). Where you can enter only a few short descriptions of the company and services. Today this is no longer enough.

Websites, to ensure a customer experience adequate to expectations, must be graphically beautiful. In such a way as to enhance the contents, user friendly and therefore easy to use and with the inclusion of some Call to action (call to action) that help the business to achieve communication and / or marketing objectives.

Why does a site need to have all these characteristics?

Having the features listed above for a website means being able to be organically visible (i.e. not paid) on search engines. Since Google is the most powerful online search browser. Anyone who wants to appear within it must comply with its rules, which have the customer experience is at heart. Which must be optimized both from smartphone and desktop.

What does it mean?

The more a site is useful to users, well navigated by both devices and clear in its objectives. The more people will spend time on the site and the more Google will bring it up in the organic search . To understand all this, Google evaluates people’s behaviors. So if a user lands on a site and exits shortly after. It will tacitly communicate to Google that that site has not responded to its needs, and if many users behave in the same way. Google will lower the evaluation of the site bringing it lower in the ranking (SERP).

A fundamental factor that leads people to browse the site and not leave it immediately, is the speed. Google data tells us that 53% of people leave a mobile site if the loading takes more than three seconds. And, moreover, 50 % of users abandon transactions (online payments) from mobile devices due to an unsatisfactory experience.

Hence the importance of an optimized, new and rules-conscious website. Do you need more information about it? We talked about it here: “Website restyling: that’s why your site needs it”


In order to be able to implement a positioning strategy in the SERP it is essential to have clear what your target is. Or to whom you are targeting, and above all to be aware of the habits, characteristics and research intent of your target. That is to say what you are targeting they need.

The need for a customer (in marketing it is called “Ruin”) determines the motivation that drives users to surf the net in search of a solution that satisfies their need. Which can only be a simple information need or the desire to purchase products or services.

For all these reasons. Studying and analyzing the search intent of target users allows you to select effective and targeted keywords. Which will allow you to climb the Google ranking and appear online as an answer to their questions or needs.

Content marketing helps us in this. the creation and sharing of coherent, relevant and valuable textual and / or visual content in relation to a product / service. In order to increase engagement and brand awareness and to achieve company objectives chosen.


It is a vast subject, but one that we cannot ignore. As we all know by now, social networks are fundamental and essential in terms of company communication and reputation. Not only that, thanks to social networks. Companies are able to create a real bond with their customers, enhancing even more reputation and sales.

For these reasons, using social networks as a showcase and as a space for interacting with customers is a very powerful weapon that SMEs must exploit to their advantage if they want to increase their brand awareness and reputation.

The site alone is not enough to guarantee you an online presence worthy of good visibility . Because? All users have conscious needs , therefore clear and defined, which push them to search the web. But also latent needs , or those needs that the customer is not able to express until the moment in which he cannot discover and verify the benefits. resulting from their satisfaction.

The conscious needs, which as we have said push the customer to search, are mainly intercepted by the website. Because, if well optimized, it will appear during searches. Latent needs, on the other hand, are intercepted mainly thanks to the use of Social Networks, which does not happen through the website. Furthermore, Social Networks are also used by users to collect more information and to relate to the brand.

This is why a studied and organized social media presence is also essential for the development of your business


How you communicate your business also goes through paid campaigns on digital channels. Advertising, in fact, has always been one of the main elements analyzed when it comes to online presence. And this is because it contains the tone of voice and the values ​​that the company wants to communicate to users.

Also in this case, obviously, the ads campaigns must start from an in -depth study of the market and the target. They must be studied and created in relation to the objectives and subsequently they must be analyzed. So as not to make mistakes that could compromise the corporate reputation.

All these characteristics together form what is the digital / online presence of the company. Which in turn must always be organized. Studied and analyzed to allow the creation of a coherent and targeted communication.

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