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December Holidays Around the World

Although there are many months, December has many holidays. From Christmas to Omisca, the last month has been a “world of events.” We have to look at the December holidays around the world.

santa claus


Through faith, Christmas truly leads to the guidance of Jesus Christ. Thanks to this strange description, Christmas has changed the whole world, even into special holidays. In Australia, Christmas comes at the end of spring. Americans celebrate Christmas trees and St. It’s time to visit Nick and dream of cold weather. Great to start camping or go to the sea in case of emergency. Every year, some Australians add “Christmas Shrub”, a local Australian tree with small green leaves and red flowers.

Christmas customs in England are similar to those in the United States, but there is no milk or snack for children on St. Patrick’s Day. Patrick. Patrick’s day. Nick Claus, but pasta and wine for Santa Claus. The capital of Iceland, Reykjavík, has become a great place for a Christmas market. The children currently have 13 Christmas friends without Santa Claus. Every night, 13 days before Christmas, a man came and put a small gift in his shoes on the windowsill. Learn more about how Christmas is celebrate around the world.



Hanukkah, or Hanukkah, is an eight-day Jewish festival that celebrates the restoration of the second holiest site in Jerusalem for the Maccabees. Participants re-examined their mistakes. The fire burned until the 8th evening, but the oil was not dirty enough to keep the Menorah candles burning in a lonely day.

Hanukkah, also known as the Feast of Lights, begins on the 25th day of Gislev in the Jewish calendar. The celebration is around the lights of Menorah. Every evening on the 8th day of the event, another flare was add to Menora. One of the favorites is the cat, and the usual Hanukkah sauces such as potato rats and donuts stuffed with jam (supganiot) are dip in lard. Other Hanukkah customs include playing the drums and exchanging gifts. You can learn more about Chanuce here.



After the Watts Uprising in Los Angeles, Kwanzaa Dr. Created by Maulana Karenga. He found a conference center in the United States and began exploring Africa’s “first organic” (music) festivals. Since then, he has joined many other cooperatives to establish the Kwanzaa region.

The name Kwanzaa comes from the term “matunda ya kwanza”, which in Swahili means “first product”. Each family defends Kwanzu in its own way. However, most festivals include music and dance performances, African music, stories, speeches and major festivals. On the night of the 7th, the family gathers every night, a young man lights a candle in the kitchen and at some point wants to know the benefits of African culture, that is, seven things. . On December 31, the eruption of an African volcano named Karam erupted. Learn more about the Kwanzaa here. next Christmas

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrate on December 26 only in many countries, this event dates back to the Middle Ages in England. In the region, it is customary for a gift box, ie a box give to the poor, to be usually open and distribute by the church. . It is also a day when employees always plan three holidays to celebrate Christmas with their family. ThisDay is now a public event in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In England, football and racing are usually held on Boxing Day. The Irish call it St. Stephen’s Day today and have their personal hunting threat. Here, a young anchor pretends to be a troglodyte on a pole and walks through the city on foot. In the Bahamas, ThisDay is celebrate with a celebration they call Junkanoo. Learn more about the beginning of Boxing Day here.



New Year’s Eve, Omisoka, is the second most important day in Japan and New Year’s Eve is the last and most important day of the year. However inold age, on the last omisoku, families come together to eat doshikoshi soba or doshikoshi udon.

At 12 o’clock in the morning, many people visit the shrine or the shrine for hatsumode. However shinto shrines are ready to cause trouble, and most churches have previously sung 108 hymns awaiting human suffering.

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