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Common Plumbing Problems in Home and How to Fix Them

Plumbing issues are common everywhere nowadays. It is hard to get a person who never faced any plumbing issues.  We usually encounter plumbing flaws in bathrooms, sinks, pipelines, and house draining systems.

Sometimes when you get up and brush your teeth, you suddenly see your sink full of water which is frustrating and annoying. Unfortunately, you start your day with a bad scene but don’t get worried. In this article, I’ll tell you the most common plumbing issues in houses and how to fix them easily.

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Top plumbing issues:

  • Leaky faucet
  • Running toilets
  • Flooded gutters
  • Leakages of pipe
  • Faulty water heat

Leaky faucet:

When water drops in series and comes out of your tap, you might face a leaky faucet because a cartridge that controls the flow of water in it may be broken. When this cartridge is damaged, you are prone to dribble of water. There are several faucets in the market. You need to identify what taps you are using and immediately run for an Emergency Plumbing Services to fix them; otherwise, it may cause trouble.


  • Damaged cartridges
  • Damaged washers
  • Overflow of water pressure
  • Damaged O-ring

How to fix it:

  • Firstly, disconnect the water supply to save water and prevent further damage.
  • Disassemble the tap handles, identify the type of tap, and use the required tool to disassemble it.
  • Replace the broken part and examine the entire sink. Then you are done.

Running toilets:

Running toilets mean that they run consistently even when they are not in use by someone. The water flows at speed due to broken parts. These types of broken parts are hard to replace, but once you find out the issue, this takes a little while.


  • Damaged flapper chain
  • Damaged flapper seal
  • Leaked fill valve.
  • Overflowed valve

How to fix it:

Emergency Plumbing Services
  • There are three main parts float, fill valve, and flapper) in a toilet that may have broken and need to be replaced.
  • Remove the top cover of the toilet and check out all parts thoroughly. If finds something damaged or broken, immediately go and change it.

Flooded gutters:

When the drainage of water is disturbed, then the overflow of the gutter happens. There could be many factors why water overflow in channels, just as excessive rainfall, much irrigation of water and poor structuring of the draining system.

How to fix it:

  • Clean your gutter once a month
  • Check the tilt and pitch of the gutter system.’
  • Apply splash guards
  • Check your gutter helmet

Leakages of pipe:

When water is blocked in the pipeline and finds no way for its drainage, it stops the whole pipeline further, leading to pipe leakages, which may disturb the house’s entire sewage and water supply.


  • Damaged seals
  • Blocked lines
  • Overflow of water
  • Damaged joints of pipeline
  • Cracks of pipes
  • Inaccurate installation of pipes

How to fix it:

  • Turn off the entire water supply
  • Switch on the taps attached to pipes to release all the water
  • Dry out the leaking area of the pipe. (if the damage is huge, then immediately change it).
  • Apply the solution to the dry leaked area and leave it for a certain time to use it temporarily. (otherwise, call Emergency Plumber Loughborough by paying 21 to 26£ per hour)

Defective water heaters:

There are a few signs that you might be noticing about your water heater. That why it is not is working as it should. Let’s check the symptoms of a bad water heater.


  • You are not getting ample hot water
  • Facing extreme temperature issues
  • Reduction in the flow of water
  • Getting stinky water
  • Hearing some unusual noises

How to fix it:

  • Switch off the breaker to avoid any short circuit from the main electricity board.
  • Detach the main heater s panel.
  • Be careful not to touch any wire
  • Press the red button carefully located under the black cover.
  • Switch on the circuit breaker and check if it’s working. If not, go for a replacement or hire any specialist. (but if you do have a warranty, then claim it )

Household plumbing maintenance:

  • Checkout your tanks and pipelines periodically
  • Do not flush anything except your waste etc
  • Clean your showerheads with vinegar or soda
  • Clear your sink pipe with soda to avoid any blockage
  • Inspect for corrosion in pipes
  • Check out your water pressures
  • Call a plumber immediately (if your damage gets critical).

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