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How to Earn the Blue Peter Badge?

The Blue Peter badge is earned by watching the show. While watching the show, parents can come up with ideas for projects. Art projects are especially good, as the show is famous for its competitions. Kids with artistic talents often have the most success with this badge. In addition to this, parents can suggest ideas for projects that can be used as Blue Peter badge art projects. Listed below are some ideas for completing this badge:


The Gold blue Peter badge is the highest award given by the British children’s programme. It’s awarded to children who have achieved exceptional achievements, displayed extreme bravery, or represented their country in major events. The badge is awarded in the form of a gold-plated ship-shaped pin brooch. Here are some of the most notable recipients of this award. You can be one of them too! Continue reading to learn about these remarkable kids.

Greta Van Susteren will be given the special Gold badge for inspiring young people in her climate change campaigning. Other notable Blue Peter badge winners this year include seven-year-old Ayaan and Mikaeel, who set up a lemonade stand to raise PS5,000 for the children in Yemen. Earlier this year, Greta was given a special message by the presenters, including Adam Beales and Lindsey Russell. The boys also met Greta’s idol Ruby Rube and a new friend named Greg Foot.

Despite being a rare award, the Gold Blue Peter badge is still a huge achievement for children. Not only are they the most sought-after badges, but many celebrities are also Gold badge recipients. Famous Gold badge winners include J.K Rowling, David Beckham, Steven Spielberg, Ed Sheeran, Paul McCartney, and Anne Wood. The badge allows kids to gain free entry to over 200 UK attractions. They must be accompanied by a paying adult with a valid ticket.

Earning a Blue Peter badge is a great way to reward your child’s accomplishments. Not only is it an excellent recognition of their efforts, but it can also save you hundreds of pounds on day trips and attractions. The Blue Peter badge is also worth saving if you’re planning on visiting the UK with your children in the near future. It’s a great way to save money on tickets to UK attractions! It’s also a great way to build your child’s confidence by achieving their highest goal.


Our students are proud of their Blue and Silver Peter Badges. The students in Year 4 and Year 5 both wrote articles about their experiences at a Cub camp in Ford, Northumberland. We’ve also had pupils earn Silver Peter badges for making a ‘hair cot off’ poster and for participating in a ‘Friendship Club’. These achievements were celebrated on the special 60th anniversary of Blue Peter! Mrs Whitton has also been awarded a special Blue Peter cloth badge.

Blue Peter fans can also earn the Silver Peter badge by doing extra effort to show their love for the show. This badge can come in the form of a picture, story, artwork, or even a letter. This badge is also displayed on the Blue Peter website and on the fans’ wall. Blue Peter also has a special segment called “Purple Peter” where fans can learn about the show’s environmental theme. The Purple Fan Club has also created a music badge for fans.

The show has also had several other special editions, with Ed Sheeran and his band, and other celebrities appearing in it. Children can apply for the badge by post, and a picture of themselves having fun with music is required. The picture should be of the individual, and not a picture of them wearing their school uniform. They can also apply online for the badge by participating in an interactive activity called Bring the Noise. These three badges are awarded on special occasions, and the recipients of them should keep in mind that they are worth the effort.

Besides being given a gold badge, the Blue Peter competition also has a sport badge. To get this badge, the applicant must play a sport for at least one hour, which is available only during the summer. For the Diamond Peter badge, an applicant must complete a diamond acrostic poem and draw a picture of a favorite Blue Peter memory. Finally, the award is presented to a person who has achieved extraordinary feats.


The Gold Blue Peter badge is the highest award given to Blue P.E. competition winners. The badge comes in the form of a gold-plated ship-shaped pin brooch. Some notable holders of the Gold Badge include Leo Stuchbury (1993), who won the Blue Peter Competition by swimming a National Swimathon at the age of six. Other notable holders include David Beckham, Stephen Payne, Sir Jonathan Ive, and Anthony Horwitz.

The Purple Fan Club badge is awarded to children who become Blue Peter fans. To get this badge, the child must answer questions about the show and website. The form is filled in by a parent or guardian. The child must fill in the form on pages two and three and then post it to the BBC by post with the correct postage payment. If your child is under the age of 12, you can get the Purple Peter badge for them.

The Blue Peter badge can be obtained in several ways. The presenter wearing the blue badge is a presenter on the show. They can also earn it by sending in letters that they think would make an interesting story or picture. They can also upgrade to the silver badge if they wish. Another way to obtain a Blue Peter badge is to participate in a competition. For example, if you like environmental issues, you can go for the green badge. Alternatively, if you love the show’s literary theme, you can get the orange badge.

You can also earn the hippy badge by participating in the Blue Peter fan club. This is the most difficult badge to earn, as it requires a lot of extra effort. But, the reward is well worth it. The hippy badge is more unique than the blue badge and stands out amongst Blue Peter fans. In addition, you can also get the Orange Peter badge by winning the competition for the programme. But don’t wait too long!

The Blue Peter gold badge is more limited in terms of eligibility. It is given to individuals for exceptional achievements. For example, you can win this badge if you save a life, show citizenship, or become a high-profile role model. For this badge, you must be between six and fifteen years old. There are application forms on the Blue Peter website, and you can apply for one yourself. It takes about eight weeks for the badge to arrive.


The Blue Peter Purple Badge is a popular way to show your enthusiasm for the children’s programme. The badge is a purple shield with a white ship on it. During the sixth series of Blue Peter, the badge was introduced to twelve children each month. The Purple Lady has also received a badge. On 10 May 2007, the Blue Peter team visited the Purple Lady in an attempt to show her passion for music. To earn a badge, children must submit a photograph showing their passion for music.

Fans of the show can submit letters to the Blue Peter HQ and send artwork and ideas related to the environment. These works can be about global warming, renewable energy sources, and other environmental issues. After submitting artwork, fans can also receive a Purple Fan Club badge by joining the fan club and filling out a membership form. It’s easy to join the fan club and earn a purple pin and be rewarded with free merchandise!

Other than the Blue Peter badge, the show also has several other types of badges. The first Blue Peter badge was awarded to a child who was in the top five of a quiz, and the second prize went to the runner-up. Unlike previous years, the Purple Peter badge is limited edition and only available in the year 2018 – the Big Birthday of Blue Peter. These badges are also awarded to children who try new sports in 2018.

In addition to the blue badge, you can also earn a purple badge by writing reviews and ideas about Blue Peter. Alternatively, you can win the competition to become an Orange Peter! However, you will need to be at least ten years old to win the Purple Peter badge! Once you have won a Blue Peter competition, you can claim your prize with an orange badge! So, what are you waiting for? Apply today! It will only take you a few days to get the badge!

The Blue Peter badge is also worth obtaining. While it is not a valuable item, it is still useful if you know where to look for it. You can buy them from eBay for a small price if you are determined enough. Most people buy them to build up their collection. So, if you have the patience to wait, you can enjoy a day out at the Eden Project, the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and the Hampton Court Palace.

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