Advantages Of Installing Barcode Scanning Platform In A Retail Store

In this article, you will learn about the advantages of getting a barcode scanning platform installed in a retail store. It is one of the most important commodity for a retail store. It can help to make the process of billing quite effortless and quick.


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Barcode Scanning Platform are available in two main categories. Two-dimensional and one-dimensional. Sales of 2D barcode scanners are growing at an impressive rate. Sales of 1D scanners were broadly flat year-on-year. The question many potential buyers of 2D barcode scanners ask is, “What are the main advantages of using a 2D barcode scanner over a 2D barcode scanner?” This article describes some of the many benefits. Some drawbacks must be considered when making a decision.

Features of Barcode Scanning Platform

The most important advantage of using a Barcode Scanning Platform is its ability to read and decode 2D barcodes. 2D barcodes in use today include Data Matrix, Aztec, QR Code, and Han Xin. 2D barcodes can hold more data in the same physical space or less than 1D barcodes. Product manufacturers can put hundreds or thousands of characters into a two-dimensional bar code.


The ability to read barcodes from all directions is another great advantage of using a 2D barcode scanner. All handheld 2D barcode scanners use an image sensor to capture a barcode image. This image is played by the software decoder in the scanner firmware. The decoder can find barcodes based on the unique characteristics of each barcode, regardless of the direction of the barcode.

This system allows the user to keep the scanner in the same position each time a barcode is read, regardless of the position of the barcode. The scanner does not need to be aligned with the barcode for it to be read. It greatly reduces the reading time and user tiredness.

Image Sensors

The image sensor uses the same technology as current digital cameras. One major difference is that 2D barcode scanners use grayscale images instead of color images. Since this is a picture, many scanners have the ability to take a picture and send that picture to the computer it’s connected to.

Imaging signatures for proof of delivery, damaged packages, model recognition, and image processing outside the scanner are just a few of the applications used with images from 2D barcode scanners.


Another big advantage of a 2d barcode scanner is its reliability. The 2D barcode scanner has only one moving part. Trigger switch. All scanners use trigger keys that withstand millions of activations. Do you rarely fail in the field? Zero downtime doesn’t mean your customers aren’t down, which increases efficiency, reduces frustration, and lowers the total cost of ownership.

These are just some of the benefits of using a 2D barcode scanner instead of a 1D barcode scanner. There are benefits not listed here. There are also some flaws. The advantages usually outweigh the disadvantages, but the disadvantages must be considered when making a decision.


Barcode Scanning Platform are a fairly new technology and are constantly evolving. The image sensor with more pixels, faster decoding algorithm, improved illumination and target pattern have been modified and improved. All these technology investments make 2D barcode scanners more expensive than 1D barcode scanners. However, the price gap is rapidly narrowing. All scanners come close to being considered a commodity.

Scope Of Work

The second drawback is the scope of work of 2D barcode scanners. Working range is defined as the farthest point from the scanner where a barcode can be read minus the closest point from which a barcode can be read.

For example, a UPC-A barcode can be read from a distance of 10 inches from a scanner. The same barcode can be read as close as 2 inches from the scanner. Subtract 2 inches from 10 inches and you have 8 inches of working range. A one-dimensional barcode scanner can read the same barcode at a distance of 18 inches and a close distance of 1 inch. Depending on the application, the narrow operating range can be a problem.


So now you know the details required for you to make a decision of buying a barcode scanner platform. All you need to do is find the best scanner that suits your needs.

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