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Bangalore Microlight Flying Archives


Bangalore Microlight Flying Archives is an initiative that seeks to present. All over the globe the untold stories of the city that are buried in its microlight flying history.

The idea was born in January of 2018 it was when Manjunath Kallappa Jitesh Koppal and. Harish Doddamani joined forces to develop a platform for microlight enthusiasts to record their journeys by way of photos and videos. The concept was first conceived during a hackathon held by Doha International Airport in Qatar in Qatar. In which Kallappa as well as Koppal were engineers.

The concept behind the venture was first conceived after one of the founders of the project. Ramesh, got a opportunity for a flight with an microlight pilot from Bangalore. He flew through areas that were not previously known. And he realized that these spaces that are not visible to the naked eye are stories that need to be shared.

Bangalore Microlight Flight:

Microlight planes are small two-seater planes designed for pilots and students/travelers. ZenAir along with Xair are two well-known microlight models used by the aeronautics industry in Bengaluru. Miniature light planes are used by administrators to allow flights around. You can reserve an opening and fly along with the pilot. During the flight, the basics that fly are explained for. Travelers and passengers are permitted to try with a few fundamental. Moves such as turning or a climb/decline and so on. A typical flight time lasts for about 10 minutes and includes maneuvering time. The duration of the flight could be correlated with 7-10 minutes. The precise flight duration could change dependent on bundles purchased and other factors such as climate.

Have you ever thought about what flying feels? 

It’s not like sitting on an aircraft but instead. Steering your gaze upwards while the wind sways through your hair and gentle sun’s rays gently glide across your face. We are the ideal adrenaline-drenching action for those who love the flight; microlight flying.

Microlight flying is a sport that has gained a lot of attention in recent times. It is a game that has been evolving because it gives all participants. The opportunity to experience the thrill of flying in the air. Miles above and above the costly costs associated with the usual flight options. This article focuses on the whys and the hows of this adventure. Sport as well as the nuances of microlight flight in India.

Microlight flying is a sport that has gained a lot of attention recently. Microlight Flying in India has been a step forward in that it gives. Everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of flying overhead and miles above ground. And without the expensive costs of traditional flying options available. We will explore the hows and whys of this sport experience and the nuances of microlight flying in India.

Things to remember:

  • People must be in excellent health to be able to sit inside a Microlight Aircraft.
  • People who have a basic disease or who have worked with the primary infection before aren’t considered for flying.
  • It’s not recommended for those who suffer from heart disease or hypertension. It is also not suitable for people who are suffering from respiratory illnesses.
  • Women who are expecting should stay clear of this kind of movement They aren’t considered parasailing.
  • If you have any issues before or during flying, notify your instructor immediately.
  • Wearing or carrying no precious accessories or gadgets during your flight.
  • The landing strip is a most delicate area, be careful not to wander to an extreme degree of recklessness.
  • Use of any toxic material while flying is strictly prohibited.
  • The transport of inflammable materials during flight is not allowed.
  • Any damage or breakage to anything is charged at the rate of actual.
  • A valid ID is required for each guest at the time of reservation. And further on the day of their appearance. The Skillet card will not be accepted as genuine proof of location.


The typical flight can last for 10 to 15 minutes, including time for maneuvering. The duration of the flight could be correlated with 7-10 minutes. The precise flight duration could change depending on the bundle purchased and other factors such as climate.

Create your own little vision of heaven! Fly with a Microlight Nearly everyone has flown on an airplane. What do you think about actually flying one? Change your youngster’s dream to reality because. This is your chance of flying a tiny aircraft and, in a way, glide through the fogs. The plane is towed on the runway and on occasion that you’re willing. You can try to be permitted to fly the landing as well. 

There is nothing that can give you the excitement like this! A microlight is an aircraft designed to transport up. To two persons and has a maximum drop weight of 450kgs or less. The aircrafts are moderately small in runways and take-offs, which makes them suitable for smaller runways used for sports. A few points separate 3 hubs and weight shift and call the former’microlight” and the most recent ultralight.

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