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Are There Scholarships To Study MBA In UK For India Students

MBA In UK For India Students

The average first-year cost of studying for an MBA in the UK is INR 21.03 lakh. Average cost of living in UK is INR 6.03 lakh per annum. Through this article, we would like to introduce you to all the popular scholarships for MBA in UK for Indian students. Also, you should know are there scholarships to study MBA In UK For India Students.

Scholarships To Study MBA In UK For India Students

To study for an MBA in the UK, you will need the required GPA/GMAT score, proof of English proficiency, etc., but more importantly, you will need funds. The UK, being one of the developed economies, is unaffordable for low and middle income Indian families.

Fortunately, there are several MBA scholarships in the UK that can help you in financial need and reduce the overall cost of completing the course.

There are many fee-paying scholarships available that reward those seeking a master’s degree by covering tuition fees, living expenses, and more. These offer affordable tuition for Indian students at top business schools in London, Manchester or anywhere in England.

There is no doubt that the UK is one of the most advanced countries in the world. It is not only a leader in trade and other related activities but also gives tough competition in the field of education. Every year, thousands of international students, including applicants from India, visit their shores to pursue an MBA.

But there is an achievement. The cost of education, especially courses like MBA, require you to spend a lot of money, which is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are several MBA scholarships in the UK that allow Indian students to pursue their dreams at an affordable cost.

Scholarship Opportunities

Studying for an MBA in the UK is an expensive endeavor, and finances are often a major hurdle for most postgraduates. But fortunately, there are many scholarship options that work as financial aid for deserving candidates. Also, get more details about the scholarships and UK Universities admission proceeds to the Abroad Overseas Consultants.

MBA Scholarship in the United Kingdom for Indian and International Students

1. Inlaks Scholarship

The Inlaks Scholarship provided by Shivdasani Foundation covers travel expenses, living expenses and tuition expenses for MBA students. The Foundation offers up to $100,000 (approx. GBP 73,000) and has joint scholarship opportunities with Imperial College London, Royal College of Art (RCA), London and Cambridge University (Cambridge Trust).

  • This applies to all Indian citizens who have been permanently resident in India for at least six months prior to application
  • As a result, the highest age of the applicant should not exceed 30+ years.
  • So, Candidates must own the compulsory degree from a recognized university

2. Felix Scholarship

The Felix Scholarship is offered to underprivileged MBA students from India and gives them the opportunity to study abroad in USA, UK, Australia and other countries.

The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), part of the University of Oxford, the University of Reading and the University of London, offers the Felix Scholarship. It covers 100% tuition fees, one return ticket and living expenses.


• Candidates with a first class Bachelor’s degree from a recognized Indian University or equivalent institution

• Students who are willing to return to their home country after their studies

3. Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships is a global scholarship program for Indian applicants with outstanding academic performance who have applied for MBA scholarships. This is a fully funded scholarship for MBA in UK which is a fully funded merit based programme. These scholarships cover tuition fees, the cost of coming to the UK, a visa and essential travel grants.


• Applicant must possess an undergraduate degree from a recognized Indian university or equivalent institution

• Candidates who meet the Chevening English language proficiency requirement

• Minimum of 2 years or 2800 hours of relevant experience

4. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

Funded by the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), the Commonwealth Masters Scholarships are for applicants from low- and middle-income Commonwealth countries. It offers talented and deserving candidates the opportunity to undertake a full-time MBA program at a participating UK university.


For its entry requirements, you must be a resident of India or another Commonwealth country

The candidate must have at least a second-class bachelor’s degree

It is available to those who cannot complete their MBA program without financial support in the form of scholarships or other offers.

5. Global Study Awards

Founded by the British Council, the Global Study Awards are an effort to recognize that studying in the UK and abroad can be a positive experience. Also, the maximum award under this program is 10,000 GBP per person.


Applicant age should be 18+

They must have the required IELTS score to prove their knowledge of the English language

6. Amazing Scholarships

Co-funded by the UK Campaign and the British Council, GREAT Scholarships are offered to MBA candidates from India and 17 other nationalities across Africa, Asia and Europe (EU) with participation from several UK universities. The maximum funding is 10,000 GBP, which only covers tuition fees and not the applicant’s living expenses.


Candidate must be a citizen of India

They must meet a minimum specified GMAT/GRE score as well as English language requirements

They should have previous relevant work experience

The person must have a bachelor’s grade in a applicable field

7. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

The Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships came into existence in 1981 following an agreement between the Indian and British governments. Originally established as an English charity, it is now run by four trustees. To date, the foundation has awarded more than 3,000 grants and covers living expenses, international fees, tuition fees and accommodation for all eligible scholarship applications.


Candidate must be a citizen of India

They must not have received the same scholarship within the last five years.

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