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Animals That You Must Visit When You Are At Zoo   

There are many animals that we do not see in our daily lives. They are either very rare or are going extinct in a few years. Such animals can only be found at zoos. A zoo is a place that has lots of different kinds of animals that you will not find anywhere else. Zoos provide facilities and healthcare to animals. No animal is hurt there or even forced to do something.

Today,  almost in every city there is one zoo established. You can get information about nearby zoos with the help of the north country now. If you have never visited a zoo, don’t worry, we are here with the list of animals that you see in the zoo.


The lion is not only the king of the forest but also the king of the zoo. It is the main attraction of the zoo. Every person who visits the zoo wishes to have at least a short glimpse of a lion. 

Moreover, the scientific name of the lion is Panthera Leo, and lions are basically large cats with hairy clusters at the back of their tails. They are carnivorous animals that eat meat and catch prey like birds, mice, lizards, antelope, buffaloes, etc.


It is the tallest animal among all other animals at the zoo. Giraffes are social animals that enjoy the company of others. They are dainty and graceful animals. They move with confidence and never harm other creatures. This animal often fascinates small kids, as kids could not stand the sight of long-neck creatures other than a Giraffe. They belong to the mammal class and are herbivores. Giraffes are so big that they really don’t need to hide from predators. There is safety in numbers! It’s hard to pick out one giraffe from another when they form a tight group. 

African Elephants

African elephants are very giant and reckless by their look. But by heart, they are very caring and lovely to their clan. They are herbivores and are extremely social animals. African elephants are mainly characterized by dexterous trunks, massive flapping ears, and long curved tusks. These features of African elephants make them unique from others. They are kept in zoos with proper captivity, and every kid and adult-like to see them from close up. African Elephants are the largest animal walking in the world.


When it comes to monkeys, you will find different species related to the monkey family. They can be squirrel monkeys, apes, chimpanzees, gorillas, spider monkeys, baboons, macaques, or even old-world monkeys. Watching monkeys can be funny as they do mischievous activities such as monkey holding box. Monkeys are known for their adaption feature as per their habitat. They are kept in total captivity so that they cannot harm visitors in zoos.


Bears are another carnivorous mammal that you can see at the zoo. They belong to the class of Ursidae. Bears can be of different types. Wild bears and polar bears are the two most popular types of bears at the zoo.

They are safely kept in captivity giving them enough space to roam around. However, in some zoos, farmed bears can also be seen kept in tiny cages. In the San Diego zoo, there are two grizzly bears named Montana and scout.


In the zoo, crocodiles generally live either entirely single or in pairs. Most of the cases are found in pairs. Crocodiles can be of different types in zoos such as Crocodylidae, Cuban crocodile, Siamese crocodile, Dwarf crocodile, American crocodile, Marsh crocodile, or even freshwater crocodile. They stay very calm and lazy at the same time in the zoo. When you visit them, you will find that they stay in one place for many hours.

The zoo is always the best place to visit for kids as well as adults. So, whenever you visit the zoo, make sure you see all these popular and common animals. Also, remember not to harm or irritate any of the animals there rather enjoy watching them and make extraordinary memories. 

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