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All you need to know about the visitor visa 

The desire to explore the world and various other factors make people travel to various corners of the world. But traveling abroad is not as plain as porridge. You need a visa acquired through valid ways to travel to foreign countries. Let us introduce the definition of a visa and its basic purpose to you. Well, a visa is an acceptance placed on your passport. Which will grant you authorization to stay in the country for a specific duration of time. Well, there are several types of visas that a country can offer you according to the requirements. Such as student visa, spousal visa, business visa, visitor visa, tourist visa, transit visa, eVisa, refugee visa, immigrant and nonimmigrant visa, etc. 

In India, you will not be unfamiliar with the words “ the tourist visa”. This is basically a  nonimmigrant visa that permits you to stay in a specific country. Through a visitor visa, you can attend business activities for the short term, meet family or friends or travel there as a tourist but only for a particular period of time. If you are keen to explore the places of interest in a foreign country on holidays. Then, you must get a tourist visa. The best tourist visa consultants of Jalandhar are known for brilliantly handling the entire documentation process and can get your tourist visa approved within a few days.

Know more about the visitor visa with the help of the following pointers:

  • The basic purpose of the visitor visa

Basically, you need to acquire a visitor visa if you are traveling to a foreign country for purposes other than work and study. For instance, visiting relatives, attending a business conference, meeting up with friends, negotiating a business contract, taking part in short-term training, medical treatment, and tourism. If you apply for a temporary visitor visa for a specific country then you can’t work or study there. 

  • The complexities to obtain a visitor visa 

Let us inform you that obtaining a visitor visa process is not a mind-bewildering task. It’s usually a hassle-free process if you have a genuine reason for a specific travel purpose, and adequate proof of funds needed. You can be asked to appear for the interview if required to clarify your reasons to travel to the specific country. Well, your tourist visa can have a validity of three or six months. Under the guidance of some incredible consultants, you can easily obtain your tourist visa in a short span of time. 

The tourist/visitor visa can have different processing times. This usually depends upon the applicant’s nationality and the nation which is offering you the visa. 

  • The types of visitor visas

Let us tell you that there are different kinds of visitor visas that are granted on the basis of the reason you want to travel to a specific country. Every country can have different requirements and processes to grant visas. Such as business visa, sponsored family visitor visa, etc. Remember that eligibility criteria to travel to specific countries are also different. Therefore, you must get in-depth knowledge through extensive online research to select a perfect foreign country matching your requirements. 

  • Basic documents you require to obtain the tourist visa 

You must have the basic document in order to obtain the tourist visa. Such as health check-ups, certificates of your character, financial documents, proof of accommodation, and insurance. Besides this, you also require a completed and filled form of the visa application and a valid passport. Additionally, submit photographs that are clicked recently, a copy of your two-way tickets, hotel booking confirmation, and the latest bank statements. Well, you can get the guidance of the experts to get in-depth knowledge of the entire documentation process and the required documents. 

  • The procedure to get a visitor visa

The application process to apply for a visitor visa is very straightforward. You will receive the visa application form of the electronic tourist visa to fill in the correct details. Make the payment for your visa application and schedule your interview. Then, appear for the interview at the embassy on time. To get meticulous details of the valid visitor visa application process, get in touch with the best visitor visa consultants in Jalandhar.


We are pretty sure that the pointers elaborated above must have helped you get a detailed knowledge of the visit visa and its basic purpose. You will have a plethora of visa consultants in India. Therefore. we advise you to stay cautious and cede the entire tourist visa application process to the safest hands.

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