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My name is pankaj joshi. I am the official owner of the inkfreenews.net website and come from Dungarakot village in Uttarakhand. Currently, I am 19 years old and doing a BCA degree from Soban Singh Jeena University Almora. I am very fond of technology and the online earning field. but I don't know how to make money online from the internet so I usually use the internet for playing games and watching videos. Later I came to know about blogging. But it is said that success does not come easily. I failed on many blogs because i don't have resources, That's why I quit blogging and Started collecting more resources to blog. Now see this blog is in front of you. Now just need your support. Please show your support and help us grow this blog

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Every one has a mission in his life, I have too. My mission is to make our website one of the biggest website and forum, where peoples confess their problems, happiness, joy and many other daily life activities and also get valuable information from our side, in the form of content, article.want to contact with us.

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We provide daily basis best information from all over the world, which helps you to out your stress and brings smile and many expressions in your faces.<br /> also we provide news and technology news which help you to get in touch with the world.

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