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7 Negative Side Effects of Coffee

Coffee is a special ingredient that provides us with the “get up and go” drive that we require to get up in the morning. 

Scientists have observed that coffee can boost our mental alertness which appears to boost concentration and improve clarity.

Research has also shown that coffee can boost mood and helps reduce tiredness. 

It is also beneficial against Parkinson’s disease, heart disease as well as diabetes. The list of benefits is endless.

On the other hand, there are negative side effects of caffeine. 

Addiction to caffeine is a major problem that is the root of various health problems. 

In particular, while coffee is effective in fighting heart disease, however, drinking excessive amounts of coffee is harmful to your heart health.

Furthermore, even though coffee might provide the energy that helps get you moving at the beginning of the week.

It can be the cause of fatigue that hinders your ability to finish the task you began. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to know the negative consequences to remain fit and productive at home as well as at work.

Seven Negative Side Effects of Coffee on Your Health and Wellbeing

Here is a list of seven negative consequences of coffee as well as potential solutions to help you remain active and healthy.

1. Urgency and frequent urination

The stimulant effects of caffeine can cause one of the most serious side effects which is frequent urine leaks. 

You’ve probably observed this. If you consume a lot of coffee, the next thing that happens quickly is an excursion to the toilet. 

The number of trips will depend on the quantity of coffee you consumed. In addition, caffeine can cause incontinence problems.

It is the failure to keep urine out. The reduction of your intake may help to lessen the symptoms.

2. Fatigue is increasing

It’s not logical to think that a product designed to increase your energy level in the morning could be a source of fatigue later throughout the daytime. But, it’s true. 

The effect is known as rebound fatigue. It occurs only when caffeine is removed from your system. 

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It was discovered that people have increased alertness and higher energy levels for a few hours following the consumption of coffee, but feel tired the next day.

3. Heart rate that is not as normal

The stimulant effects of caffeine could alter the rhythm of your heart. 

This is most common in those who are younger and consume excessive amounts of energy drinks laced with caffeine. 

A high dose of caffeine can raise blood levels of epinephrine. 

In its pure form, epinephrine may increase blood pressure, boost the heart’s contractility (or force), and eventually increase heart rate. 

This problem is more prevalent for people who have heart issues and may lead to heart failure in severe cases.

4. High blood pressure

Along with increasing your heart rate, drinking too excessive coffee consumption can cause elevated blood pressure. 

Research has shown that those who drink excessive amounts of coffee are a greater chance of developing heart disease, stroke, and other heart-related illnesses. 

Coffee causes damage to the arteries over time, restricting the flow of blood to the brain and heart. 

Coffee can also temporarily increase the blood pressure of exercising, which increases the likelihood of suffering heart attacks.

5. Breakdown of muscle

Coffee is among the causes that are less frequent in Rhabdomyolysis. 

The condition causes damage to muscle fibers, causing the damaged fibers to reach the kidneys, which could lead to kidney failure or other medical issues. 

The condition can also be due to trauma, drug misuse, infection, and muscle strain.

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The symptoms and signs of the disease include nausea as well as vomiting along with dark and clear urine.

6. Lower fertility

Although a cup or two of coffee per day will not impact you in any way taking too high in caffeine could negatively impact your capacity to reproduce. 

This is the case for women and men. In women, it increases the chance of miscarriage. 

Gil Weiss, MD, OBGYN partner with the Association of Women’s Healthcare, states that the reason for this is unanswered. 

Yet, she recommends women avoid drinking coffee during pregnancy.

7. Additional issues and withdrawal symptoms

The final item that is on our list of adverse effects of coffee is a symptom numerous people have encountered. 

It’s when you stop drinking coffee for one day, then you’re not so beautiful anymore. 

This is the result of the coffee you drink. 

Once you’re hooked then there’s no way to go back. 

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