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7 Female Anime Characters Who Often Mistaken as a Male!

In the world of funny anime pfp We’re not just presented to traps (male characters that are mistaken for females) There are female characters that are often misinterpreted as males. Are they referred to as reverse traps? Who are they? Check them out!

1. Hange Zoe (Attack on Titan)

There was a time when people were doubting Zoe’s sexuality. in the comic, the issue isn’t stated explicitly, however within the animated series, it’s verified that Zoe is female. This answer is the result of a long-running discussion in that Attack on Titan fanbase.

Being a female, Zoe looks so manly and it’s only natural to question her gender. When Armin is a man who appears to be female and looks like a female, then Zoe is not like Armin. Zoe is a strong fighter who isn’t afraid of the death of her enemies. Yet, she sometimes exhibits her feminine, soft aspect toward the Titan she fought.

2. Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Moon)

Since she is often seen out in an outfit and a suit, Sailor Uranus is usually regarded as a man, even in the eyes of Sailor Moon fans. In contrast the time that Haruka appears as Sailor Uranus, she appears as feminine. This is because of her rather shorter hair, which makes her look for a man by people who follow her.

Haruka is considered to be the strongest and most protective of all Sailors. The feminine aspect of her shines through her love for her family and the romantic aspect she displays. Strangely enough, in Sailor Moon, the first Sailor Moon, Haruka is instructed to marry Michiru Kaioh, aka Sailor Neptune.

3. Masumi Sera (Detective Conan)

Since her debut in the Detective Conan anime, Masumi was previously viewed as a pure male because of her masculine appearance and short hair. In fact, Conan, Ran, and Sanoko at times mistook her for males prior to when Masumi said she is female.

Not just because of their appearance but also her manner of speaking also makes her look so masculine. This female-who-often-mistaken-as-a-male also mastered in martial arts. Her femininity shines through when she expresses her love to Conan as well as her genuine nature.

4. Seishirou Tsugumi (Nisekoi)

When she first made her debut in Nisekoi the city, many believed Seishirou was male. This is because the female who is regarded as males often wears Japanese school blazer and trousers. In addition, her work of a contractor killer creates a look that resembles an adult.

Her caretaker from the time she was just a baby, Claude, mistook her as an adult. So, he grew up and was taught as an adult. This is why anyone who first meets Seishirou is likely to think she’s a man. Incredibly, even after knowing that Seishirou is actually a girl, Claude still addresses her as a man.

5. Yuu Kashima (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

With her tall frame and her short hair, many mistakenly believe Yuu as a man. The woman with the most charisma and an eminent personality is the definition of a “prince” and dreamed by all girls at school. Although she is an edgy appearance, Yuu still shows her feminine aspect.

Her genuineness can draw male students to love her. It’s funny, even although her sincerity can make her appear seem like a fool, nevertheless, she is adored by both males and females.

6. Makoto Kikuchi (iDOLM@STER)

Although Makoto is female however, she is described as an “prince” in iDOLM@STER. When she was young and adolescent, she was treated like a boy with her father. This is why Makoto like to be an imposing, masculine idol rather than an adorable female idol.

In the world of idols, Makoto is known as Bishounen (beautiful girl). Makoto is a very special fantasy in which she would like to be greeted by a prince who is her soulmate even since she was playing the role of Prince in this tale. Makoto was once beaten by Yakuza members to save the girl from sexual harassment.

7. Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4: The Animation)

Since the age of a child, Naoto has an obsession to become an investigator. She loves detective novels and designs high-tech devices which are typically worn by detectives to help solve cases. Unfortunately, Naoto realizes that her goal job isn’t one for a woman who is similar to her. This is the reason Naoto dresses like a boy in order to become one.

In the course of being undercover or meeting with law officials, Naoto looks so masculine which is evident by her attire. The flaws don’t show the fact that Naoto is a female. Because of the way she looks, Naoto has been dubbed “Prince Detective”. However, Naoto is often shadowed because she is a woman at birth. This is why, throughout the story, Naoto wants to return to her previous self.           

That’s the women’s characters you’ll frequently mistakenly identify as males. If you think this post fascinating, please share it with your acquaintances. Keep an eye on Dunia Games for more articles and don’t forget to like Dunia Games through Facebook as well as dumpor Instagram.

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