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7 Coolest One Piece Characters, Ranked

The coolest One Piece characters will generally stand apart in view of their capacities and characters, however their general appearance plays a variable too.

One Piece is one of the best series in anime history and elements a lot of novel capacities and activity. The real story is loaded up with close to home and awful minutes, however at its center, the characters are the main piece of the story.

Fans have met many characters throughout the long term, and the majority of the more noticeable ones are elegantly composed. Certain characters stand apart more than others however, and the coolest ones will generally stand apart as a result of their capacities and characters, yet their general appearance plays a component too.

7. Robin’s Power and Story Make Her A Centerpiece Of The Straw Hats

Nico Robin endure the Buster Call that obliterated Ohara island, and the World Government denoted her as a criminal when she was only a kid since she could peruse the Poneglyphs. She likewise had some awareness of the Void Century’s presence. She went through years on the run, and since she joined the Straw Hats, she has been a significant piece of the team one piece filler episode lists.

Robin has a dull comical inclination, and she has a Devil Fruit which permits her to reproduce any piece of her body on any surface. Her history is seemingly the most shocking, and it has been extraordinary seeing her beat her past as the series has proceeded.

6. Zoro Has Come A Long Way As Luffy’s Right-Hand Man

Zoro is Luffy’s right-hand man, and that implies that he is one of the Straw Hats’ most grounded warriors. He is quite possibly of the best fighter in the whole world, however he won’t rest until he turns into the best. He has a horrible internal compass, however that is his main genuine blemish.

He might be merciless in fight, however Zoro is innately kind, and he has major areas of strength for a compass. He is unimaginably noteworthy, and he is wildly faithful to Luffy. Other than Luffy, Zoro is the one individual fans love to find in fight, and his battle scenes in Wano have made him much cooler.

5. Pro Is The Kind Of Older Brother Everyone Wants

Pro was the past client of the Flame Fruit, and he was the child of the unbelievable privateer lord, Gol D. Roger, however more significantly, he was Luffy’s more established took on sibling. Dissimilar to Luffy, Ace was savvy and amiable, yet he was truly indiscreet as well.

He never withdrew from a battle, and he would battle the individuals who offended or hurt individuals he thought often about abcalsa. His fire powers made him a decent contender, however his inheritance as a fan-most loved character was not solidified until he forfeited himself to save Luffy.

4. Doflamingo May Be One Piece’s Most 

Doflamingo Laughing in One Piece

Doflamingo is a Celestial Dragon by birth, however his dad repudiated their titles and chose to carry on with conventional lives. What followed was a progression of horrible mishaps that drove him to become one of One Piece’s most important bad guys. He is pompous, lighthearted, and exceptionally prideful.

He is homicidal and likes to play with his adversaries in brutal ways. His ostentatious closet gives him an unmistakable look, and his shades make him look much cooler. His Devil Fruit permits him to control string, which doesn’t sound great, yet he makes it an entirely imposing power.

3. Dracule Mihawk Is 

Dracule Mihawk The World’s Strongest Swordsman

Dracule Mihawk right now holds the title of world’s most noteworthy fighter, which is reasonable, as he has dominated each sort of bladed weapon. He uses Yoru, one of the 12 Supreme Grade blades. It is a bended, single-edged, dark sharp edge that seems to be a cross.

Mihawk has an honorable lot, and he is intense. He never grins, truth be told. He scarcely shows up in the series, yet when he does, he deserves admiration. The coolest thing about him is his vampire-like stylish and peddle like eyes.

2. Katakuri Made Mochi Cool

Katakuri Using Mochi Against Luffy

Katakuri is one of the Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, and he is apparently the most grounded individual from the team other than his mom. He is exceptionally tall and solid. His ruby hair and eyes are both striking, and he sports numerous scars and tattoos.

He wears dim gloves and jeans, spiked arm bands, and spiked boots with prods. His belt has a skull on it, and he will in general wear a shaggy scarf that conceals his eel-like teeth. He is so capable in Observation Haki that he can see marginally into what’s to come. His Devil Fruit permits him to control Mochi, which sounds senseless, yet he transformed it into a dangerous weapon.

1. Knifes Stopped A War By Himself

Knifes At Marineford

Knifes has scarcely showed up in the series, however he is as yet quite possibly of the most well known character. He is the one who motivated Luffy to turn into a privateer. Joining the Roger Pirates as a student when he was extremely youthful, he is currently the longest serving Emperor of the Sea, making him quite possibly of the most grounded character in the series.

He is known for his dark cape and red hair, yet he likewise sports a progression of scars over his left eye. He is an incredibly easygoing individual, and he will in general be quiet and courageous more often than not. Knifes saved Luffy from a Sea King, yet his coolest second came at Marineford when he finished the Summit War by proposing to battle everybody.

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